Karn, the Great Creator

Karn, the Great Creator

Legendary Planeswalker — Karn

Artifact abilities of artifacts your opponents control can't be activated.

+1: Until your next turn, up to one target noncreature artifact become an artifact creature with power and toughness equal to the amount of artifacts equal to their converted mana cost

-2: You may choose an artifact card you own from outside the game or in exile, reveal that card and put it to your hand

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Karn, the Great Creator Discussion

free-kolja on Hornets & Meteorites

1 week ago

wallisface so in our group we are playing magic on a casual level and its not about building the most efficient deck, but rather one that is fun to play with and to play against. I really like your deck list and agree with all points you made, Karn, the Great Creator definitely would be a great addition with all the sideboard cards. But it also skyrockets the decks cost especially if you include all the artifact hate cards, so I'll probably be looking for an alternative. I do get a lot of inspiration from your approach though, so thanks for your suggestions.

Gilbobaggins on Inferno Titan's Jinxed Artifact Collection

2 weeks ago

I did not think about the Karn, the Great Creator combo. I am definitely tossing that in. As for Ensnaring Bridge I dont think it will fit as i usually have 4 or 5 cards in hand once i lock them out of lands. Maybe something like Ghostly Prison to tax the attack. I could toss in some shock lands or tap lands to splash white.

asparling_tappedout on First to suffer: a deck for experimenting cards

2 weeks ago

I run Strands of Night in a bunch of decks. It's quite silly, I agree.

In my Kagemaro, First to Suffer deck I run the planeswalker version of Karn, the Great Creator as it can survive my commander's board wipes. It has the added benefit of shutting down all my opponents' mana rocks.

If you're really set on running Demon tribal you could lean all the way into it an run Liliana's Contract , but I think you'll need a whole reanimation suite to get that working.

psionictemplar on Inferno Titan's Jinxed Artifact Collection

2 weeks ago

If you are going to try and leverage trader/idol to a win, then something like Ensnaring Bridge might be good to help stabilize the board for you. Then there is also the commonly played Karn, the Great Creator to combo with the Liquimetal Coating for recurring land destruction. Maybe cut some crush/smelt to make room.

Vessiliana on Building a Better Mousetrap

2 weeks ago

Might I recommend Ugin's Nexus ? A lot of fun if you can get it into the graveyard without playing (with Faithless Looting or some such), since Osgir can create two tokens, one of which dies as a state-based action to the Legend rule, and the other to be sacced to Osgir, giving two extra turns. Bonus fun for recurring the exiled card with, say, Karn, the Great Creator or Pull from Eternity !

wallisface on Hornets & Meteorites

3 weeks ago

free-kolja some replies to your bullet-points. I've also made a list for comparison.

  • I agree that Arboreal Grazer is a bad late game draw, but to be fair, this is a combo deck and so being in the late game to begin with is a bad place to be - the game should have already been over. I get that you want card quality, but speed is often important when you're against the clock. You already have a lot of cards that would be "bad" to draw second copies of, for example - but they're in the deck because speed and consistency is valuable (i.e. I can't imagine drawing a second copy of Star of Extinction , Basilisk Collar , or Brash Taunter is ever a good sign).

  • It's very interesting that your group doesn't run sideboards, because that will mean that there are going to be lots of various matchups that any deck just doesn't stand a chance against (I imagine anyone playing a dredge build would just be very oppressive). Saying that, i'm still struggling to work out what card Return to Nature actually helps you against... the only card I can think of is Platinum Emperion ? Your deck is in a very safe spot in a sideboardless world, where it just has to do its thing, and its up to other decks to stop you, or out-race you. I just don't get what Return to Nature is helping you against?

  • So the one big bonus of Blasphemous Act , is that even if there's only one creature in play, it's still going to cost the same as Star of Extinction . SO, at its absolute worst, you can still get by with it. I do concede, that it obviously doesn't hit walkers, or get the instant kill.

Dealing with non-creature decks better is going to be really hard in a format without sideboards, especially being a combo deck that has to be aiming to win before its beaten down. I have some thoughts, though you're probably not going to like them. It involves changing the deck quite a bit. Below I have a list i've just spun up, which utilizes Karn, the Great Creator . That card will let you fetch up Stuffy Doll to do your combo whenever you need to, but also fetch up whatever hate cards you need at the time (i'm thinking Wurmcoil Engine , Walking Ballista , Ratchet Bomb , Ensnaring Bridge , etc.). Now, obviously i'm not suggesting you change your list to whatever nonsense i've brewed up below, but hopefully it gives you some thoughts for consideration.

The above, as an example, gives you a relatively low bad-draw count. Karn, the Great Creator means you don't have to run Basilisk Collar mainboard, but can still get this card if needed for Brash Taunter . He can also get your combo via Stuffy Doll , and lets you grab specific answers for your opponents decks, so you don't need mainboard Return to Nature . The ramp package changed slightly to allow for a much more explosive path to 4 mana (you can easily have 5 mana to play with turn 2), which allows you to run these higher cmc cards, but also keep the land count low.

wallisface on Hornets & Meteorites

3 weeks ago

seshiro_of_the_orochi probably the more useful thing about stuffy doll is that it opens up a whole lot more cards the deck could potentially use, like Ancient Stirrings and Karn, the Great Creator . Having more options for card choices in a deck normally results in being able to build something scarier

budlaorf on Ctrl-G | The Art of Mono Green Control

1 month ago

Have you thought about Calming Verse or Karn, the Great Creator ? Pretty good one-sided control.

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