Skyclave Apparition

Skyclave Apparition

Creature — Kor Spirit

When Skyclave Apparition enters the battlefield, exile up ton one target nonland, nontoken permanent you don't control with converted mana cost 4 or less.

When Skyclave Apparition leaves the battlefield, the exiled card's owner creates an X/X blue Illusion creature token, where X is the converted mana cost of the exiled card.

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Skyclave Apparition Discussion

Omniscience_is_life on Magus Janus of Infinite Faces …

3 days ago

First off-make sure the deck isn't on private, I can't seem to access the link.

Past that, Skyclave Apparition is nuts to blink, as it only gives a token--not the exiled permanent--when it leaves (like when it's blinked!)

Niko9 on Budget - Marisi, Breaker of the Coil - EDH

1 week ago

It looks pretty solid all in all, and the only thing that jumped out at me was Blade of Selves Because why not goad everyone at everyone when you can? It might not be super budget anymore, but it seems like it goes with the deck so well.

Oh, and there are a few other Pacifism type effects that have been printed in recent sets that are usually slight upgrades. Trapped in the Tower Bound in Gold Skyclave Apparition Fiend Hunter or there are the classic removal stuff like Darksteel Mutation or Generous Gift

Also, Unquestioned Authority if you want another Spirit Mantle effect.

Just a few minor tweaks because really, it looks quite nailed down. How much removal does Marisi draw? I feel like all of my commander decks would try to remove him as fast as I possibly could :) That might be the mark of a pretty sweet deck.

zapyourtumor on UW Sun Titan Control 2021

1 week ago

Skyclave Apparition and Vendilion Clique are some additional options.

You could definitely make Yorion, Sky Nomad your companion which I think would help the deck a fair bit. Given that you can just add more counterspells and etb effects, the consistency of the deck shouldn't be negatively affected. You could add some cantripping like Omen of the Sea and Spreading Seas, maybe even some Yorion mainboard. You could also add additional counterspells like Archmage's Charm (I assume force is too expensive). Remand isn't as good as it once was so I'd go up to 4 counterspells and maybe cut some remands if you have enough counters.

Jackfrost23 on Lacerating Landfall (Budget)

2 weeks ago

You should definitely lower your curve. Even with all your ramp cards like Emeria Shepherd and Rampaging Baloths are far to slow. If you want to stay as a more midrange deck some cards I think you should consider are:

Zuran Orb: this combos excellently with Titania, Protector of Argoth and Elvish Reclaimer. It can easily be fetched with Urza's Saga (which is also a great target to fetch off of Harrow). Urza's Saga + Ramunap Excavator is also a really great combo.

Kazandu Mammoth  Flip: this is an excellent beater that can also be played as a land.

Ancient Greenwarden: although this is more casual then the other cards I've suggested so far once it synergises really well with your gameplan so I thought I would suggest it anyways.

I would also suggest running some utility lands that could be fetched with Elvish Reclaimer or Harrow. Some good ones off the top of my head are:

Blast Zone: Having tutorable removal is always excellent and Blast Zone is even better due to its combo with Ramunap Excavator. It might also be good to add Crucible of Worlds as extra copies of Ramunap Excavator that aren't affected by most removal.

Some other cards you should consider are Lair of the Hydra, Ghost Quarter, Steppe Lynx, Skyclave Apparition and Knight of Autumn.

keizerbuns on A Very Disturbing Deck

2 weeks ago

Thanks mdf64! My bad, I’m gonna change this to Historic haha.

I did actually have Geistlight Snare in the deck before but I took them out to add more Malevolent Hermit  Flip cards, but maybe I should try cutting a few things and adding some back in again. I did also think about adding Skyclave Apparition but ran out of room. I’ll definitely experiment with skyclave and Shipwreck Sifters and see how it goes!

I think you’re right about the Undead Butlers, I had them in there as fodder for Rite of Oblivion but the disturb cards themselves already kinda work for that.

What are your thoughts on Otherworldly Gaze? Do you think I should cut it or keep it?

Thanks for the suggestions! I guess I’m gonna have to rework this a bit.

mdf64 on A Very Disturbing Deck

2 weeks ago

I'm guessing this deck is supposed to be for historic, because if it's for modern making it a semi-boggles deck seems like a better plan. I do like the inclusion of King Narfi's Betrayal and Rite of oblivion as ways of getting your guys in the Graveyard. I also recommend Shipwreck Sifters as it gets bigger, gets you card selection, and cards in your graveyard. I also recommend Skyclave Apparition for removal as it's good, plus it's a spirt. Oh and Geistlight Snare is an amazing counter spell to protect your huge creatures. I'd honestly cut undead butler for more spirit or protection.

wallisface on Azorious Soulherder except I have no money

3 weeks ago

Some thoughts:

  • Glorious Protector and Deafening Silence are sudeboard cards at best. I’d suggest ditching them from mainboard.

  • i’m not sure you’re running enough lands here. If you don’t start with a card draw-engine with Wall of Omens and Ephemerate, I can see you being stuck on 2 lands too often. I’d suggest going up to 22-23 lands

  • I’m not convinced you need Flickerwisp or Venser, the Sojourner. They just don’t seem great here & you akready have plenty-enough good ways to flicker for value. I’d suggest replacing them with more good flicker-targets, some suggestions below.

  • I can highly recommend Watcher for Tomorrow. It helps dig for the exact card you need in any given matchup, which can get you out of some sticky situations.

  • Stonehorn Dignitary and Venser, Shaper Savant are both cheap, and can both be powerhouses in these kinds of decks. Including 1-2 of each mainboard would improve your deck considerably.

  • It may be a little beyond your budget, but adding 1-3 Skyclave Apparition would work well here also.

Just to show you, this deck also. It’s obviously going to be out of the price-range for the moment, but if you’re able to include green in your landbase, you get access to a ton of powerful (& cheap) cards that love being flickered. It’s possibly a direction to work towards as more of a long-term goal.

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