Dragon Mage

Dragon Mage

Creature — Dragon Wizard


Whenever Dragon Mage deals combat damage to a player, each player discards their hand, then draws seven cards.

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Format Legality
Custom Legal
Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Casual Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Historic Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Gladiator Legal
Arena Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal

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Dragon Mage Discussion

VaneRaklan on Flying Snakes of Fortune

3 days ago

Main Notes

I think you should replace Plasm Capture with Rapid Hybridization or Pongify because holding up 4 mana for a counter is rough but holding (or using) 1 mana to get rid of a boi is a lot easier

I think you should take out Dictate of Kruphix and Rites of Flourishing and slot in something else, like board wipe protection or another wheel.

I feel like unless you are confident that you are going to maintain a hand of more than 7 then maybe consider swapping out Spellbook might be a good idea

Not sure how useful Patron of the Orochi will be especially being at such a high cmc

Reforge the Soul only triggers the miracle cost if it is the card you draw for turn so you would have to pay the full CMC if you drew into it from a wheel. Thus, could save a few bucks by swapping it out for a different wheel card.

Nadir Kraken might not pull that much weight since you're theoretically going to be creating a ton of snakes and drawing a bunch of cards. Plus I'm not sure if you'll end up wanting to spend the mana to add the +1 counter and make a tentacle

Fun synergy

Bag of Holding $0.35 instead of losing all of your cards to wheels, you can actually get them back later lol

Second Harvest $1.29 2GG to double all your creature tokens... could be useful? could also just do with another wheel lol

Soul of New Phyrexia $4 Might be a lot of mana to run but if you have ashnod's alter out then you should have no issue sacking three tokens to give everything indestructible. Just one more board wipe protection

Haste Givers

Rhythm of the Wild $3 can either give them haste or make them a lil bit bigger

Ogre Battledriver $0.6 buffs snakes upon ETB and gives them haste; if this is already out and you wheel...OOF

Horizon Chimera $0.25 padding your life total isn't a bad idea; granted you are likely going to be aggressive affff

More Wheels

Molten Psyche $4

Whirlpool Warrior $4

Geier Reach Sanitarium $2.5 Might not be worth it but having a little something-something on a land is hard to deal with and could help in a pinch

Dragon Mage $0.25

Prosperity $1.5

Minds Aglow $2.5

Khorvath's Fury $3

Burning Inquiry $1 One red mana to get 9 snake bois and might get some good stuff out of someone else's hand

Game Plan $0.39 Heftier side of things at 6 CMC but everyone draws 7 instead of perhaps the same amount they discarded. Plus everyone refills their library so any graveyard shenanigans gets shut down and you don't risk milling yourself for a little bit longer

libraryjoy on Budget fun EDH deck

4 days ago

Niv-Mizzet Parun... Damage doublers would be good. Lots of Card draw. Cards I like for that build are Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind, Dragon Mage, Arjun, the Shifting Flame (a little pricey these days), Dictate of the Twin Gods, Dictate of Kruphix. I have an old Firemind list, but looking through, a lot of the cards have gone up in price a lot and the list was more about which cards I had than a well-refined list. Maybe if I'm bored some evening this week, I'll update it. Most decks on my account are budget around $40-75 if you want some ideas.

X-Factor11105 on I Am Fire, I Am Death

1 week ago

Also, Fuzzlewuzzle and iammute, have you both tested Vanquisher's Banner? Five mana is a lot, I'm just trying to think of ways to net card advantage. Species Specialist feels like it won't have enough impact, Pirate's Pillage feels intriguing to me (albeit sorcery speed), and maybe I just need to bring Dragon Mage back into my build.

X-Factor11105 on I Am Fire, I Am Death

2 weeks ago

Fuzzlewuzzle I'm glad you keep working on this deck! I'm still working to tighten mine up as well!

Some questions and thoughts:

  • Molten Echoes: I think we differ on this because of playstyle. Of your 18 dragons (including Bladewing), 4 are Legendary, and three of them are nonbos with Molten Echoes (Bladewing goes infinite). In my deck, , I have 7. At least Ryusei, the Falling Star and Kokusho, the Evening Star would be funny triggers with Echoes. I think I'd rather be selective about what to copy and focus on building up board presence or draw in the mid-game than play a payoff.

  • Avaricious Dragon: How has this played for you? I feel like that drawback is pretty massive. If I feel like I need to get some draw I may rather include Dragon Mage.

  • Command Beacon: You have this included for a 2nd or 3rd cast of Bladewing? My normal play is to let Bladewing hit the graveyard, knowing there's so much recursion packed in to bring him back.

  • Altar of Dementia: You went with this as the sac outlet to end the game versus, say Ashnod's Altar, which requires an additional play? I think there's a pros/cons discussion to be had about Altar vs. High Market, but if going infinite is the purpose of that slot, I can get it.

  • Nightscape Familiar: Does this card dramatically accelerate your deck? I see why it could be valuable with cost reduction, I'm just not totally convinced its a strong enough 2-drop. The regeneration is nice though, so I 100% see how it could be so worthwhile, especially if it can stick on the board for a turn or two.

carpecanum on Livio, Alena Secret Lovers

3 weeks ago

Well red and white aren't going to offer a lot of card draw unless you use something like Dragon Mage or another "all players draw cards". I like playing Stolen Strategy and pretend its card draw. Or maybe Etali, Primal Storm

kaigen on Scion Turbo Mass Reanimator

1 month ago

Depending on how aggressively your meta plays board wipes, you might just take out the token dragon generators which will make it less killy on turn but allow you to play out more game with the cards you like. For example you could play with the Hellkite Charger + Savage Ventmaw which will give you tons of combat steps to use The Ur-Dragon's effect, and will still kill players ded. I used to have the Hellkite Tyrant in the deck because I don't have any way in the deck to destroy trouble artifacts and enchantments. Same with the Dragon Mage except I was using it to get dragons out of my hand and fill it back up with cards when I wasn't hitting a BIGWIN card. Wishclaw Talisman seems really cool I like it as a card and it makes for a good 2 mana tutor when you have the other support cards down.

CommanderBrutti on Scion Turbo Mass Reanimator

1 month ago

Thanks kaigen! You're very kind but this is still an experimental build, with many pet cards of my collection like The Ur-Dragon and Hellkite Tyrant. Probably, replacing them with some talisman would be better, but I like them too much. So far I've been impressed with the little artifact synergy in Wishclaw Talisman and the discard/draw utility of Dragon Mage.

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