Karn, the Great Creator

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Karn, the Great Creator

Legendary Planeswalker — Karn

Artifact abilities of artifacts your opponents control can't be activated.

+1: Until your next turn, up to one target noncreature artifact become an artifact creature with power and toughness equal to the amount of artifacts equal to their converted mana cost

-2: You may choose an artifact card you own from outside the game or in exile, reveal that card and put it to your hand

DreadKhan on The Industrial Revolution

1 day ago

Have you thought about Skyclave Relic? It makes a fair bit of mana if you can play it for 6, and you can still Osgir on it to generate even more, nice to draw late and not horrible to draw early. Karn, the Great Creator is pretty interesting, especially with low cost artifacts that draw cards.

Andramalech on Titan-Post

2 days ago

Balinor5 I did my best with your deck notes on Gaia-post and ended up splitting focus from what 12-post is supposed to do with things like Karn, the Great Creator. So instead this is what I've hypothesized could succeed. I have most of this laying around, minus Glimpse of Nature and Cultivator Colossus. I was hoping you could provide some feedback? You quite literally inspired this rabbit-hole build, but it's become a passion project. I'd really like to see it through to completion, like my last build.

xacto14 on Mean Green Returns

3 days ago

It's based on the fact that Karn, the Great Creator can both return Pestilent Cauldron  Flip from the side and return it from exile once it's cast as Restorative Burst  Flip.

The preparation of the combo is having Nykthos in play with enough devotion, two copies of Karn and two copies of Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner spread across your hand, the battlefield, and your graveyard.

You tap Nykthos for at least 14 mana.
Cast Karn2 for 4 mana, Karn1 is legendary rule-d in the yard.
Karn2 gets Pestilent Cauldron from the side.
Cast Kiora2 for 3 mana, Kiora1 is legendary rule-d in the yard.
Kiora2 untaps Nykthos.
You cast Restorative Burst for 5 mana and it gets exiled, get back Karn1 and Kiora1 from the yard, and gain 4 life.
You spend the last 2 mana for Nykthos and add at least 14 mana.

It's infinite life and infinite mana, the latter of whom lets you cast the front side of Pestilent Cauldron with one of the few black sources in your deck and mill your opponent.

wallisface on Karntry boy's tool box

4 weeks ago

Just read through your second tourney breakdown.

  • Against Rhinos i think you’re in a rough spot, as you have to mulligan really aggressively to a winning hand. Personally i’d be mulling to 4 looking for either Chalice (buys you a bit of time on X=0), or natural-tron alongside either All Is Dust or Karn, the Great Creator. Karn being able to immediately cast/resolve any of Trinisphere, Ratchet Bomb or Engineered Explosives cando wonders - and from there Karn should survive long enough to get something else to win you the game. The problem is that the specific-tron draw is super unlikely, so you’ll be mulling for Chalice most of the time versus this deck.

  • Calibrated Blast can be a bit rough. I think an early Thought-Knot Seer can be great, other than that just try an be as aggressive with damage-dealing as possible and hope they lose-to-themselves (the deck is horribly inconsistent). If you can cast Witchbane Orb its a free win.

  • Voidwalker matchup i’m not too familiar with, but i’d say running more mainboard Dismember would be your best option here. This feels like a matchup where you just need to swing with big creatures fast, so i’d prolly be boarding-out the Chalice post-sideboard (assuming there was anything to swap them with). Karn, the Great Creator feels like the best thing to have in hand because Voidwalker has no reason to take it, and setting up Ensnaring Bridge probably just lets you durdle along for an eventual massive Walking Ballista.

Overall I wouldn’t get too beat-up about these losses, all 3 of those matchups look like they’d be slightly in the other decks favour, and presumably these players also have played a lot more with their builds than you have with yours. Over time I think these matchups should feel less-scary (though they are undoubtably all still reasonably scary for E-Tron to face).

Bulldawg1310 on Karntry boy's tool box

1 month ago

Nathanael97 Karn, the Great Creator does a perfectly fine job finding our collars and other things we need. the saga is really there for the construct and to help us get a map if we havent found one or been able to crack one or need to crack another one for whatever reason. the only changes i can see forthcoming are dropping Karn Liberated down to 2 to add an Ugin, the Ineffable but for right now i like the list. 2nd tournament with it is goin down tonight, stay tuned for results and well see if those changes need to be made sooner rather than later.

Nathanael97 on Dr. House

1 month ago

Since you label this a tempo deck, I was wondering how you plan to actually win in a reasonable time? It seems to me that your list is skewed very far towards the control aspect of tempo? I really like the idea of a Karn, the Great Creator-based Control deck though!

wallisface on Karntry boy's tool box

1 month ago

Bulldawg1310 Eldrazi Tron decks are often seen running a single copy of All Is Dust, but not those planeswalkers you’ve stated. Generally the only planeswalkers they’ll run is a playset of Karn, the Great Creator and 2x Ugin, the Ineffable.

The reason Eldrazi tron decks don’t run those big 7-8 mana walkers is because the deck is generally quite terrible at actually setting up Tron - with only Expedition Map the odds of getting Tron online is pretty average, it’s why the deck leans heavily on Eldrazi Temple and Chalice of the Void as plans B and C, because its not wise to assume you’ll reach those high amounts of mana in a game.

If you’re intent on playing those high-mana walkers, i’d suggest switching to mono-green-tron instead. It’s almost guaranteed to get Tron online by turn 3-or-4, something Eldrazi-tron has zero chance of doing consistently.

Gentoo on Karn Rack Control

2 months ago

Bulldawg1310 I have 4 Urza's Saga and 3 Karn, the Great Creator which can fetch my 3 copies of The Rack in a timely fashion. That is effectively 9 The Racks with only having to commit 2 main deck and 1 sideboard slots to it. This deck does not lean on The Rack effects for its win cons. I have opted for diversified threats on the form of constructs from Urza's Saga, Mishra's Factory, and several Karn, the Great Creator fetch targets in addition to The Rack.

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