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Hengegate Pathway Discussion

Talismancer on Skies

3 months ago

While this deck has long been the better version of my Birds deck, that doesn't mean it couldn't be improved, and with play a few things have stuck out to me 1) Never having the right coloured mana. I own so many decks that upgrading them all with better mana bases is impossible, but I have finally conceded that this is one of my favourites and therefore should have something better than Tranquil Cove for dual mana. Note, still limited by a mix of what I had, what I could source, and what I could afford for the about £30 I was prepared to spend on these modifications.

-4 Tranquil Cove

-2 Island

-2 Plains

+4 Hengegate Pathway  Flip

+3 Glacial Fortress

+1 Hallowed Fountain

While I was buying cards, I decided to look into what did and didn't get played in this deck. Emeria Angel is a fantastic card, but it turns out that the 4 mana cost is too high, I'd rather be playing more smaller things. Also wanting to put it off until I could use the landfall made for poor play decisions, so it's being cut. In it's place needs to go removal. Sadly proxied for the time being.

-4 Emeria Angel

+4 Swords to Plowshares

The last two changes are cards I discovered while having a search. Warden of Evos Isle is the underrated MVP of this deck, I always misjudge how good it is. However being in White as well as Blue, it turns out that there's a cheaper Bird that does the same effect, with a little extra upside.

-4 Warden of Evos Isle

+4 Watcher of the Spheres

Last on the changes list are my blue enchantments. Favorable Winds and Gravitational Shift are both perfectly good cards, but the former is always a tad underwhelming for not having a body, and the latter is actually too much mana. so they're getting swapped for Empyrean Eagle which has a body and gives the boost too, at an acceptable 3 mana.

=3 Favorable Winds

-1 Gravitational Shift

+4 Empyrean Eagle

Wasabi413 on the IRS is calling

3 months ago

Minousmancer intersting interesting. I disagree with you on the Enlightened Tutor Counterspell bit but I think the Hengegate Pathway  Flip idea is good. Im always a fan of scry lands but in this deck I think having a consistant land per turn is essential. I think ill actually change it to 2x Glacial Fortress and swap out the 3x Temple of Enlightenment to 2x Hengegate Pathway  Flip. Then just have 4x Enlightened Tutor and 4x Counterspell . Should make things flow more, still gotta test it a bit tho

Minousmancer on the IRS is calling

3 months ago

My only suggestions are, one less Enlightened Tutor one more Counterspell no Temple of Enlightenment and replace them with Hengegate Pathway  Flips.

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Jeskai Prismablade

5 months ago

Really cool interactions here! It seems like this deck struggles in the early game, though. Do you find that you lose against Rogues and/or mono-red much? I'm not really sure what would help against those decks much except sweepers though. I'd probably recommend Draconic Intervention .

I know you probably don't struggle much with mana because of all the treasures tapping for whatever color is needed, but you should have more red in the manabase. Most of your cards are red, especially the early ones. Put in another mountain instead of a plains, and maybe even another instead of a Hengegate Pathway  Flip.

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