War Room

War Room


: Gain .

, , Pay life equal to the number of colours in your commanders' colour identity: Draw a card.

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War Room Discussion

MrShinju on Budget Magda

2 weeks ago

you should add War Room for extra card draw

DreadKhan on Saryth, natural partner of Fynn

3 weeks ago

Not sure if I'm missing something, but why do you have 45 lands? That is as many as I run in my Tatyova Lands deck, which wins the game via lands mostly, specifically my Commander offers a payoff for landfall. I see you have a few payoffs for landfall, but it still seems like a lot. Anyways, a few thoughts!

First thought, Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar would probably work well in here, maybe even as a Commander. He often end up quite big, and he comes with Trample and a recursion effect. You can still run Ohran Frostfang and Bow of Nylea for Deathtouch, and you could run Saryth in the 99 still. Just an out there thought to start off with, not trying to be negative.

I think Isochron Scepter probably wants more potential 'hits' (you have 2 afaik, I find having quite a few more, and some tutors for Instants and Artifacts still doesn't set it up very often).

Crucible of Worlds seems odd in here too, for one Ramunap Excavator does similar work and is a more useful type (and your Commander can get the creature Hexproof), and on the other hand your deck runs enough lands that you'll hit drops to turn 6 usually. I'm going to list a few utility lands that might help by giving mana sinks or card draw to help when you get flooded: Bonders' Enclave and War Room might work out, offering a mana sink and card draw to help smooth out bad draws. You could consider Geier Reach Sanitarium and/or Mikokoro, Center of the Sea, but these help everyone. Tyrite Sanctum is a good utility land in more casual play, offering +1 counters or Indestructible. Temple of the False God can blow up in your face a bit with a terrible hand, but it's usually a ramp land if you run this many lands. Inkmoth Nexus might work well with +1 counters, and it dodges wipes usually. Tower of the Magistrate is useful vs Voltron, you can give an opponent's creature protection, dropping all it's equipment IIRC, which can be pretty funny the first time. Homeward Path can be nice in Green, if people steal your better creatures it feels pretty bad. Any of the G lands with Cycling like Slippery Karst or Tranquil Thicket can be nice with a higher land count. Blighted Woodland or Myriad Landscape offer ramp, but are slow or use a lot of mana to do it. I actually like Opal Palace in a deck that can benefit from it in 1v1, and you should have lots of mana on hand to make the tax pretty insignificant. If you can recast your Commander a few times, they end up reasonably beefy.

Time of Need can find Fynn or Toski. Have you thought about more removal, mostly for artifacts and enchantments, but Green has access to some creature removal, so-so stuff like Kamahl’s Will exist at this point, or the reasonably useful Transmogrifying Wand for repeated Destroy. Silklash Spider or even Squallmonger can help deal with Flying decks, which are frustrating. I also run Sandwurm Convergence in my mono G deck, otherwise I consistently lose to faster flying decks like Talrand (a very nasty 1v1 Commander), ymmv though.

xram666 on bk Krenko, Mob Boss

1 month ago

Goblin are always cool. +1 from me. I like the idea with the Threaten like cards to untap Krenko.

By the way: Goblin cards with the coolest flavor text Raging Goblin and Goblin Deathraiders.

Some suggestions for your deck:

Maybe you want to check out my Krenko EDH Deck for further input. Krenko's Mob

ClockworkSwordfish on The Art of War || Fumiko || EDH || BTTW

1 month ago

This looks like a solid build for a chaotic, multiplayer-minded game! Most of the key cards for such a strategy seem to be here, so well-done on that regard.

If you're hoping for some more steady card-draw, one of the best options available to a monocolored deck is Endless Atlas. to play and to use is a heck of a good rate. Since you're only running a mere two instants, it might be worth finding room for the underrated Bottled Cloister as well. It scores you an extra card per turn at the cost of not having your hand on your opponents' turns. Not having access to instants is usually a tradeoff, but it looks like you wouldn't be missing out of much opportunity-wise. It also renders you mostly immune to discard effects! Another card drawing artifact worth considering could be Grafted Skullcap. So long as you can reliably play two cards per turn, it doesn't really have a drawback - and since you're so instant-light, you wouldn't much miss the opportunity cost, either. It's probably the weakest of the three artifacts listed here, but still worth consideration!

Otherwise, it would probably be wise to cut a mountain for War Room. Paying 1 life is nothing for another card, and lands are much more resilient than the ever-popular artifacts. Arch of Orazca isn't bad either, since generally you'll end up with a lot of permanents in a big multiplayer game, but it's more mana-intensive.

Now, there is one highly underrated card for the kind of strategy you're piloting that I think you ought to consider. If you're goading your opponent's creatures left and right anyway, Blood Frenzy is a particularly cruel trick. If Player A attacks Player B with a big creature, you can use Blood Frenzy to make the creature hit Player B for four more points while conveniently disposing of it right after. Whoops, you just did Doom Blade better than black could ever dream of. Two mana to blow up any attacking or blocking creature is pretty nice in a colour lacking in hard removal.

While Blood Frenzy is a little specific in what it can target, Aftershock can flat-out destroy any permanent of the three most common types with no restrictions! This kind of versatility at four mana comes with the acceptable caveat of 3 life, which is a pittance when you start with 40. If you're making a mono-red deck, the flexibility of Aftershock should make it a staple.

king-saproling on Akiri - Ardenn BOOM!

2 months ago

Looks fun! Thoughts on these?

shivanlord on The Great Colorless Debacle

2 months ago

Both boots are already there. But War Room is a great suggestion. I’ve played the deck now and it needs just a little bit of work and I’ll get to it when I can. Thanks for the help though. Much appreciated.

Phule451 on Traxos, Scourge of Kroog

3 months ago

Guildless Commons and War Room can help shore up your mana base. Also a good idea to have at least a few Wastes in case an opponent plays something that allows you to search for basics.

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