Scheming Symmetry

Scheming Symmetry


Choose two target players. Each of them searches their library for a card, then shuffles their library and puts that card on top of it.

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Format Legality
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pioneer Legal
Gladiator Legal
Unformat Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Custom Legal
Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Limited Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Historic Legal
Vintage Legal
Arena Legal
Legacy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal

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Scheming Symmetry Discussion

2black2well on What is my Edgar Markov …

1 month ago
  • ShutUpMokuba, thats very helpful. I dont know why the thought hadnt occured to me that i should specialize and double down on the tokens i wanted. I get the impression that alot of suggestions are leaning the deck more towards midrange, but my relationship with the MTG terminology for decks is hazy at best so what do i know. Im really hesitant to add too many removal cards and any boardwipes honestly as my main threat is someone who plays alot of hexproof and i cant imagine ever wanting to boardwipe. i will reconsider though. Thats also very helpful about how to choose my tribal vamps as i very much did just put as many of the cheapest ones in as possible. Thank you for putting ballpark numbers on the amount of each cards i should think about adding as well!

  • TriusMalarky, i understand what you're saying. I typically don't worry about premium lands much at all, and especially as it seems like edgar markov's 'must-haves' are a suite of $5, $10, and $20 cards, like Necropotence. Its a card i have to remind myself not to take out every time i look at the price. I very much like the 'sac to draw 2 cards' though, thank you! I do have one question though, wouldnt a card like Wishclaw Talisman or Scheming Symmetry give my opponent just as much of, if not more of an advantage? In my head, they can tutor up a boardwipe, or some kind of soft counter to whatever i would draw, right? Burn at the Stake is a fantastic card that ive overlooked as well, thank you!!

CaptainToll on Boring Shitfuck Eldrazi - Golos' Nightmare Realm

1 month ago

Was just thinking about adding Scheming Symmetry. Hear me out: Put Emrakul, the Promised End on top of our library. Poor Opponent thinks he gets an answer to his top of library, but actually nope, because with Golos' activation we get that sweet next turn of theirs through our Emrakul.

TriusMalarky on What is my Edgar Markov …

1 month ago

First, you have 4 taplands. Please, man, with a $200 budget you can fix 4. Exotic Orchard, The red Tainted land, Graven Cairns and friends. Easy, you can find a good number of them for $10-20 and make your manabase SO much better. The only one I'd even consider is the triland, and only because it taps for all three colors.

Also, cards like Village Rites become incredibly valuable. Rites itself is 1 mana draw 2, and the other versions(Costly Plunder, Altar's Reap) add a mana and instant speed. You'll have enough tokens that it's just free value here.

Between Champion of Dusk and Ad Nauseam, you've got some high power draw. IMO, just add some more tutors. Wishclaw Talisman, Scheming Symmetry, Grim Tutor are all plenty good to go get your nice Ad Naus or Champion to draw waaaay too many cards. For other tutors consider Brainspoil to get Ad Naus, Shred Memory for something like Cordial Vampire or Impact Tremors, and possibly Dimir Machinations and Dimir House Guard.

For win cons, consider Purphoros, God of the Forge. Deals damage twice as fast compared to Impact Tremors, and both of them are really solid cards. Burn at the Stake could probably take your horde of tokens and off somebody as well. Also tutorable by Brainspoil.

Rainbowjuice77 on We're all mad here

2 months ago

@MrKillStar I like the Idea of taking the Wincon of my friends so we can have fun a little longer! I wish there was a version of these type of cards that hit multible players not just one. I will test out the Sadistic Sacrament I find it most appealing!

Maybe the new Opposition Agent can fulfill a similar function. I can even make my opponets Search with Scheming Symmetry and Wishclaw Talisman, so it is worth a thought. (and maybe even the money)

MrKillStar on all your deck are belong to us (Gonti EDH)

2 months ago

Really nice deck idea :D I like the idea of copying Gonti's etb ability with Strionic Resonator, so maybe something like Lithoform Engine could also be pretty good here :)

Also something like Scheming Symmetry could be useful, if your opponent forgets what Gonti does :D Maybe even Oblivion Sower to take exiled lands from opponent's exile under your control, ramping you and in case you hit 4 lands with Gonti.

Sadistic Sacrament - not really a steal card, but it could exile up to 3 or up to 15 card from target opponent's library, when you dont get a chance to do much with Gonti.. You wont be able to cast any of them with Gonti, but exiling 15 important cards from a deck can be fatal. Or just exile 15 lands, then cast Oblivion Sower and ramp 15 lands in one turn :D

Badass art card like Bitter Ordeal, just like Sadistic Sacrament, exiling any card in any player's library and goes absolutely crazy with some infinite die triggers (I use it in my Syr Konrad's For the Void with Tortured Existence+Desecrated Tomb+Phyrexian Altar and its great).

UpperDeckerTaco on Opposition Agent needs a preemptive …

2 months ago

jaymc1130 I don't know why you are sold on Scheming Symmetry being a good card in cEDH...let's take a look at it...

Let's treat Opposition Agent and Scheming Symmetry as a pseudo 2 card combo...4 mana total...not bad, HOWEVER, it still costs you MORE mana to win off of what you search out. And if for some reason, you play Symmetry and they kill Agent in response, Symmetry becomes a HORRIBLE card to use by giving your opponents' free value. And if you have protection for Agent, you still have to fend off THREE opponents potentially holding interaction, because they want the Agent gone and you end up WAAAAY behind.

Now, let's look at Symmetry on its own...Horrible card unless you have a way to make use of it the turn you play it by drawing that card, and hope that the opponent you let tutor up something, doesn't have instant card draw. Not a great situation, so it becomes basically a dead card in hand until you can find Agent.

Also, Consultation Oracle is even more viable with the printing of Agent due to the combo only costing 3 mana, as well as Agent, so if you are able to race to get the combo before any opponent can cast Agent, Agent becomes "meh".

Now, let's say the Agent player goes and grabs your Oracle (let's say we are in that stage of the game), a couple of things should happen, you should be able to win in other means, no GOOD cEDH deck only has one way to win, there are at least 2, with possibly 3. Or you should be able to play around a 3/2 until you can provide an answer to it, such as drawing into answers or a different win-con.

My argument is that Agent is not overly oppressive, and can be "dealt" with. Now, should the card have been printed as it currently is, NO. But I don't think it will be so broken that it will cause chaos and uproars to do any emergency bans.

In my opinion, the better card is Hullbreacher. It is far more oppressive and has worse implications than Agent. Breacher can lock opponents into "top deck" mode which essentially is game ending. Agent taking a card from an opponent's deck, much like Praetor's Grasp, is not game ending unless you set it up as such.

plakjekaas on Opposition Agent needs a preemptive …

2 months ago

Then I'm glad we figured out together that Maralen of the Mornsong is the oppressive card that should be (preemptively) banned, if any, with the printing of Opposition Agent. All other forced tutoring is for basic lands, or Scheming Symmetry, which is only good if you play it in combination with the agent.

plakjekaas on Opposition Agent needs a preemptive …

2 months ago

But only if you try to search for the wincons yourself and this is flashed in.

If you play your Demonic Tutor after your opponent has Opposition Agent in play, you deserve to lose, imo. Apart from Maralen of the Mornsong and Scheming Symmetry, what other cards are there that make your opponents search their library that aren't may-effects? Field of Ruin, Avatar of Growth, Collective Voyage, Fertilid, Pir's Whim or Winds of Abandon? Not many players have basic lands as winconditions, and even when you control your opponent if they are searching their libraries, you must still abide to what the effect that makes them search can find, right?

So unless you build your deck to abuse graveyard recursion to cast the Scheming Symmetry over and over again from your graveyard, you're not going to get everyone's wincons all the time. You get one shot at it, and stop your opponents from searching after that. And if you do build your deck that way, why aren't you using an extra turn spell, instead of Symmetry, which is a lot safer vs instant removal for the agent and probably more effective in winning games?

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