Dakmor Salvage

Dakmor Salvage


Dakmor Salvage enters the battlefield tapped.

: Gain .

Dredge 2 (If you would draw a card, instead you may put exactly two cards from the top of your library into your graveyard. If you do, return this card from your graveyard to your hand. Otherwise, draw a card.)

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Dakmor Salvage Discussion

TheoryCrafter on Syr Konrad's grave mistakes

1 week ago

Have you considered Planar Void? Once it goes into the Graveyard it automatically exiles. speeding up the damage your opponents. There's also the added bonus that, unlike Rest in Peace, it won't automatically exile your whole graveyard when it enters the battlefield, allowing a little bit of interaction if you so wish.

Speaking of Rest in Peace, I noticed you only have Feed the Swarm to deal with that and Leyline of the Void. May I suggest adding any combination of Introduction to Annihilation, Mire in Misery, Pharika's Libation, and Scour from Existence? All of these cards can get you around LotV's and RiP's ability to exile before your cards reach the graveyard..

Also, You may want to considerDakmor Salvage as an extra dredge card.

Hope this helps. Happy Hunting!

Krom3 on FROGGER - Lily Pads Matter

1 month ago

I'm surprised to see you're not running Tireless Provisioner or Aetherflux Reservoir. Provisioner is just bonkers with all the landfall triggers and Aetherflux because youre already running the bolas citadel+sensei's top combo so it gives you another wincon

Or were you not wanting to go with any typical combo stuff? Cause I noticed you arent running Dakmor Salvage either.

Polaris on When do replacment effects occur?

1 month ago

Replacement effects don't use priority, triggers, or the stack at all. When a relevant event would happen, the replacement effect replaces it then and there. My favorite way to explain it is to think of it as modifying the event with parentheses: "Whenever one or more lands are put into your graveyard, from anywhere, draw a card (actually, you may choose whether to draw a card or instead dredge Dakmor Salvage)." The replacement effect will happen every time you draw a card as long as Dakmor Salvage is in your graveyard (if you draw three cards, you'll get to choose whether to dredge each time until you actually do).

You'll discard the land, trigger The Gitrog Monster, and when the trigger resolves and you go to draw a card, the replacement effect will apply and let you dredge instead. No one (including you) can respond to your decision before you proceed to draw or dredge, and any triggers that happen from you drawing or milling will depend on your decision. If you choose to dredge, no draw will have happened. Anything that does trigger will wait and go on the stack after the The Gitrog Monster's trigger finishes resolving.

(Sorry for paraphrasing above, but I'm not up to writing out the full text of dredge here...)

Ojallday on When do replacment effects occur?

1 month ago

I've had different opinions expressed on this, but the question is when do replacement effects apply? Do they happen after the priority of what they are replacing happens or can they happen any time an event they could replace occurs? For example I have a Dakmor Salvage in hand, a Putrid Imp and The Gitrog Monster in play I discard dakmor triggering The Gitrog Monster's ability to draw a card. Does the draw trigger go though priority then the dredge? Or can dredge occur any time a draw is on the stack?

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Custom Commander: Atlask, Morass Shaman

1 month ago

That commander is gorgeous. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't actually exist. It would be an absolute blast to play. The power level seems fine. It could go infinite with The Gitrog Monster , any free discard outlet and Dakmor Salvage , but needing three cards, two of which are very specific, for an infinite cycle is ok for a precon commander.

Your other custom designs seem pretty well rounded out, as well. Fennelis is a great second-in-command for the deck while still being a potentially very powerful commander on its own. Will of the Marsh and Book of the Wayfinder are very cool from both a flavour and a power level stand point. They are good, can be great, but you need synergy for them to matter. That's a good point to be. I adore Pestilent Fiend, but this would be insane in The Gitrog Monster . Then again, Froggy goes infinite with everyone and their uncle, so that's fine.

Well donw seems to be what I wanna say!

StopShot on

2 months ago

Unfortunately your combo doesn't work due to this ruling:

702.52. Dredge

702.52a Dredge is a static ability that functions only while the card with dredge is in a player’s graveyard. “Dredge N” means “As long as you have at least N cards in your library, if you would draw a card, you may instead mill N cards and return this card from your graveyard to your hand.”

702.52b A player with fewer cards in their library than the number required by a dredge ability can’t mill any of them this way.

If you have no cards in your library you can not use the dredge ability which means you would be unable to return Dakmor Salvage to hand.

The easiest fix to this would be to run Gaea's Blessing. If you mill this card it shuffles your graveyard back into your library so that you'll always have cards to dredge away. I recommend running two, as you'll get stuck if its the last card in your deck and you have an odd number of cards in deck given Dakmor Salvage can only dredge two cards at a time.

KoRnF3wzed on BW Blink Rack

2 months ago

Honestly I wouldn't run Syphon Life in the side unless you're running at least 4x Raven's Crime and 1x Dakmor Salvage in the main as being able to lock your opponent into discarding a card per turn is very strong in rack races, but the ability to turn that into Gaining 2 life against, say, burn, is very powerful. When I ran Smallpox 8-Rack MonoBlack, I ran 22 lands, and still found not enough, Flagstones of Trokair definitely helps a lot of that, but if you're needing lifegain, run Kaya, Orzhov Usurper , (with Rest in Peace , her Ult basically wins you the game).

TheShadowNite on king-saproling

4 months ago

Hmm, this is strange. As far as I can tell, the endpanel and endaccordion lines are in the code, but it's not showing up in the description. I put the code for the description in a code box if you want to glance over it. Thanks for your help dude!

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