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TiberiusS on Kalamax Magecraft Spellslinger (Budget)

3 weeks ago

I'm not sure! I suppose it depends on the decks you would be playing against. Resculpt and Dispel in your maybeboard seem good, Izzet Charm seems like it would be good too, especially since you could always get value out of an extra copy in the form of looting. I was mainly wondering if there were any interactions with those copy spells I was missing, and if not whether or not you were getting good value out of them most of the time or if they were ever kind of dead in your hand since they weren't combo pieces and you couldn't use them on opponent's spells. I haven't played with them before so I wouldn't know. Tutor seemed like the main thing there wasn't a lot of, but I totally understand budget considerations.

Grubbernaut on Guess Who's Back, Back Again, And Again

1 month ago

Gem of Becoming and Prismatic Geoscope are what I'd cut first, for Arcane Signet and one of your other signets, or Wayfarer's Bauble.

You also might consider some protection like Dispel, Swan Song, Drown in the Loch, Pyroblast, Red Elemental Blast.

Grubbernaut on All Will Be One

1 month ago

Countersquall should definitely be swapped for Dovin's Veto, or even Negate. The 3-cmc counters could also be something else: Counterspell, Swan Song, Narset's Reversal, Fierce Guardianship, Dispel, etc.

Alkxx on Big Weaklings [Budget Azorius Jank]

1 month ago

yeah, sideboard needs some rework. Have you thinked about adding cards like Dispel Ashes of the Abhorrent or Deafening Silence?? Also i would include 1 High alert and 1 Huatli for grabbing them with Fae of Wishes

SynergyBuild on Shape anew combo (HELP WITH SIDEBOARD)

1 month ago

I'd enjoy seeing this deck on some number of Izzet Charm to dig, discard the colossus if drawn, and be decent removal/counter. Considering you are on this discardy-blue red list, have you considered Snapcaster Mage as a blocker/additional wincon that deals with some walkers and is just good general value, or Thought Scour/Consider? I think these cards beat out Peek, Serum Visions, and Dispel.

Balaam__ on Ichorous

1 month ago

Honestly, I’d run 4x Mana Leak in lieu of Annul and Dispel. If you really feel the need for a 1 mana counterspell, run Spell Pierce. The others are much more situational, and while they’re cheaper than Mana Leak it’s unlikely you’ll be playing multiple spells early on and so it doesn’t really matter. Now if you only play casually and know the makeup of your friends’ decks, then that might be different; otherwise cut 4 Annul and 4 Dispel for 4 Mana Leak, 2 Spell Pierce and 2 more Throne of Geth.

Kazuhahaha on Top 5 Counterspells Of All …

4 months ago

Grubbernaut: personally, the fact a card hasn't seen competitive play "yet" doesn't mean it's not good. it's just that most formats had Counterspell and/or better already, or they didn't have enough draw spells. as someone else mentioned already, the choice of counter spell can also be dependent on deck. i brought up netdecking because of your "i can't think of any deck..." comment. as for the decks with lots of draw, its not that they prefer hard counters because they prefer the long game, it's that those decks are typically combo and can use things like Dispel or Pact of Negation to protect their combo.

legendofa on Plains/Water First deck

4 months ago

Well, you're in that $150 zone right now, so you're doing good.

Try to cut down the number of 1x cards and add more copies of your key cards. For example, switching Vapor Snag for another Azorius Charm makes it more likely you'll draw the Charm. The Charm offers more utility and versatility, and the bounce effect is similar enough that you're not losing too much. That 1 extra damage will be overshadowed by your attackers. Similarly, Reef Worm makes a big token, but it takes a while to get there. Also, if you expect to see a lot, that 9/9 token probably has a very short lifespan. Switch Reef Worm out for maybe another Serra Angel .

Dispel has a very low mana cost, but unless you see instants all day every day, it has fairly limited utility. Look at Negate as a potential replacement, and move Dispel to the sideboard.

Another, somewhat higher-budget suggestion, if you want to be really annoying, is Isochron Scepter . If you imprint a Silence or Azorius Charm on it, you can cast that spell each turn, locking your opponent out or finding exactly the effect you need. Any of your other 1- or 2-cost instants would also work well.(Disclaimer: This isn't the most fun to play against, so do this only if you're willing to basically shut down a game: Isochron Scepter + Silence basically says "Target player can't cast spells for the rest of the game." If your friend is okay with this, go for it.)

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