Jeweled Amulet

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Jeweled Amulet


(1), Tap: Put a charge counter on Jeweled Amulet. Note the type of mana spent to pay this activation cost. Play this ability only if there are no charge counters on Jeweled Amulet.

Tap, Remove a charge counter from Jeweled Amulet: Add one mana of Jeweled Amulet's last noted type to your mana pool.


7 months ago

Jett2112 An astute observation. Springleaf Drum does indeed end up being dead on the field a bit too often after playtesting, and has been replaced with Jeweled Amulet.

Gosse on Nevi and the sacs

2 years ago

Seen your message on discord if your aiming to make the deck faster id probably look at some missing staples Mox Diamond , Your artifact count isnt there for opal unfortunately ive found Jeweled Amulet to be great at accelerating early action aswell also our rituals in black Dark Ritual Cabal Ritual etc. I assume lantern is to combat moons? Otherwise feels like it could slow you down id say black market is probably too slow aswell too much investment and upkeep to make it good for an early push try Carnival of Souls i found it fantastic in aristocrat style decks your pingers generally negate the damage when ur going off and it really helps smooth out things during the combo turn mana wise. We could run cat combo aswell with Leonin Relic-Warder and any of the 3 enchantment reanimate spells.( Dance of the Dead , Animate Dead Necromancy ). This makes a loop where u can infinitely sac cat for value. Great game the other night! Hope to see nev again soon!

plakjekaas on Please Enlighten Me

2 years ago


I'm not defensive, I'm just telling you you're wrong in certain assumptions you're making. Please keep complaining how nobody in the world is unique but you, while you're doing so, I checked out the decks on your page.

RambIe says...#36:

"Feather, the Redeemed as an example, personally i would take Jeweled Amulet over Sol Ring"

Imagine my surprise when I found out you play Sol Ring in your Feather deck anyway. On top of that, you play Vampiric Tutor in every single black deck. Really the epitome of creative deck building there.

At the moment of writing, there's 472010 decks listed on EDHREC, and that site doesn't use data from Tappedout, so a lot more than that exist. There's only around 21000 unique commander legal cards, so there will be overlap between decks. Of those 21000, a lot of them are bad cards. Even Wizards of the Coast admits that. Of the ones that aren't bad, there's still some that are obviously better than others. Those have a chance of becoming staples. In the age of internet and information sharing, you don't have to find out which are which anymore. You have the option to learn from others' mistakes, there's no need to make them all yourself. If you insist to do so anyway, that's on you. People who try to stop you from wasting time finding out some cards are not as good as others you could play, are not evil. They're not all lazy, they're still playing the game, so they're still gaining experience and skill. That's not something you can only get from finding obscure cards that nobody plays. Experience and skill come with finding out in a game which spells you should cast when, and why. Even if everyone would play the exact same 100 cards, some people will win more consistently than others, because they know what cards will win the game when left alone, and what cards are not worth the removal spell. Playing with established, "solved" decks will make you a better player, especially if you play them against other "solved" decks. You'll find out quickly that using Fierce Guardianship on a bad target will cost you, possibly the game. When you go back to optimized, casual or jank decks from there, you'll still be able to estimate better how to use your suboptimal nonstaples in the best way, because in "solved" decks, actual skill and luck are the main things influencing who wins.

EDHREC wasn't made to tell you what cards to play, it was made so you just don't need to read twenty-one thousand pieces of cardboard to find what works with your Commander, making deck building less time consuming so you can devote more time to actually playing the game after your deck is built.

We've had ONE ban influenced by cEDH. Just Flash. Because it lead to a lack of skill and variety, EXACTLY what you're trying to preach in this topic. A year before that, Iona, Shield of Emeria and Paradox Engine were banned, because the casuals, the non-$$-staple crowd, were losing too much to them and complaining. Banning every deck that overperforms out of existence is a Standard problem, every single card that got banned in magic apart from Flash and Lutri, the Spellchaser in the last year and a half, is still legal in Commander. Stop spreading lies.

And when you actually said it's retarded to care about the social contract, I lost every last shred of respect for your point of view on the format. I'm glad I probably will never meet you in a game of EDH.

RambIe on Please Enlighten Me

2 years ago

plakjekaas,Sol Ring has to be one of the best examples
yes paying 1 for 2 is great value, and it seems like one of the best turn 1 plays, so everyone with out second though just auto includes it in there deck

however, its not the best fit for all decks,
infact most cedh decks run around 30 1 drops with 30 lands. that's 60 cards Sol Ring can not interact with
out of the remaining 40 cards being as efficient as possible, 30 or more only have in there mana costs
so in these decks that only have 5-10 cards that have in there casting costs how effective is Sol Ring really ?
isn't their possibly another card that would preform better in the deck?
Feather, the Redeemed as an example, personally i would take Jeweled Amulet over Sol Ring
Kenrith, the Returned King, i would take Mana Vault over Sol Ring
Najeela, the Blade-Blossom i would take Mana Crypt over Sol Ring
Urza, Lord High Artificer i would take Sol Ring over any other option

now i know with staples the status quo is just add them all so i can hope to just get any one of them
but as i already explained over 60 cards in my deck do not require any colorless mana to be cast
so what use is having access to 2-10 colorless mana on turn 2 ?
couldn't those card slots be used instead to fill a more important mechanic in my deck ?

the answer to all the questions depends on the deck
the claim that a select list of cards are so good that only they can be used and should be used in every deck is a lie
the truth is in commader no matter it being casual, cedh or anything in between we have access to 28 years worth of card printing
there is such a verity of combo and mechanics that no matter how powerful one may be it has a sever weakness to another
its not like other formats were its 1v1 and a few select blocks to pick from, in those formats yes you can create a list
this is a 1v3 format with a massive card list
even the almighty fishhulk (considered to be the best deck in the cedh listing pre flash ban) lost to a budget kess deck in its world debut

Massacar on Anje

2 years ago

Since you're doing the Worldgorger combo you might as well include Dance of the Dead as a redundant Animate Dead. Also you should use Sunscorched Desert as that land can win you the game with the worldgorger combo alone.

Simian Spirit Guide, Blood Pet, Jeweled Amulet can be vital mana resources for big turns.

Shadow of the Grave and Unearth can also be handy.

Overall I would recommend lowering your total CMC to below 3 to allow for more reliable explosive plays.

I can give you more suggestions if you like, or you can feel free to check out my own Anje deck (it's on my profile).

jaymc1130 on IronWar

2 years ago

Sorry about how that game went, and certainly how it ended for you. I'm sure that was frustrating. I was pretty heated, I really dislike it when people join competitive games, say "play fast" and then make nonsensical, non competitive decisions and troll games. It ruins the data I'm trying to collect and it means nothing that I won that game in the end. The decision to not attack and kill your Narstet ultimately did in that Kuyosuke dufus as he never recovered after the wheel and an overloaded Cyclonic Rift from me followed shorlty by my taking infinite turns and him rage quitting.

There were a lot of very non competitive decisions made in that game, mistakes each player made (I literally binned a Jeweled Amulet instead of Lion's Eye Diamond when I asked you to pick for my Intuition and it nearly screwed up my taking infinite turns utilizing Underworld Breach later on), but also there were good learning experiences and I hope those are what you ultimately take away from the match. There are so many variables to consider from so many angles in true competitive play that it's difficult to get even most of them right on a consistent basis so don't feel too bad about miscalculating your tutor for Pact into overloaded Rift, into a suspended Balance that killed the lands you needed to pay for the Pact at all. It's a good mistake to make at some point in time as you'll be a lot more careful in the future and probably never repeat that one.

Hopefully class went well for you and that game didn't get you too upset or bothered. If you want to chat or play games at any time you can always ask members of the TO community and I'll certainly be here if you want to discuss anything magic in the future.

BlackLotusIsBad on Un-Rielle Value

2 years ago

BlackoutX, thank you so much for taking the time to make these suggestions! To answer some of your questions, while I am going for a relatively budget build, I already had a Dockside Extortionist just lying around from the Jeskai Pre-Con of last year. In addition, a friend gave me a Cyclonic Rift as a gift this year. The reason that I am running Wayfarer's Bauble is because Izzet doesn't have good access to land based ramp, and I think although Mitch from the Commander's Quarters has been raving about it, it is criminally underplayed, and a steal for the price it's at. In addition, Jeweled Amulet helps me get Rielle, the Everwise out on turn 2, which is very helpful to the deck. In my experience, I have found Jeweled Amulet to be very underrated, and quite budget friendly.

Thought Reflection is in here just to represent the new card, Teferi's Ageless Insight, and Nezahal, Primal Tide is here because it's card draw, and if I have nothing do to, on every player's turn, I can activate that ability and draw lots of cards. Personally, I found Magus of the Wheel to be too slow because you have to wait a full turn rotation, and then activate it. For Psychic Corrosion, I found that to be a little to "cute" especially since I share a meta with people who play Meren of Clan Nel Toth EDH decks. For Baral's Expertise, I think you're really on to something! I think I might just put this in the deck because it's frickin awesome! I still have to decide, but I love it! For Dreamscape Artist, I had the same problems with it as I did with Magus of the Wheel. In addition, I would have to activate on the turn after playing Rielle, the Everwise, and take a turn off, which I don't really want to do. For Goblin Engineer, I don't have many artifacts that I REALLY want except for maybe Bag of Holding. Anyways, thank you so, so much for the advice! While we're talking about this, I just saw the AWESOME new Teferi, and I fell in love with it! Does anyone have any suggestions on whether I should put it in or not?

BlackoutX on Un-Rielle Value

2 years ago

Dockside Extortionist and Cyclonic Rift are amazing cards but if your going for budget it is by no means worth the 30$+/card. Wayfarer's Bauble and Jeweled Amulet are slow, you might as well just spend a bit more to get to get Arcane Signet since its far better. Pentad Prism is pretty good as far as ramp is concerned (better for 3+ color decks tho).

Thought Reflection is to slow in U/R and odd of getting dockside/sol ring are to low to justify it, same is true with Nezahal, Primal Tide.

Magus of the Wheel is good, red can even get multiple uses with cards like Underworld Breach. Psychic Corrosion is decent in budget, Baral's Expertise is a pseudo rift and can even hit artifacts, it can be incredibly useful to have this in a full hand. Dreamscape Artist is a Harrow on a stick in blue, with your commander in play you can also use it to cycle a card if you have nothing better. Goblin Engineer is a decent budget tutor and can be abused with some resurrect cards.

There is a lot that could be optimized for a budget CEDH build but since this is already quite a bit I'll stop here.

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