Prophetic Prism

Prophetic Prism


When Prophetic Prism enters the battlefield, draw a card.

, : Gain one mana of any colour.

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Prophetic Prism Discussion

Saccox on Flying Metal Pauper! (20/25 Euro/$)

1 month ago

Hey GrimlockVIII thanks for the comment!I want to put an artifact for draw cards but i prefer Prophetic Prism for have also black mana or Golden Egg for gain life.

LunchBox1211 on Aces in Exile

2 months ago

Grubbernaut, I'm trying to stick to Angels as much as possible, although Avian Changeling is up for consideration (mostly because it flies).

In regards to Potion of Healing , my logic was "I need something to draw cards, even if it is a cantrip." Most other decks I've seen have Prophetic Prism , so I was running Scroll of Avacyn , but when I saw Potion of Healing , I thought it was neat. Upping the land count might be a good idea anyways.

Glimmering Angel was added in for fun, but I was running Angelic Page before. I added it back, I felt like it was a bad idea cutting it. Thanks for confirming my gut feeling.

Thanks for the input! I normally play EDH, but the few times I did play pauper with my friend, we had a good time.

Snips500 on All of Pauper's Mana Rocks

3 months ago

TheBrandon- thanks dont know how I missed Thought Vessel since I play it in almost all of my PDH decks :)

Deltrixs- Thanks, I haven't been on top of updating my lists. Letter of Acceptance , all of the Diamonds and Spectral Searchlight have been added to the main. Pentad Prism is going to the maybe board since it doesn't produce mana forever. Powerstone Shard is already in and Prophetic Prism isn't really a mana rock. The signets are in the maybe board since they dont produce mana on their own but do ramp you by one.

Deltrixs on All of Pauper's Mana Rocks

3 months ago

You forgot Prophetic Prism and Powerstone Shard . Both cards are good for color fixing and colorless ramp

Saccox on Flying Metal Pauper! (20/25 Euro/$)

3 months ago

WolfShadowmancer Prophetic Prism and Ancestral Blade i like them very much, Fireforger's Puzzleknot i would prefer a removal for big creatures.

WolfShadowmancer on Flying Metal Pauper! (20/25 Euro/$)

3 months ago

That's not a bad combo there. I would throw in maybe Ancestral Blade for the creature beatdown or equipment plan, Prophetic Prism for card advantage, or Fireforger's Puzzleknot for removal.

abby315 on Urza’s Pet Dragon

5 months ago

Some instant/sorcery possibilities for you: Acquire
Kefnet's Last Word since you can uniquely avoid the downside of not untapping your lands
Shrewd Negotiation
Blasphemous Act
Sea Gate Restoration  Flip
Blatant Thievery
Sublime Epiphany

You could also run take-extra-turn spells to pretty good effect, but that's up to you.

Here are some additional cards to consider that are good in a R/U artifact/Treasures deck: Hellkite Tyrant
Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator
Shimmer Dragon

I might swap in "eggs" for artifacts rather than ones that need to go to the GY to draw you cards, since you want them on the field for your commander's ability:
Golden Egg
Guild Globe
Prophetic Prism

And some ideas for cuts, just based on being overall weaker cards:
Storm the Vault  Flip
Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp
Call the Skybreaker
Pull from Tomorrow
Urza's Bauble
Welding Jar
Mishra's Bauble
Magma Opus

Finally, and I hate to suggest it since it means more cuts, but I think you should eventually be at 35 or 36 lands even with all of the ramp. 33 is pretty low unless you're running the full Mana Vault / Mana Crypt etc. cEDH manabase. I hope this gives you a good place to start!

Grubbernaut on Ramp Vamp

6 months ago

Definitely wants 4x Expedition Map . I'd also trim on double/triple black creatures, OR incorporate things like Chromatic Star , Chromatic Sphere , and Prophetic Prism . Aggro and tron don't really mix, so it's probably worth choosing one path or the other in terms of your game plan. Going "big" tron would give you Karn, Grave Titan , etc


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