Street Wraith

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Street Wraith

Creature — Wraith

Swampwalk (This creature can't be blocked as long as defending player controls a Swamp.)

Cycling—Pay 2 life. (Pay 2 life, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

keizerbuns on Harrison's Life Spend Deck

1 day ago

Thanks for the suggestions Borgen! I do actually already have two copies of Street Wraith in the deck, but Tenacious Underdog isn’t one I thought to use. I’ll give the underdog a try and see how I like him. Thanks!

Borgen on Harrison's Life Spend Deck

1 day ago

Maybe some copies of Street Wraith and/or Tenacious Underdog?

BruhYouFarted on Rakdos Aristocrats

1 month ago

Also, I would personally either chuck the com-bo into the sun or go all in. Is this a combo deck, or an aggro/stompy one? Because if you're going aggro, you have 7 wasted slots, and if you're playing combo, you have 32. All in, or duck out. Simple as that.

If you want to go stompy, I'd personally recommend Nested Shambler or Grim Initiate for their Double-Lives, and possibly a full set of Myr Servitor for grindy matches. If going in for the combo, go with Viscera Seer, Dusk Legion Zealot, Street Wraith, and Sign in Blood; with an Impact Tremors in the back because Spoiler Alert: Control Decks don't care too much about your 99/99 Carrion Feeder unless you're able to wrestle them into submission with your lack of card advantage.

This is not meant to be harsh, just to say the reality. I wish we were in a Magical Christmas Land where this kind of decks can fly, however that is not the timeline we live in.

lagotripha on Cycling is a Lifestyle

1 month ago

I was expecting a New Perspectives combo list, but pleasantly surprised. It can still storm off with paradigm shift, but the spread into reanimation and value gives the list some reach.

You could probably dip a little more into cycling lands if you used the basic landcycling cards, even though they aren't great, or cut lands with Street Wraith type stuff, but I can't say that is exactly better than whats here.

The only thing I'd look at dipping into is Cloud of Faeries as a combo option, or Gilded Light as a cheap 'not this turn' combo break.

Hapapapa195 on The Dancing Vampire

1 month ago

king-saproling ,

I was totally unaware of Strike it Rich until now, so I'll be considering that card moving forward!

In short, paying 4 mana to Bag of Holding was too steep. Shadow of the Grave was too conditional because it was often drawn into from a creatureless hand.

Cards like Shadow of the Grave and Bag of Holding increase the consistency of the deck, but also require precious mana. Right now the stats for the current build are as follows:

Turn 3 Combo: 47%

Turn 4 Combo: 30%

Turn 5+ Combo: 23%

The sample size is 46 Games so far.

I suspect that adding those cards should reduce the number of games above 5+ turns that end up being complete misses. Although, I found that when I was drawing into those cards, I was not very happy to see them. The build you see above is a result of influence from my personal playgroup, so it may not be optimized. Running cheap interaction in the slots previously taken by Street Wraith, Bag of Holding, and Shadow of the Grave are now filled by cards like Feed the Swarm, Imp's Mischief, and Vandalblast. Cheap graveyard hosers were pretty common to see after a few games of running the build.

I hope that makes sense. Optimally an Imperial Seal would be in the decklist, but I'd rather keep my kidneys, thank you.

wallisface on Cthulhu Fhtagn

2 months ago

TheBl0b personally i’d ditch all of the Clockspinning for a playset of Subtlety. Clockspinning only ever helps you if its in your opening hand - if it’s in-deck it's liable to be unhelpful as it won’t trigger the Quest. Alternatively, Street Wraith could also be ditched (its not blue so isn’t as useful if you’re running Subtlety).

I think your sideboard needs more answers for dealing with Prismatic Ending also - that card is everywhere at the moment and is very liable to give you problems… if they can exile your Quest, it’s game over.

DreadKhan on Its Just a Flesh Wound (Budget Almost-cEDH Meren)

2 months ago

If you want more access to cards in Meren and are running a ton of creatures, Heartwood Storyteller can draw you (and others) a lot of cards, while penalizing anyone who runs very few creatures. It helps the whole table, but usually not to the degree that a Howling Mine helps Storm decks, because creature decks are usually getting more cards/giving less out to their opponents, spell decks that you need to starve of cards get the least. Dockside Chef and Skullport Merchant are both ways to draw more cards as well (you can sacrifice any creatures that are going to die anyways, like blockers), and I used to enjoy running a Street Wraith to cycle, but I found I very quickly had too much XP to keep cycling it. Wraith is a card with a pretty solid floor (it shrinks your deck effectively, and each time you get to cycle it shrinks your deck more, which is a very nice effect for no mana), but the body itself is essentially worthless to ever cast/reanimate, so it's ceiling isn't especially high. Beast Whisperer is probably viable with over 40 creatures, but gets a lot better as you run more creatures.

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