Valakut Awakening


Put any number of cards from your hand on the bottom of your library, then draw that many cards plus one.

Corrosive_Cat on Frantic Archaeology [Infinite Graveyard Jank]

1 month ago

I agree that it does lack a little in draw, yes - was hoping the Commune with Lavas would go a little way

Dragon Mantle isn’t half bad, and makes good use of excess combo mana, and a veeerry narrow push I might be able to run one Valakut Awakening  Flip - options on the table aren’t great I’m afraid but if you’ve any suggestions please do let me know.

duchessCretina on Dragon Stompy

1 month ago

Revamp this o_o

so many new cards that could be swapped. I love the spell lands: Spikefield Hazard  Flip, Valakut Awakening  Flip, Shatterskull Smashing  Flip.

Fury, Bonecrusher Giant... pretty bold of you to not run the rabblemasters (Goblin Rabblemaster, Legion Warboss)

Yeah... you can tell this is really old school if it's running Arc-Slogger.

OH WOW I ACTUALLY FOUND THE LIST. The original one is from 2009! Early days of Legacy...

Well, there's a lot of cool stuff you could try now.

You can even try Goblin Dark-Dwellers or Glorybringer (GDD needs some more spells to function).

Also the planeswalkers... there's a ton of newer ones.

duchessCretina on Come On Baby Light My Fire

1 month ago

Hey, I have been trying this card (Dragon's Rage Channeler) in burn, and it occurred to me that maybe it can help you activate Pyromancer Ascension... And it also reminded me of Magmatic Channeler.

Idk, it felt that maybe they can help you feed the graveyard and give you extra gas. Also take a look at March of Reckless Joy, Valakut Awakening  Flip and Reckless Impulse :)

duchessCretina on Red Dragons

1 month ago

Hi, I mean this in the most constructive way:

i think that I know of some lands that may help you ramp in case you want to:

These can serve as ramp in a pinch (except for sandstone, which dies in 2 usages).

Do you really need Crucible of Fire? It seems that dragons are already powerful on their own and that these slots could be used for something else.

There is also a land that I think may help you more, which is Ghitu Encampment. The first strike 2/1 can be more versatile. The utility lands you chose seem to be more dedicated to offense, but that's not always going to be the case.

Tears of Valakut can also only target flying threats... wouldnt it be better to have something that kills a wider range of creatures? Like Dead / Gone, maybe? Or Fire Prophecy, which may allow you to "cycle" an unwanted card.

And in case you are in a pinch, maybe use a card like Pyroclasm or Sweltering Suns (and I just noticed it may help activate the Dragon Eggs).

Idk about the price, but the "spell lands" also seem a bit helpful: Spikefield Hazard  Flip, Valakut Awakening  Flip.

Sarkhan, Fireblood, Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker and Sarkhan, Dragonsoul also seem interesting... Sarkhan's Triumph too.

There are too many Dragon-related cards to choose from @[email protected]

also, maybe try cutting the deck down to 60, it'll make it more consistent (22 lands for 70 cards isn't enough)...

If you could manage to use only odd-cost cards, could even use Obosh, the Preypiercer as a companion

hiddengibbons on Modal Dual Sided Cards

2 months ago

Can I use Sylvan Scrying to fetch a double sided card such as Valakut Awakening  Flip because one side is a land. or do I treat the card as an instant because side one is shows on the card while it’s in the library?

Can I discard Valakut Awakening  Flip land side up with Molten Vortex?

Omniscience_is_life on Edgardxcore

2 months ago

Hey there! Thanks for reaching out.

My main suggestions for making any deck smooth are to run at least 10 sources of cheap ramp (stuff like Rampant Growth, Birds of Paradise, Farseek, etc.), at least 10 sources of strong draw (stuff like Pull from Tomorrow, Harmonize, Return of the Wildspeaker, etc.), around 10 sources of interaction for your opponents' scary stuff (Beast Within, Path to Exile, Austere Command, etc.) and around 37 lands (try and keep the amount of lands that enter tapped 100% of the time to a minimum, like 5. Stuff like Game Trail, Prairie Stream, Haunted Ridge, etc. plus the Zendikar Rising MDFCs like Tangled Florahedron  Flip, Valakut Awakening  Flip, and Sejiri Shelter  Flip). Of course, trying to make your removal and card draw have as much synergy as possible is ideal, but that can be hard. Don't worry if you need to throw in a few cards that are just good on their own. And the rest of the cards can just be scary Eldrazi and fun ways to break them!

Let me know if I can help with anything else!

Hybrow on Purphoros

3 months ago

Love seeing another Purphoros, God of the Forge deck.. It is by far my favorite deck to play when we want quick games.. either they die, or they all target me.. Either way fast games. The Fat Red Line - Purphoros EDH is mine

Couple small recommendations


Dwarven Mine - it's a free creature.. and 99% of the time comes into play untapped...

Runaway Steam-Kin - its extra mana, and combos with Grinning Ignus. If you get both out and have 3 free mana, it then is unlimited ETBs for Ignus.

Valakut Awakening  Flip - could easily go in place of a mountain, if you have it in opening hand, use it as mana, otherwise its a filter/card draw

Loyal Apprentice - 2 mana for AT LEAST 2 ETBs. And gives you a handy blocker every turn she lives


--Potential Removals--

Hammer of Purphoros unless you end up attacking alot, its probably not worth the slot

Chandra, Flamecaller - too high a CMC for potentially only 2 ETBs.

Myr Battlesphere - 5 ETBs seems nice, but have found that its a dead card in my hand cause I dont have the mana, for 7 CMC, i am usually dead before i have a chance to cast it.


Good luck with the build, Love it.

JANKYARD_DOG on Turning it Off and On Again

3 months ago

Alright, lets take a stab at this... no promises it's any good, closest to boros I've gotten is Mardu.

I see Karmic Guide but no reveilark. 13/14 out of 21 (dependant on red devotion) of your creatures have 2P or less. On second thought perhaps Hofri makes it overly complicated considering the exile clause is mandatory. speaking of power 2 or less, Welcoming Vampire could help keep gas in the hand, esp. if you can produce creatures on Each turn.

Valakut Awakening  Flip could be used to dig for combo pieces, or an early land. Also general removal can help deal with any pesky nuisances including planeswalkers such as Chaos Warp, Generous Gift, Reduce to Memory and too a lesser extent Oblation/Excavation Technique (opponents getting advantages, Ick!). There's also Angelic Purge if you need one of your exiled creatures back in the yard I suppose.

Oh, and in before 'why u no Boros Charm?'

Anyway, I hope you find some of this helpful at least. Sorry I cannot offer on what to remove... not my strong suit. Enjoy

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