Fire Covenant

Fire Covenant


As an additional cost to cast this spell, pay X life.

This deals X damage divided as you choose among any number of target creatures.

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Fire Covenant Discussion

LynxGoddess on Angels & Demons The Balance Of Light & Dark

1 week ago

On the theme of burning your own life total for value and interaction, this deck looks like it might enjoy Fire Covenant. A really nice little board wipe at instant speed. You might want to look to the Mystical Archives version though, so you don't put any pesky dragon artwork in your deck. Yuck!

Also, there is a pair of really great draw spells common in cEDH that follow the same theme in Ad Nauseam and Peer into the Abyss. They'd fit well with the theme but are really mana hungry and might be walking a bit too close to the line of "tutors".

zAzen7977 on Nosferatu Masquerade

1 month ago

Hey Mark3sie, I have a few suggestions. I don’t run Edgar, but I do run Kaalia of the Vast, so I have experience with mardu colors. I am making suggestions regardless of budget since I don’t see the budget tag.

You are a little light on removal. What about Damn (instead of Damnation), Deadly Rollick, Vindicate, Anguished Unmaking, Council's Judgment, Wear / Tear, and Fire Covenant.

Deflecting Swat is awesome as well and has saved me many times.

Jeweled Lotus and Grim Monolith will help you get Edgar out faster.

I concur with Last_Laugh - Reconnaissance would work really well here.

Hope this helps! :)

SynergyBuild on Thrasios/Tymna vs Kenrith

1 month ago

To be honest, the reason I swapped from Tymna/Thrasios to Kenrith, Returned King is threefold.

Access to red lets me get Dockside Extortionist, and as explained above by RambIe, any infinite mana combo leads to a win without needing any specific cards in deck with kenrith in the command zone. It also lets me have some of the best interaction in the format, the best sweeper in Fire Covenant, the best free counter in Deflecting Swat (imo), two of the best dorks in the format (Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer and Ignoble Hierarch), as well as a slew of other options from Red Elemental Blast/Pyroblast to Mayhem Devil (an immediate threat against any LED Breach piles, especially if they set up with an ad nauseam/peer, it's great against Tithe, or against Ragavan, or against dockside, but it's also insane with any of them on your side of the field), and a personaly new favorite Expressive Iteration, the 2 mana dig 3 draw 2.

Kenrith also allows access to some of the most efficient win lines. My personal favorite is how it interacts with Hermit Druid. Not only in a dedicated deck can it immediately give it haste, active it, and be the recursion piece to bring back Thassa's Oracle, but it can also reanimate the Druid if you Entomb it, or abuse Intuition like Kess, etc.

Kenrith does something else I find great, which is simply have some serious potential to abuse any boardstate, often under most any stax. With just 4 mana invested, it can become a 7/7 that can kill in three turns, or give itself and other creatures you control more counters, trample, and haste and one-shot if draw lines aren't available and you have infinite mana (I did this two nights ago when a Winota managed to pull out a Spirit of the Labyrinth). The deck is so efficient early, mid, and late game in this fashion that it is one of the most popular stax commanders in cEDH, one of the most popular midrange commanders in cEDH, and one of the most popular fast combo commanders as well.

Tbh, Kenrith is busted.

Crow-Umbra on Prosper: Having a good Tome

1 month ago

Nice deck! I do like the differences you have here compared to my list, notably:

  • Dockside Extortionist Hard to beat it at Treasure production. I'll likely move my one copy from Vadrok to Prosper if I retire that list, or maybe just proxy a second copy lol.

  • The tutor package is great and something I'm hoping to upgrade towards myself, save for probably Imperial Seal lol.

  • I might have to playtest Pain Magnification . Even if I'm not the one dealing the damage, I do have a Yurlok of Scorch Thrash deck in my meta, as well as other similar group-slug effects.

There are some cards you picked that I'm personally kinda iffy on. If these are meta decisions, or you've had consistent success with them, then feel free to disregard:

  • Wild-Magic Sorcerer I just took mine out of my list. For me, I felt like it whiffed each time in play-testing, and I'd usually cascade into something I wouldn't want to play then.

  • Unstable Obelisk It's kind of in this awkward spot where it's slow and clunky for all the things it wants to do. I'm generally not a fan of 3MV mana rocks, except for Cursed Mirror . The removal portion of Obelisk is also fairly steep and very telegraphed. Depending on the permanent type you would want to remove with Obelisk, there are other options like Feed the Swarm or Field of Ruin

  • Similarly, I'm feeling iffy on Transmogrifying Wand . The removal is telegraphed, it removes a maximum of 3 targets at sorcery speed, and you can only remove one target per turn with it. I think Fire Covenant could be better in this slot since it can hit multiple targets at instant speed. I see you're already running Toxic Deluge, but Dead of Winter could essentially give you 2 Toxic Deluges, since you are running all Snow Basics.

  • I think Sensei's Divining Top is an all-star in Prosper and is worth a slot. Since you have plenty of fast mana rocks, maybe you could cut one of the other rocks of your choice? If your meta is that fast that all your rocks are needed, or you don't need the top deck manipulation/draw, then feel free to disregard.

Gleeock on Overperforming Cards?

3 months ago

SynergyBuild - I was hoping someone would mention Fire Covenant - instant speed, dmg based, low cmc sweeper! :) & more & more we are getting relevance to damaging our own creatures too that can make that card ridiculous.

SynergyBuild on Overperforming Cards?

3 months ago

Stong, hard graveyard hate often stops 2-3 opponents. In a fair deck, with 2-4 graveyard recursive pieces, but not too much, like an Eternal Witness or something, a Rest in Peace can take games wayyy harder than I'd expect.

Fire Covenant also is incredibly underrated, and whenever I put it in a deck, it feels often much more backbreaking than a Cyclonic Rift , and the life loss doesn't often matter once you destroy all your opponent's creatures.

smilodex on Kess Storm

3 months ago

I don't get why you call it Kess Storm... this deck has actually nothing to do with the Storm archetype.

Your only card, which you could call a "Storm-card" in this deck, is the Underworld Breach and that's about it...

Your list looks more like a classic Grixis-Midrange Consultation/Breach Deck in my opinion and because of that you should play at least one boardwipe/mass removal, to have the possibility to reset the board state (something like Cyclonic Rift , Toxic Deluge or Fire Covenant ) against stax or creature heavy pods.

DemonDragonJ on Now Entering Dr. Lair's Secretorium …

5 months ago

The newest Secret Lair has been revealed, and I am mostly impressed by it. It is nice to see the shocklands on planes other than Ravnica (if one does not count the Zendikar Expeditions), but why are they divided into groups of three, and why are they using the names of the shards of Alara? Does not WotC explicitly wish to avoid associating the names of specific factions with color combinations? Also, who would actually want basic lands with so much text? What Was WotC thinking by printing those?

The Our Next Show cards are absolutely amazing, and I am glad to see that WotC has continued the style from Party Hard, Shred Harder, and I also am very pleased that WotC is finally reprinting Fire Covenant , as I had been waiting for a reprint of that card for many years, but I cannot justify supporting this business model that is such a blatant display of corporate greed, especially since there are only two cards in this set that I currently need (the aforementioned Fire Covenant and Artifact Mutation ).

What does everyone else here think about this newest Secret Lair? Do you like it?

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