Crucible of Worlds

Crucible of Worlds


You may play land cards from your graveyard.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Crucible of Worlds Discussion

CommanderNeyo on Release of Lore

1 week ago

I would seriously consider adding Crucible of Worlds with some fetch lands, should your budget allow, as it will get you more "leaves the graveyard" triggers as well as allow you to hit every land drop for the rest of the game. Also works well with the canopy lands ( Sunbaked Canyon , Silent Clearing ).

GregariousG on Gonna Need A Bigger Playmat | *Primer*

1 week ago

To BloodDragon,

Thanks for stopping by my hot mesh of cards I like to call Naya Tron. I really appreciate when other players ask me in-depth questions about my deck. It makes me evaluate what I’m trying to do. In the midst of answering your questions, I found some flaws that I feel like I was able to correct.

How many Tokens/Treasures do you find you are actually getting it to play? In games are you actually closing it out with a Tall-Commanders, or just going wide with Thopters and Golems? Some combination of Tall-Golems thanks to Ich-T? Or are you closing games out more combo-style with the mentioned R.Fireweaver, Terror of the Peaks, or Alibou?

I am finding that I can produce a moderate amount of token. However, this deck is called “Gonna Need a Bigger Playmat”, not “This Can All Fit Just Fine on the Playmat.” I've been debating with myself if I need three token doublers. I think that answer might be no. Because of that, I added Servo Schematic to the main deck. This creates precious artifact creature tokens on ETB, LTB, and is an artifact itself. I thought about adding Pia Nalaar or Pia and Kiran Nalaar for the Thopter tokens. However, I wanted something that was loopable with things like Daretti or Goblin Welder . Tangent aside, this deck, generally, closes out the game with a combination of burning out the table and applied pressure with tokens. There is a line where Ich-T and all the golems get infinite +1/+1 counters, but I haven’t put that to use yet. Also, Chandra, Torch of Defiance is another burn outlet and gets ultimated more often than you think.

I feel like I am not understanding all the Pop-rocks you have (Lotus Petal, Chromatic Sphere, Etc) are you managing to get Teshar/Osgir consistently? Does this deck go in for the kill extremely fast? Or am I missing the point all together here?

This deck isn't a fast kill deck. It has more infinite combos than intended, but this build is meant for the mid-game. Like in Modern Tron, I want my mid-game much faster than everyone else at the table. For example, I've gone Ancient Tomb into Mana Vault , played Lotus Petal , then played Hour of Promise . Now, this was the absolute nut draw, but that was capable due to fast mana like Lotus Petal . The pop-rocks are like artifact-based cantrips. I can't count the numerous times I've played Ancient Stirrings off of a Tron land due to Chromatic Star or Chromatic Sphere .

For me, Teshar and Osgir play different roles. Teshar is more for recurring my low CMC creatures during the grindy mid-late game. With Teshar, I want to loop cards like Goblin Engineer and Blade Splicer for value. The exception to this rule is if I have a way to sacrifice or put Dockside Extortionist in the graveyard. If I have that setup, I'm going for that line of play immediately. Osgir, on the other hand, is more for explosive lines of play. This could be ramping hard with multiple Mana Vault s for Sol Ring s. For me, the synergy between the artifact lands and Osgir is too good to pass up, even without a token doubler. Though I save the bombs of this deck for Feldon of the Third Path , there are times when exiling them with Osgir is an option. For example, I don't need Wurmcoil Engine or Verdurous Gearhulk if I'm Feldon looping Triplicate Titan . I've gladly sac those options to get two token copies of those beaters. If Alibou, Ancient Witness is on the field, I'm more inclined to go for this option.

And between all the Land/Urza synergies you seem to be aiming for did Tireless Tracker or Crucible of Worlds end up not performing well? Have you considered Wrenn and Six for land recursion?

At one point, I consider using both Tireless Tracker and Crucible of Worlds in the 99. However, they both didn't make the cut for one core reason. This deck, besides Hour of Promise and Sad Robot, makes one land drop per turn. Thus, making one clue token per turn is ok, but there are better things I can be doing at three mana. As for Crucible, Eternal Witness is my answer if I need lands back.

suarkdivad on An Old-School Nightmare

1 week ago

Getting some good ideas from this, here's a similar thing I did.

Old Border Dakkon Blackblade

I cheated and used the judge promo Crucible of Worlds and Sword of Feast and Famine because they're really good with my deck.

cmilner on Meren Tries to Dismantle Battlecruisers

2 weeks ago

Love the deck! I built a very similar one a few months ago that I am refining as well. A fun combo I recently added in is Dark Depths Which plays well with your vampire hexmage to make 20/20 flying indestructible spaghetti monsters. It wont replace your beloved obliterator but it might help. I also added some land recursion like Crucible of Worlds and Ramunap Excavator

Mcat1999 on Card creation challenge

1 month ago

Spiff, Gentle Soul

Legendary Enchantment Creature - Elemental Rabbit

Defender, Shroud

Whenever one or more creatures attack you or Planeswalkers you control, you may exile Spiff, Gentle Soul. If you do, prevent all combat damage. You may return Spiff, Gentle Soul to the battlefield at the beginning of the next end step by discarding a land.

With fur as soft as silk and as warm as sunlight, where ever Spiff hops, flowers bloom.


I got 99 lands and a fetch ain't one.

Seriously you could very easily break Spiff with enough draw / lands in your deck. You'd essentially be 100% impossible to attack. Just Land Tax alone sets you up extremely well. Then you can get lands from your graveyard with Crucible of Worlds and Ramunap Excavator . Throw in some prison effects such as Sphere of Safety and Ghostly Prison and you're much harder to attack. If you really want to be an absolute asshole, Aura Shards and you punish anyone for even thinking about swinging at you.

You know what I'd like to see? Don your brewing caps and make a very simple Commander who, at first glance, seems decent but nothing too extreme. Then, make us realize just how powerful it is by showing us the cards you'd built into it with.


1 month ago

would you consider Tectonic Reformation ? possibly Crucible of Worlds to go with it as it would synergize with your burn lands

hahahe on Lands, More Lands, All the Lands. (Omnath)

1 month ago

You should add Scapeshift and cards that allow you to play lands out of your graveyard like Crucible of Worlds and Ramunap Excavator . Will definitely work great in a lands matter deck.

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