Skyclave Apparition

Skyclave Apparition

Creature — Kor Spirit

When Skyclave Apparition enters the battlefield, exile up ton one target nonland, nontoken permanent you don't control with converted mana cost 4 or less.

When Skyclave Apparition leaves the battlefield, the exiled card's owner creates an X/X blue Illusion creature token, where X is the converted mana cost of the exiled card.

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Skyclave Apparition Discussion

ChrisHansonBiomancin on Bant Dungeon Crawler

5 days ago

Hey nice deck, I have a similar Bant dungeon deck on Arena. I like how you're using Jaspera Sentinel, might have to steal that idea.

I'd recommend playing 4x Hama Pashar despite it being legendary, as it's the best card in the deck and is a removal magnet. You can get away with more legendary cards in a deck like this since you scry a lot.

I also might recommend putting a little removal in there just to slow the opponent down before you go off. Skyclave Apparition and Mind Flayer are good options since you can get them with Ellywick & they trigger Varis. You might consider playing one or two more copies of Ellywick as well.

Your weakest cards imho are Cloyster Gargolye and Eccentric Apprentice, and the 3-drop spot is already pretty crowded for a deck like this, so if you were looking for things to cut I'd probably start there.

Balaam__ on “I See Dead People” Spirit Deck

6 days ago

I like the core structure of what you’ve built here. Initial thoughts would be a need for more control; most spirit decks run things like Skyclave Apparition or Spell Queller—creatures that in and of themselves really have an impact on the board as they enter. Those cards are significantly costlier than the individual card budget you’ve allotted, though. If they’re not an option, I’d recommend leaning more heavily into true control spells. Counterspell would perform better than Dissipate, but if that’s slightly out of range then I’d recommend Mana Leak and Spell Pierce. Seal Away is a cheap alternative to On Thin Ice or Path to Exile and works well enough.

Also, while dual lands (i.e. Hallowed Fountain) would be ideal, they’re exorbitantly expensive. Tranquil Cove suffices as a thrifty alternative.

JacobAGrossman on Glittering Company

1 week ago

The Glittering Wish package has always been something I've loved playing with over the years. This deck has the unique challenge of balancing combo pieces and silver bullets in one. I've tried so many different options over the years, and although the bigger spells have always been fun to think about using, I never actually reach for the things that cost 4 or more mana. It's so much more valuable to have all things I can cast in tandem with the Wish on turn 4 or 5, then trying to wait any longer or have to hold the card in my hand for a turn. These are the best ones I can think of that have the biggest and longest lasting impact I can think of. There are definitely a few weaknesses for sure, but I am definitely open to talking about them.

Creature decks are usually fine. I used to have a bunch of creature wipes in the form of lands or spells, but it was usually just easier to combo and win, since they were usually removal light and aggro happy at the wrong times. The meta has definitely gotten gnarlier with the newer cards, so definitely something to keep an eye on.

Tron is also one I'm always thinking about, but hopefully I can use the right bullets at the right time and be okay.

If there are other cards that can do things that I haven't thought of, I'm open to it. There's also always the possibility of switching a main board and side board option, like moving around Endurance or Skyclave Apparition. Or if there are better answers on the side for the slots that I've described the needs for. There's still so much possibility for the deck, especially with the second innistrad set coming soon!

wallisface on Why Has WotC Brought Back …

1 week ago

DemonDragonJ easily. In modern Ephemerate has become a pretty commonly seen tool for this kind of abuse. Outside if that, we’ve seen all Soulherder, Restoration Angel, Flickerwisp, and Eldrazi Displacer harass the format at different stages. There are currently an abundance of insane etb creatures, including Thragtusk, Eternal Witness, Skyclave Apparition, Ice-Fang Coatl just to name a few.

If someone’s unable to build a deck based around abusing etb effects, that’s on them, because the options to do so are vast.

darkmus on Serra's Descendants, competitive Angel Tribal

2 weeks ago

lagotripha portable hole is worthless in this deck. 99% of the permanents that worry us are 3cmc or more (mainly planneswalkers, ensnaring bridges, etc. You can go momo white but if you do the only card that does the trick is Generous Gift.

I've more than tested Serra Avenger, it's what I used before Youthful was printed. But the card is only good if you vial it in, a 2 of works Shor of. Not more than that. Youthful is much better.

Speaker of the Heavens is my choice 1 drop for a more budget list. It's ceiling is super high. But it's bottom is super low. It's either a wincon or a dead top draw/chumblocker. Giver is much more consistent and adds way more overall. Still is a card I will totally add 2 off to a more budget or low to the ground list.

Luminarch Ascension is waaaay to slow for modern.

Tobe fair impostor is never been in the competition, XD, but yeah, they've printedmreprinted a few 2 cmc angels latelly, but I wish those were at least rares. And I will kill for a 1cmc rare/mythic angel. And yeah, I wish we didn't have to look for humans but honestly I think is going to be hard to get something better than bishop, even if she's not an angel. That thing is too good.

A 1cmc creature that becames an angel could be dope, but in this build it would be worthless since most our staff cares of angels ETBing, not in play.

What I think we need is some kind of card advantage stapled in to an angel. And we could use an angel variation of Skyclave Apparition also. There are a couple angels that do that but all return the card when they leave the battlefield, which sucks.

I hope that in innistrad we get and angel worth making the list, fingers crossed

nbarry223 on Glittering Company

2 weeks ago

I suggested Manamorphose because you can use the mountain aspect of Blood Moon and pay to get any two colors you want, without losing card advantage. It does conflict with Collected Company a bit because of the fact that it isn't a creature, but other than that it is fairly solid.

For example, you can save a Manamorphose in hand and your turn after the Blood Moon resolves, you can play Manamorphose + Skyclave Apparition without needing a single white manasource, since you can filter your red mana into what you need.

You can even go Manamorphose into Collected Company or Birds of Paradise and further your boardstate and ignore the moon. Heck even Glittering Wish into Impromptu Raid seems viable after Manamorphose because you can then use your red mana to further your strategy potentially.

the only other suggestion I would have is Destructive Revelry in the sideboard, but that would only be useful strictly in the Blood Moon matchup, which is why I don't really see it as a serious option.

JacobAGrossman on Glittering Company

2 weeks ago

Well, good morning, nbarry223 and zapyourtumor! You are both pulling on my heart strings with this Blood Moon talk. That card still gives me horrible flashbacks haha. It is still one of the decks biggest problems, and especially with Urza's Saga for some reason not being banned yet, it's presence is bigger than ever. For the most part, I do okay just making sure I have a basic and a fetch in the first few hands, so I'm good to cast whatever I need, generally speaking. Skyclave Apparition is my best main board answer for sure, and if I'm in a position where I can Glittering Wish for Abrupt Decay, I'm probably able to just play around it. And that's what I try to do, really, especially with insistence on four basics, is just play around it. There have been awkward things I've done in the past, like Harmonic Sliver, if I just have G and W and can Wish, but it never really feels right. Always a constant battle with that card.

Manamorphose doesn't really feel right, either, it would still have the same problem as everything else. I would need at least two mana, from non basic lands, and multiple spells that work with each other.

All of those other suggested creatures are badass for sure, but they only target artifacts or enchantments. Skyclave Apparition is a main board mainstay because it can target anything, and they don't get it back.

The situation is rather complicated to say the least, and am definitely open to figuring out if there's an answer out there :D

zapyourtumor on Glittering Company

3 weeks ago

Manamorphose dilutes the deck so much. It looks like the mainboard answer to moon is Skyclave Apparition here.

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