Heliod's Intervention

Heliod's Intervention


Choose one —

  • Destroy X target artifacts and/or enchantments.
  • Target player gains twice X life.
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Set Rarity
Theros Beyond Death (THB) Rare

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Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Standard Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Arena Legal
Historic Legal
Leviathan Legal
Pioneer Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Unformat Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Limited Legal
Brawl Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pre-release Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Highlander Legal

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Heliod's Intervention Discussion

DemonDragonJ on Commander Legends Spoilers

4 hours ago

Anointer of valor has a great ability, but 6 mana is too high of a cost for a 3/5 creature, even with that ability.

Fall from favor should have been white, in my mind, because it would make more sense, from a flavor perspective, for that color.

A reprint of Return to Dust is nice, but I feel that Heliod's Intervention is superior to that card in the majority of situations.

Both Command Beacon and Rings of Brighthearth badly needed reprints, as they had become quite expensive, so it is very nice to see them be reprinted in this set.

Tuia bearclaw is nothing spectacular, but will be a nice support card for another general, in my mind.

Archelos is very nice, and I expect to see many decks with him as the general, and he obviously will be best when his controller can tap and untap him at will, such as with Freed from the Real.

WotC has posted an article with biographies of each new legendary creature in this set, so I shall post a link to it, here, so that, after the entire set is revealed and all cards are added to this website's database, I can easily update my list of commanders by home plane.

Arzais on Omnath, A Song of Creation and Chaos

2 weeks ago

Starsky2814, i think those are excellent choices! I didn't even know about Winds of Abandon, I got to pick one up just due to its general playability. Heliod's Intervention and Curse of the Swine came to mind after reading your post.

Sultai_Sir on What's Your Favorite Deck?

3 weeks ago

SparkyTosser: Enchanted Evening + Heliod's Intervention sounds hilarious. Have you ever pulled it off? Thanks for sharing, man!

valentin74 on Teysa Karlov's Citadel

1 month ago

Boseiju, Who Shelters All

I think, it works fantastic with Agadeem's Awakening  Flip, Rally the Ancestors and Heliod's Intervention.

In addition i think, you could play Expedition Map, Ancient Tomb and Cavern of Souls (but the lands are expensive). What do you think about that?

Monomanamaniac on Balan The Knight of Arms

1 month ago

I wouldn't recommend Fireshrieker Balan has double strike virtually every time you play her. I'd recommend Inquisitor's Flail Conqueror's Flail or Hammer of Nazahn instead. I like your build, it's got some decent synergy. I did notice you left out Path to Exile, and I'd probably suggest Mangara, the Diplomat, Land Tax, Teferi's Protection, Flawless Maneuver, Prowler's Helm, Bloodforged Battle-Axe (which is crazy with Balan because you can use her ability at instant speed to equip the copies), Heliod's Intervention, Inspiring Statuary, Godsend, Heartstone, just to name a few things to consider. I do like your take on this deck though, it's very interesting

Valengeta on Wasabi413

1 month ago

Here's some cards that you might like. Some are better for sideboard than mainboard, depending on your opponent's decks. Please note that the cards I'm pointing to you here are all 3 CMC or less, so you have a more solid mana curve




I purposely sellected cards that interact with Life, so they can contribute to your main strategy one way or the other. Hope it helps!

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