Ignoble Hierarch

Ignoble Hierarch

Creature — Goblin Shaman

Exalted (Whenever a creature you control attacks alone, that creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

: Gain , or .

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Ignoble Hierarch Discussion

Chasmolinker on [Primer] - Jund Midrange

1 day ago

Thanks for the kind remarks TheBubbaEA!

  • I go between 23/24 lands depending on how fast the meta is. In a slower meta I like 3 Ravines. In a fast meta I go down to 2. 24 lands also minimize the pain from Bob, who also gets trimmed in fast metas.

  • Ignoble Hierarch is good in a Lurrus build. It cuts into the discard slots, which I prefer to have be my T1 spell. T2 Liliana is broken though so it comes down to preference.

  • Dauthi Voidwalker would be a meta call. The not being able to block gives me second thoughts on Mainboarding it. It also worsens Goyf early game. You could probably run it in place of Goyf though but is it still Jund if you do so???

  • Having a 4 drop that isn’t BBE is a hard call. Arlinn is good but I think I’d rather have another Grist.

  • Graveyard Trespasser  Flip looks interesting. I could see it taking the place of Klothys since it can actually attack unlike Klothys in most games. It pairs nicely with Voidwalker too.

  • I have definitely won games with double Bob in play. Lol. I have also lost games because of him. But that’s the price we play for running the GOAT.

I’m curious what Crimson Vow will bring to the table.

TheBubbaEA on [Primer] - Jund Midrange

2 days ago

Love the list! Some questions for your thoughts and experiences:

  • 24 lands feels like a lot with W&6 being able to bring them back. Do you feel like this number of lands is required even with a way to replay lands?

  • Notably you don't play Ignoble Hierarch and Dauthi Voidwalker. Any specific reason these don't make the cut?

  • I read through your notable new releases and wanted to ask what you thought of Graveyard Trespasser  Flip and Arlinn, the Pack's Hope  Flip. Arlinn is reminiscent of huntmaster and Trespasser has GY hate + 2-for-1's spot removal.

  • How often do you, if ever, play 2 Dark Confidant in a game? Currently running 1 (especially since I don't have any foil W&6), but I want to run more but I don't know if I can justify getting more than 1 in a game. Like if my life total can even handle it without inherent life gain.

Thanks for your dedication to the list and the page is wonderful :)

NonetheWeisser on cats Mayhem

1 week ago

I run a cat deck myself (+1 simply for the tribe itself). Looks like you're going down more of a midrange strategy. I think that Unclaimed Territory is a good budget option for your mana base and fits your tribal theme. On top of that, have you considered running any mana dorks like Birds of Paradise, Ignoble Hierarch, and Noble Hierarch?

They will allow you to drop your 4-5 drop cats sooner rather than later which can turn the tides of any match up. I also personally think King of the Pride should be maxed out and Feline Sovereign should be at 2.

Great deck!!!! :)

multimedia on Korvold Loves Treasure

3 weeks ago

Hey, well done on a budget, nice foil Goldspan and SL Dreadbore :)

Consider more ramp with Korvold? More one and two drop ramp sources:

Korvold is powerful as Commander when playing lots of ramp since it helps to cast him faster and then that ramp can fuel his sacrifice. This makes playing lots of redundant ramp actually a strength.

Animation Module + Ashnod's Altar + Korvold is a combo to draw as many cards as you want, make Korvold huge, make as much colorless mana as you want. Without the combo Module is a nice repeatable source of tokens for sac fodder because of Korvold.

Add Pitiless Plunderer to create tons of treasures. Plunderer and a different sac outlet such as Viscera Seer or Goblin Bombardment could replace Ashnod's Altar since it only costs 1 mana (1 treasure) to make a Servo with Module. Bombardment is an excellent low CMC budget sac outlet.

Ramunap Excavator lets you abuse lands as the permanent to sac with Korvold. Caustic Caterpillar and Seal of Primordium are upgrades for artifact/enchantment removal spells because they can sac themselves as well as be saced at instant speed. Plaguecrafter is a nice creature removal effect in multiplayer Commander who sacs himself.

Prossh, Skyraider of Kher as the high end has synergy with Korvold. It's a sac outlet and it makes Kobold tokens to sac. Farseek is an upgrade for Rampant Growth because you have Overgrown Tomb and Stomping Ground. Harrow is an upgrade for Cultivate because you sac a land to cast it.

Path of Ancestry, Jund Panorama, Karplusan Forest, Dragonskull Summit, Rootbound Crag, Cinder Glade, Smoldering Marsh are some budget land upgrades to consider.

If interested I offer more advice including suggestions of cuts to consider. Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Draconic command Aggro (upgrated)

1 month ago

Hey, nice version of Ur-Dragon, but this is not aggro, it's midrange. That's fine because you don't really want aggro in multiplayer Commander since it doesn't do enough when you have three or more opponents who each start with 40 life.

Four mana even with Ur-Dragon cost reduction for Dragons is the average amount of mana you'll spend to cast your first spell which is high. You also really want a ramp mana source in your opening hand and 10 ramp sources is not enough to consistently have one. You have lots of powerful tutors here as well as Tiamat which means you could reduce the Dragons to the best ones and cut the subpar ones which will speed up gameplay. Old Gnawbone + Hellkite Charger is a Dragon win condition combo for infinite attacks.

The better Dragons:

In the place of other Dragons because of the high budget consider adding more lower CMC support cards?

Cultivate, Kodama's Reach and Rampant Growth could also be replaced with better/quicker ramp and since only playing 6 basic lands.

Good luck with your deck.

zapyourtumor on Naya Bloodbraid Elf

1 month ago

Could Ignoble Hierarch maybe slot in here as noble's 5-8? And I agree that Ferrous should probably be cut, I don't think he's doing enough here.

Path isn't that good right now so I'd probably replace it with Prismatic Ending.

Stryfe_ on Azdranax

1 month ago

Retro foil etched Force of Negation

Retro foil Ice-Fang Coatl

Retro foil etched Ice-Fang Coatl

Showcase Ignoble Hierarch (I want to hold on to my foil sketch one)

Foil borderless Sanctum Weaver


2 Counterspell 2 Archmage's Charm 4 Fatal Push 1 Marsh Flats 1 Drowned Catacomb 1 Glacial Fortress 1 Clifftop Retreat 1 Isolated Chapel 1 Kaya's Guile


galzzly on Power Overwhelming

1 month ago
Skyclave Apparition Hard removal

Esper Sentinel White card draw, supports artifact themes

Solitude? It's a second Sword to plowshare.

Emiel the Blessed? It's flicker support?

Murktide Regent

Sakashima of a Thousand Faces? I feel like we have a lot of legendaries. Could be fun?


Solve the Equation? Slow tutor

Tasha's Hideous Laughter? How much does this mill in power cube

Sedgemoor Witch

Opposition Agent? Do we have enough tutors?

Grief? More discard. do we have flicker support?

Dauthi Voidwalker? How much discard do we have? How much kill spells do we have?

Archon of Cruelty? Does this compete with other reanimator targets using the good reanimator spells?

Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer

Port Razer?Extra attacks, but does aggro need this? Is it fast enough?

Expressive Iteration

Prismari Command? It can do so much! but its not great at what it does.

Omnath, Locus of Creation? 4c is a hard sell. also flicker support? also landfall support?

Kaldra Compleat?

Sword of Hearth and Home? Flicker support, but the prots aren't too strong

Urza's Saga Busted


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