Ignoble Hierarch

Creature — Goblin Shaman

Exalted (Whenever a creature you control attacks alone, that creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

: Gain , or .

DreadKhan on Tiamat semi-competitive

2 weeks ago

I tend to run a higher land count in my 5 colour decks (37-39 feels 'normal', your more competitive mana base would allow you to run less and still fix reliably, but I'd hesitate to go below 34 with a 7 MV Commander). As you're not at the full size for your deck, you have room to throw in some lands, and since opponents sometimes run effects that have 'find a Basic', you might want one of each Basic. Rampant Growth (and Expedition) has to find a Basic Land, so you should either add basics or switch it with Nature's Lore or Wood Elves.

I feel like a few more creatures would help, Birds of Paradise is a good ramp source, Ignoble Hierarch is a slightly worse one, and Tireless Provisioner offers a potentially better Lotus Cobra (you could use both IMHO). Very good if you run enough Fetch lands obviously. If you run both, you probably want all 10 Fetch lands, and might even run Krosan Verge, which is great with Triomes anyways. Really $$, but Urza's Incubator is a strong card in Dragons, even your Commander benefits. Really weird, but I guess Herald's Horn and Descendants' Path are pretty sweet. If you can get your creature count in general high enough, Lurking Predators can bring out multiple dragons per turn cycle, and when it doesn't find a creature you still get to scry. Dragon's Hoard, and Dragonspeaker Shaman are probably solid includes.

You probably want some card draw in here, but if you use Tiamat as your Commander over Ur-Dragon, you probably don't need Rush of Knowledge, but Stinging Study still draws a hand's worth of cards for 5 almost regardless of where your Commander is. Garruk's Uprising would probably fit. Due to having lots of big creatures, Return of the Wildspeaker is probably not bad, and Overwhelming Stampede might be good enough to close games for you.

You probably don't want to run stuff like Land Tax or Gift of Estates with actual Green ramp, if you have access to Green, you usually are better off running Green ramp over Gift of Estates type spells. YMMV!

Counterspell is a risky card to run in a 5 colour deck, it's hard to have UU mana up to cast it. Does it mostly deal with creatures, or protect vs wipes? Swan Song and Arcane Denial are both cards worth a look, the new An Offer You Can't Refuse might be interesting as well. I personally like 1-3 counters in my 5 colour decks, with competitive decks running more, overly Casual ones might run just 1 as a wildcard. Negate is much easier to cast I expect, and thus you're more likely to have the mana up.

If you are interested, Tyrite Sanctum can give Tiamat an Indestructible counter right away since she's already a God. Not sure if you care about keeping her out though!

wallisface on Cold Wolf Bois

1 month ago

ThePieDoctor if you’re in a modern tournament, then i’d expect you’d have sideboards - Nature's Claim is a great card to include sideboard, just not a very useful mainboard choice.

For an additional 1-mana creature, Wolfbitten Captive  Flip is probably your best option. Though I could see Ignoble Hierarch being very useful also, if you were willing to deviate slightly off-theme

CoolCarlosGuyIsCool on The Sliver Overlord Rocks!!![cEDH][primer]

1 month ago

This deck is great!

In the past I made a similar sliver overlord deck and it is amazing! Adding some creatures though that provide mana such as Ignoble Hierarch or Noble Hierarch would help a lot.

AThiccNacho on Chittering horde

2 months ago

Ignoble Hierarch cannot be used in this deck as your commander is only 2 colors , unless you're doing rule 0, which this deck is not classified as ^^

Since you have am ore duget deck, Birds of Paradise is probably out of the question, but there are plenty of other 1-drop creatures. Alternatively, Three Visits is pretty good since it can grab hybrid lands and they come in untapped.

Nathanael97 on Shatter Bros

2 months ago

I think my first suggestion would be to increase the amount of ramp in the deck. You seem to be running 35 lands with only 10 pieces of ramp, 3 of which requiring other creatures (Ashnod's Altar + Phyrexian Altar + Pitiless Plunderer ) and some being very high CMC (Mana Reflection + Thran Dynamo especially). Ideally the Ramp should probably be creatures, seeing as you want fodder for your sac outlets, which is probably another argument against the high CMC ramp. I reckon cards like Ignoble Hierarch or even Diligent Farmhand (which sacrifices itself) would be good includes.

It might also be worth considering cards that cover multiple different activations of Shattergang Brothers at the same time, such as Hangarback Walker.

I love the concept of the deck!

zapyourtumor on Gucci Dragons

3 months ago

Dryad is kind of dog ramp because you need to keep drawing land drops. I'd play 4 Arbor Elf to generate tons of mana with the sprawls.

Also I'd probably include less timmy fatties and more ramp/midrange threats that are a little more castable.

Ignoble Hierarch is more ramp that also buffs creatures.

Klothys, God of Destiny is a solid card that is a threat on its own (so you aren't just doing nothing until you slam your 8 drop or whatever) and also ramps too.

Manamorphose literally does nothing here.

You probably want some removal if you ever want to survive till you can drop timmy creatures, so I'd add 4x Lightning Bolt.

Idk what your budget is, but Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer is an obscene creature that can singlehandedly win the game, plus it ramps you.

Fury is a good mid/late game play that you can also play earlier as removal to survive till late game.

I'd cut the blightsteels you're never casting them and relying on Ilharg to cheat them in is very dubious.

WotanubisReturned on Sarkhan's A** Crack

3 months ago

My Historic deckThe Acererak Paradox uses Paradox Engine and wants to kick Skyclave Relic so you can cast Acererak forever and eventually win with Aetherflux Reservoir, Ayara, First of Locthwain, or Cabal Paladin; Modern has quick stuff like Ignoble Hierarch and black Signets but I don't know off-hand what upgrades there are for the tutors.

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