Rhystic Study

Rhystic Study


Whenever an opponent casts a spell, you may draw a card unless that player pays .

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Rhystic Study Discussion

Caerwyn on Secret Lair: League of Legends

1 week ago

DemonDragonJ - It does not cost Wizards the same amount to print a $0.25 card as it does a $100.00 card. Yes, it costs them the same in paper, labor, ink, and other direct manufacturing costs, but those are not the only costs that matter when running a business with Wizards' model.

The relevant figure is known as "reprint equity"--how much value that card has to you if reprinted. Valuable cards drive sales--you look at some of the best-selling sets and they have high-cost cards that individuals want to open. A reprint of a known-powerful card will drive sales of the set, but will also diminish the "reprint equity" in that card. After all, if a card like Rhystic Study is reprinted in a typical product, its value is going to drop, which means its effectiveness as a "chase" card is diminished for future sets. That diminishment in its value as a "chase" card is a lowering of its "reprint equity".

This reduction in reprint equity has a real cost to Wizards, though it cannot be measured as easily as ink and printing supplies. Every time they reprint a $100.00 card, they are losing something.

Secret Lairs allow them to bypass this problem to a degree. Most of the folks who buy the card are buying for themselves, so the effect on the secondary market is minimized as compared to folks cracking packs and selling off any cards they do not personally need. Further, the cost and limited availability of the product ensure that, even if reprint equity in the card diminishes, the equity does not fall below a threshold that would render said card useless as a chase card.

Caerwyn on Secret Lair: League of Legends

1 week ago

This is not a secret lair that I am interested in--I am not hip enough to know anything about League of Legends other than the fact of its existence. That said, I am glad they are reprinting a Rhystic Study without Terese Nielsen's art--I have a lot of friends who are trying to purge her from their collection on account of her blatant racism and transphobia and they are all rather excited about finally receiving an alternative for this critical card (other than the rather pricy judge foil).

As for the anger over high-value cards being reprinted in SLs, it really does not bother me all that much. The simple fact is these cards were unlikely to be printed in any regular product anytime soon. Any reprint--even one that is a clear cash grab--is going to be better than nothing.

I will also point out that the Arcane Secret Lair is great value. As of the time of posting, the Rhystic Study alone is priced higher than the entire SL ($33 vs $30, or $85 vs $40 for foil). Path is $4, Seize the Day is $7, Thran Dynamo is $3, and then three more cards that are worth a little less than a dollar each (foils for each of these are about a dollar or two more than the regular printing).

You're looking at $45 worth of non-foils for $30 or about $110 worth of foils for $40. Not a bad deal, if you are willing to have League of Legends cards in your Magic deck.

And the Arcane SL is not alone in that regard--the Extra Life Secret Lairs have both had secondary values far exceeding their price point (and gave money to charity). The Dracula SL far outstrips its value, due to the $35 price point of Exquisite Blood ($80 for foil), $19 price point of Phyrexian Tower ($60 foil), and $5 Night's Whisper ($6 foil).

DemonDragonJ on Secret Lair: League of Legends

1 week ago

Another Secret Lair has been announced, so I shall not make a new thread for it, but instead post it, here.

Some of those cards are quite nice, but the reprint of Exquisite Blood bothers me severely; I know that I should be happy for another reprint of that card, but this is in the same bundle as a reprint of Rhystic Study, another popular and expensive card. WotC has stated that they do not care about, or even acknowledge, the secondary market for their cards, but, when they reprint two very expensive cards that are always in high demand in a print-to-order set, rather than in a normal set, it is very clear that they are not interested in making the game affordable to average players, and that severely angers me. How can they claim to be uninterested in the secondary market when they engage in a blatant display of greed, such as this?

DemonDragonJ on Secret Lair: League of Legends

1 week ago

WotC has announced yet another Secret Lair, this one apparently being a crossover with League of Legends.

All of the cards in this set are great, but I am not particularly pleased about Rhystic Study being reprinted in it. For years, I joked with my friends about how it would be a severe troll move for WotC to reprint that card in a Secret Lair, but I never expected that they would actually do it. Any reprint of Rhystic Study is welcome, to be certain, but a reprint in a Secret Lair is highly unlikely to lower its price; I personally think that WotC should have reprinted Mystic Remora, instead, since that card has never been reprinted, and save RS for the next masters set. On the other hand, if WotC chooses to reprint Imperial Seal in a Secret Lair, then I will know for certain that they are trolling the players and do not care about keeping the game affordable for the average people.

All of the other cards are amazing, however, and I shall hope that I can find them on the secondary market, since I refuse to support this greedy business practice by WotC.

What does everyone else say about this product? Do you like it?

sergiodelrio on Taxes Hold 'em

2 weeks ago

aggro_jack thanks for having a look at the deck!

The whole engine of the deck revolves around bouncing lands so that opponent is stuck at one or two lands max and can't play the game. So while Curfew looks effective at first, it doesn't really push them back enough and ideally, due to the land bounce, they won't even have a fat creature with big auras out to begin with.

For the same reason Rhystic Study is an absolute powerhouse and most important key card in this deck. It will draw a card for literally each spell the opponent plays, because they can't afford the tax. Or, if they choose to keep mana open to pay the tax, they won't be able to cast a lot of spells.

In order for that strategy to work tho, I can't put too many cards in that do not cause the opponent to bounce or sac a land.

Also, as I stated before, I don't want this to be 'just another faeries/ninja deck'

aggro_jack on Taxes Hold 'em

2 weeks ago

Hello!! I really like the deck but can i suggest some few things? 1) Curfew is probably better than AEther Tradewinds because allows you to bounce creature (usually one really big with a lot of enchantments on it) with hexproof (boogle) 2) Spellstutter Sprite can't have an home if you play 4 or more faeries (and you play 8 at least), and if you play Spellstutter Sprite you have to play 4 Ninja of the Deep Hours to support them 3)if you play 4 ninjas you could definitely cut 2 Rhystic Study

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