Meren of Clan Nel Toth

Meren of Clan Nel Toth

Legendary Creature — Human Shaman

Whenever another creature you control dies (is put into a graveyard from the battlefield), you get an experience counter.

At the beginning of your end step, choose target creature card in your graveyard. If that card's converted mana cost is less than or equal to the number of experience counters you have, return it to the battlefield. Otherwise, put it into your hand.

Meren of Clan Nel Toth Discussion

saluma on Your Favorite Plays

2 weeks ago

One of my friends have a Meren of Clan Nel Toth with Spore Frog in it. I have a Nikya of the Old Ways deck. When he gets his spore frog its really difficult for me to win. But I had a sweet victory last time we played.

T1: Forest + Fyndhorn Elves

T2: Forest + Azusa, Lost but Seeking + Forest + Mountain.

T3: Forest + Forest + Mountain + Nikya of the Old Ways + Xenagos, God of Revels + (give xenagos buff to Nikya and swing)

T4: topdeck Worldspine Wurm

He had only one creature so he couldnt block enough dmg. I didnt win the game due to a boardwipe 2 turns later but i took out 2 players with my fast wurm

LB0818 on Waking the Dead! (Meren)

4 weeks ago

Removed Ochran Assassin added more creature-based reanimation Doomed Necromancer also trying out Grim Hireling removed Victimize which I realize is reanimation. But I believe Meren of Clan Nel Toth is better with creature-based effects.

LB0818 on Waking the Dead! (Meren)

1 month ago

LimbicCircus thanks for the comment. I love Meren of Clan Nel Toth one of my favorite decks ever to play. Most of my wins come from either Grave Pact or similar card and recurring over and over a card like Merciless Executioner. Add that in with any of the aristocrat cards like Zulaport Cutthroat and it's just sick. It also has Exsanguinate very good black finisher. Plus recurring cards like Gray Merchant of Asphodel or Kokusho, the Evening Star just plain great.

Scytec on Lathril

4 months ago

Ok, to be honest there are only four cards I would remove without being too concerned here: Grizzled Outrider, Sarulf's Packmate, Snarespinner, and Pride of the Perfect. They aren't all bad, they just aren't as good as your other options essentially. When I broke it down, you have a pretty fair amount of each archetype I look for. Not including the four I mentioned above, you have 16 "Ramp" spells, 12 "Interaction" spells, 10 "Draw" spells, and 19 "Raw Value" spells. Not all of these are as efficient as you may want, but each are what I would consider acceptable for sure. One thing I would recommend is looking for additional means of recurring draw, or large draw spells. More cards like Beast Whisperer and Pact of the Serpent. I would also be wary of cards that draw for a death trigger like Twinblade Assassins and Miara, Thorn of the Glade. They are good recurring draw spells, but you really only run one sacrifice outlet with Pyre of Heroes, so you will be relying on your opponents to kill your things for you which isn't ideal. They are still solid options unless you find another card similar to Beast Whisperer which triggers on casting a creature spell. Any time you have a consistent means to keep your hand full is a great time given how many spells you want to be casting each turn and how much mana you will have access to at any given time. I would honestly look at increasing your draw capabilities so you dont empty your hand and just have to sit there playing whatever you draw each turn. Effects like Mind's Eye are good, but slightly worse for you because it isnt also on an elf, so you wont get full value like you will with something like Beast Whisperer. I wrote all the cards down on a sheet of paper to do this, I will throw it in my carrying case so I can give it to you either friday or if i see you before, then. From my earlier recommendations, based on where your deck is currently, I would drop Elves of Deep Shadow and Harvest Season. Both are good cards, but you have plenty of ramp, and most of it is also on an elf which makes it better for you in this list. Tutors (anything that allows you to search your library for a specific card) inherently make a deck more powerful, because you can fetch whatever you need at any given time, so the more of those you include, especially the ones already on elven bodies the more consistently you will hit the cards you really want to see every game. Prime examples would be Elvish Archdruid, Ezuri, Renegade Leader when you get him, and Ruthless Winnower would be the ones that pop up in my mind as amazing cards pretty much every game. Realmwalker would be a really good spell that would fall under the "draw" category because it essentially lets you use the top card of your library as if it were in your hand whenever that card is an elf. I still like Copperhorn Scout and Seedborn Muse here, especially if you do decide to pick up Yeva, Nature's Herald. You dont run many instants, but scout would let you tap down your elves for Lathril's ability your first main phase, you can go to combat swing scout, then untap all your elves and just do it again. Assuming you just do that twice, you drain each opponent for 20 life and gain 20 life yourself. With Seedborn Muse, you can do it at the end of each of your opponents turns, in one rotation of the board, you can drain 30 life and gain 30 life. With Yeva, Nature's Herald you would be able to utilize your land on each opponents turn to cast any green creature spells currently in your hand in addition to tapping them all with Lathril and dealing damage. The synergies that are possible in this deck are somewhat terrifying if I am being honest. Haha. There may come a time when you have to decide if you want to dedicate to combat or tapping with Lathril to really focus the deck down and get it to that next level, but honestly you could make this deck very scary without having to do that. Elves are so good that you can make this at least a 7 on my power scale with a little work (and unfortunately money, elves are a really powerful tribe, and they are popular enough that the good cards for them reflect that in their price). For reference, that is as strong as my Meren of Clan Nel Toth deck and I have spent literal years tuning that one, it is my strongest deck with the exception of my competitive list i built. Haha. Elves are good man.

Scytec on Muldrotha, Reanimator Engine

5 months ago

I use Meren of Clan Nel Toth as my commander for my reanimator deck, but for a long time i considered porting it into a Muldrotha build. I ultimately decided not to however. This deck looks really solid, i like it. Stitcher's Supplier is an insanely underrated card in decks like ours and I love to see you playing it here. Given the minimal number of Basic lands you run, you may consider Hermit Druid as an additional way to mill yourself. Be careful with it though, because it is a known combo piece that can instant win in the right builds, you may have to give some people a heads up that you wont instant win with it.

DawnsRayofLight on MONO-BLACK RAMP

5 months ago

I am working on an eldrazi colourless list that may help for some suggestions for tutors and removal: In The House of R'lyeh...

If you are wanting removal and ramp and wanting to stay away from colourless, try going black green then or blue green. I have a blue green list that ramps like crazy, I don't play as many eldrazi cards in it but blue still gives you some removal in bounce spells and counter spells to protect your guys.

Reasons for green:

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger

Nyxbloom Ancient

Nature's Lore, Three Visits, Cultivate, Kodama's Reach

The Great Henge

all the above are amazing for ramp

you get some fun "tutors" in Tooth and Nail and Finale of Devastation

protection like Asceticism and Heroic Intervention

Whether you go blue or green is up to you

Blue green: counter spells, draw spells, and Cyclonic Rift (this is my Blue green list, I would suggest running Kruphix, God of Horizons as your general over Zegana who I just use to refill my hand around Turn 5-8 to push me over to winning: Nature's Revenge, TO is not recognizing it but it should be on my page)

Green black: kill spells, better tutors, reanimation (go Meren of Clan Nel Toth as your general maybe? I can offer advice on how to build that, my uncle has a pretty good Meren list)

KongMing on Kresh Budget Goodstuff *R*

5 months ago

Kresh needs a girlfriend, and I don't think Rakka Mar is up to the task. How about Meren of Clan Nel Toth ? Nice synergy with Winding Constrictor and a few other things.

dewrito on Meren in 99 of lathrill

7 months ago

I was wandering if it would be worth running Meren of Clan Nel Toth in the 99 of my elf tribal deck with Lathril, Blade of the Elves at the helm. Only running two other non elfs being Craterhoof Behemoth and Seedborn Muse . Any feedback would be appreciated.

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