Add two mana in any combination of colors to your mana pool.

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Format Legality
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Limited Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pauper Legal
Custom Legal

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Manamorphose Discussion

sylvannos on Kaldheim official spoilers

5 days ago

Dual Strike

Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng Storm card! Turn two this into turn three Desperate Ritual into Pyromancer Ascension and more Desperate Rituals + Manamorphose -> Grapeshot for 9,000 on turn 3. The best part is it can copy other cards of itself to build up more Storm count, even when you don't use the Foretell.

FrogBoy95 on Maelstrom Wanderer Spellslinger

1 week ago

I love the deck idea. Getting bonus value for playing spells through stuff like Cascade or Sunbird's Invocation is one of my favorite things to do in EDH. Right now you have 2 copies of Mind's Dilation in the list, so you could replace it with something like Manamorphose or Seething Song for when you're storming off with Thousand-Year Storm. Mind's Desire is another fun storm card which doesn't necessarily guarantee a win, but will give you a bunch of spells to cast for free.

king-saproling on leyline deck

2 weeks ago

Yeah I see what you're sayin. But what if you removed the serum powders, suppression fields, and auramancys and ran 2x scrying, 4x Lotus Petal, 1x spirit guide? You'd have a 68.3% chance of having Serra's Sanctum out on T1, up slightly from your current odds of 65.4%. The fields and auramancies seem good to side in for game 2 depending on what the opp is running, though Teferi's protection may be the better defensive card if you already have sanctum out and you're just stalling to win next turn.

If you really wanted to gamble for more odds at a T1 win, you could play around with removing some leylines/opalescences for more sylvan scrying, helms, plus Rest in Peaces and Burst of Energys. This is where Once Upon a Time would come in too, increasing your odds of grabbing sanctum / spirit guide T1. Idyllic Tutor could probably be dropped for demonic tutor with 4x lotus petals in the deck. The other lands besides sanctum could be dropped for 3 more spirit guides and some chancellors, maybe Manamorphose if you wanted to run 4 demonic tutors.

Sorry to hyper-analyze your build haha. It's great as-is. Nothing wrong with experimenting though right?

TriusMalarky on Modern Azorius Aggro?

1 month ago

Thing needs Red. Gut Shot, Manamorphose, Lava Dart are all really good ways to get extra cast triggers for no mana.

White is meh, IMO the only thing white brings to a Thing deck is Path to Exile. Black is alright with Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek, and Green has Noxious Revival and Mutagenic Growth.

Thing is GREAT, but you don't need protection spells. It does enough on flip that, against anything that uses any number of creatures, you've already got all the value you need, and protecting it is pretty much futile outside of the obligatory Remand, Mana Leak, Spell Pierce and such you may or may not be running.

Bramdal on Izzet Drakes

1 month ago

some cheap ideas: Sprite Dragon, Gut Shot, Light Up the Stage and ideal for Stormwing Entity: Manamorphose.

sbh on Beast Feast

1 month ago

you could also add in Manamorphose

Destroyerbirb on Jeskai Phoenix - Current Decklist

2 months ago

psionictemplar and LeaPlath Thank you for your comments. Even though I have been playing for some time, I only recently started playing at a higher level, so I am not the best at everything just yet.

LeaPlath The reason I have white is because Leyline of Sanctity is very strong against many decks, and Lightning Helix is a good balance between removal and it makes aggro deck's lives harder. I might drop white, but it gives me a good enough excuse for having a "budget" mana-base. If white is only a splash, then I won't need too many white cards. I probably will cut the planeswalkers once I get better cards like Lightning Bolt and Manamorphose. I might end up keeping The Royal Scions just because it works so well with Dreadhorde Arcanist, but at the same time that's one of the only reasons in the deck. (Well, it's a way to dump Arclight Phoenixes into the bin.)

Pretty much all the cards you suggested I am aiming to get my hand on, but my wallet will go as far as it can go. Surgical Extraction is very good, but wow that's way too much money. Maybe something like Gut Shot or Mutagenic Growth could work in the "free spells" slot instead. I forgot about Finale of Promise until now, and might end up playing it. Thing in the Ice  Flip is a bit expensive (money-wise) so I might end up runnning a proper boardwipe instead. Also, in the current meta, permanent boardwipes are ideal because it's too easy to replay your things. I have one copy of Aria of Flame.

psionictemplar I will fix the decklist as soon as I can. Rest in Peace is a nonbo, but Tormod's Crypt is one card I will add. I like the "fakeout" control idea, and really feel like making control a game two strategy if I feel my opponent is going to bring in graveyard hate. I do want to keep white as a splash colour (read above) so it's strong in this "fakeout" strategy. I will drop the Chandra's Incinerator and other bad cards once I get good cards to replace them with.

psionictemplar on Jeskai Phoenix - Current Decklist

2 months ago

First and foremost I am going to make this suggestion in the interest of easier reading. Only use one version of a card for deck lists. When you have 1x and 2x copies both listed it can be confusing on the total number of copies in a deck. It makes things simpler to read and evaluate that way.

As far as the deck itself is concerned, I certainly would not recommend Rest in Peace since it would negate your Arclight Phoenix's and other creature bonuses as well. You'd certainly be better with Tormod's Crypt. To be honest, I'm not sure the white spells do enough to justify running either.

Other things I would consider is deciding on whether you want to be an aggressive Arclight Phoenix deck or a control deck since the 2 plans contradict each other somewhat. (I recommend the aggressive route.) You'll find nothing worse than casting a couple draw spells and having the 3rd spell you'd need to cast be a mana leak, keeping you from getting your phoenix's back. Try Manamorphose instead. It can essentially act as a free spell for stormwing entity's cost reduction/arclight recursion.

If you do want to keep control as an option, consider making that a focus of your sideboard instead. This way you can try to win game 1 and then plan games 2/3 accordingly. This might be where the white cards will be the most beneficial if you intent to keep the 3rd color. If not, Negate will probably hit most things that will be problematic for you.

Other than these main thoughts, I'd probably drop the chandra's incinerator from the deck as well. It's going to be very hit or miss on getting the cost reduction and would give you some space to work more burn spells in. I'd like to see about 2 more lands in there as well, but that might not be needed depending on how your revisions over time look.

But, take this all with a grain of salt as I've never played the deck personally, only against it (pre-faithless looting ban).

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