Cloudstone Curio

Cloudstone Curio


Whenever a nonartifact permanent enters the battlefield under your control, you may return another permanent you control that shares a permanent type with it to its owner's hand.

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Cloudstone Curio Discussion

jaymc1130 on Should I Keep these Cards …

2 weeks ago

I wouldn't run any of those cards in my Chulane deck. To mana intensive to perform consistently in competitive settings. Good old Lotus Cobra and Cloudstone Curio gets the job done the same way using lands already played and random mana dorks.

If you're not looking for pure raw optimization then I wouldn't change a thing, however, provided you enjoy the way the deck currently functions.

Goose_ on golos storm storm!

1 month ago

Mox Amber seems pretty nice in here. Also consider cards that can bounce other cards like Shrieking Drake or even Cloudstone Curio .

Chino90 on can i get infinite bounce …

1 month ago

I have both Cloudstone Curio and Cryptic Gateway on the BF. I play Nest Invader . I get the ETB trigger to generate a token, plus the curio tigger. I resolve the token trigger, which triggers an aditional curio trigger (the other still on the stack). Having 2 eldrazi, I activate the gateway's ability, and I put the gateways' ability on the stack.

Now that I have these triggers on the stack (2 curio 1 gateway), can I put them in the order "curio, gateway, curio", to bounce the nest invader to my hand, cheat it again with gateway, and chose not to resolve the second curio trigger?

Daedalus19876 on Don't Worry, I'm a Cryptozoologist

1 month ago

I might also run Trophy Mage , to fetch Academy Manufactor and Cloudstone Curio . Heck, it bootstraps an entire infinite combo: cast Trophy to fetch Cloudstone, play a creature, bounce Trophy, tutor for Manufactor, then you can loop two 1-mana creatures infinitely.

carpecanum on Birgi cheery oh

1 month ago

Haze of Rage maybe. Mark of Fury

Moonveil Dragon or Ghitu War Cry , maybe Ogre Menial

If you really want to throw down a bunch of zero cost cards you might want something to put everything back into your hand. Most of what comes to mind is blue though.

Cloudstone Curio is expensive now but you could infinitely cast a pair of 1 or zero mana creatures

carpecanum on Gyome's Food Truck

2 months ago

The price is very volatile now but... Cloudstone Curio would let you pop multiple non-token creatures in and out each turn. With something like Fabricate you would get food and servos. Gilded Goose and Cauldron Familiar could pop each other back and forth until you ran out of colored mana.

RhythmBeast on Birgi Storm cEDH

2 months ago

You should also include Crown of Flames . It works a lot like Grinning Ignus , however, it can give infinite mana/casts with Cloudstone Curio and can even give you a infinite ping combo with Firebrand Archer because it's a non-creature spell.

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