Rhystic Study

Rhystic Study


Whenever an opponent casts a spell, you may draw a card unless that player pays .

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Rhystic Study Discussion

Happymaster19 on A Quest for Power: Unrestricting …

2 weeks ago

I’ve been intrigued by Wandering Archaic  Flip as it is very annoying for any counter spells in the format. But this got me thinking of other cast punishers. Mystic Remora , Rhystic Study , and even Nezahal, Primal Tide (of all things) on the top end. If midrange can develop then this may be a bit weaker but it is a potent response to combo decks that presents a clock in a reasonable amount of time unlike the prison decks. Canthese punishers form a control shell in the format?

Nessie’s Rhystic Remora (UV Remora Control)

Mcat1999 on Preview Card: Elite Spellbinder

3 weeks ago

So you exile a spell from their hand, but they can still pay it for a slight tax? That doesn't seem that bad, to be honest? I mean sure sucks and all, but they still get to cast it?

As for the combo, to me that seems very weak. I try to stay away from creature combos, being defined as more than one creature in the interactions. The reason I try to stay away from these is because the removal of creatures is far too easy. All it takes is one well-timed removal and the combo is broken. The same for a wrath, or if you are forced to block incoming lethal.

I prefer comboing with enchantments, of all permanents, as enchantment removal is thin and not many players run it. Artifacts are often seen as bigger threats, so players tend to go after those.

In my experience, the threat assessment tends to look like:

  • Creatures
  • Artifacts
  • Planeswalkers (Usually taken out before artifacts, but are waited upon until near-ult, making them lower on the list)
  • Lands
  • Enchantments

Again, this is merely in my experience. It's absolutely surprising how long a Rhystic Study or Smothering Tithe sits on the field, or how long a Mana Crypt or even Sol Ring are allowed to stay.

The combo is nice, by the way. Really dirty. I just worry about how fragile it is. Would be solid in a Shalai, Voice of Plenty deck, though.

Speaking of her and combos, ever see Gaddock Teeg and Void Winnower on field at the same time?

Locks out practically everything that doesn't have a CMC 1 or 3. Just horrific, since we are talking about some dirty tricks in this thread ;D

bamoli on Sisay's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Friends

3 weeks ago


Thought you'd appreciate the true singleton format for this one. As for why Vorinclex, well it seems like Spike and Timmy have helped you figure that out ;)

Urza's Ruinous Blast and Primevals' Glorious Rebirth : Originally these were contestants, but this started out as a Party Matters deck (Wizard, Cleric, Warrior, Rogues) but I ended up not having enough of a balance of those types to warrant focusing heavily on the mechanic.

Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain : The point of the deck is to not cast the legendary spells. Also, she has her own deck.

Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage : This is one that was cut after deciding I had too many Wizards when I was still looking at Party Matters. Might warrant revisiting.

Kamahl's Druidic Vow : The primary reason this isn't in the deck is I don't have it. Otherwise I dunno what I'd cut.

Marchesa, the Black Rose and Shalai, Voice of Plenty : Damn that's a good combo. I'll need to source a Marchesa, but I have a Shalai coming in the Secret Lair drop. WHAT TO CUT?!

Day of Destiny : Don't has. Would be glorious w/ Arvad the Cursed .

Anafenza, the Foremost : Similarly, don't has. Will have to source as it's glorious.

Blackblade Reforged : Too many other good options to include this, unfortunately.

Heroes' Podium : I really like this one. Didn't know it existed. Will have to source.

Farseek : No idea what to cut. Also probably didn't find it when going through cards and was giving priority to LEGENDS

Thran Temporal Gateway : I've no excuse as to why this ain't in except that I wanted to use Sisay to cheat, not anything else. Which isn't a good excuse but it is mine.

Fblthp, the Lost : Wow yeah I do need one of these.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite : Wouldn't go in here anyway. She'd go into Mono-White. And I'm not gonna get my hopes up on getting more than one.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope : If I had an extra, lol. She's basically an auto-include in any white deck.

Sigarda, Host of Herons : See above.

Eerie Ultimatum : Another card that...I wish I had.

Ruinous Ultimatum : Ehh,, I feel like one ultimatum is a bit much for the deck and I'd rather Eerie.

Weatherlight : Valid point. Now, ugh gotta figure out how to fit it in.

Legacy Weapon : Bad Vorthos. Bad.

Rhystic Study : Bad Spike. Bad

Curiosity : ...bad Johnny, bad.

Mcat1999 on MTGO when did casual edh …

3 weeks ago

I love to play interactive decks, but I'll play grindy decks that create a power vacuum as well. One deck I just finished building and is now in playtest mode is a Zombie Tokens deck that generates massive value by going wide and using them as resources instead of creatures. A deck like that, you're not really looking to make deals or play politics, you're looking to go wide and win the game by dumping =100 into Dread Summons and passing the turn or something similar.

However, whenever able, I'll play politics and let opponents decide. Like,

Whoever offers the best deal gets to choose what I blow up.

What's really fun is going,

I find when you put that kind of power in the hands of your opponents, the entire dynamic of the game changes.

Blacandrin on Elven Empire Upgrade

3 weeks ago

Hey there multimedia,

There is no budget for upgrading right now, even tough at the moment this deck is on hold since my Jodah (Jodah Archmage Eternal Budgetish deck is getting a few upgrades recently ( Rhystic Study and Thassa's Oracle so slightly expensive upgrade for that deck)

Copperhorn Scout this card used to be in the deck, but I didn´t really find much use out of it to be honest, but it is certainly in considering cards.

Thank you for your opinion, and I will certainly consider some cards. On card Staff of Domination I had my eyes already before a few times but I always forgot to order that one. So... maybe

Greatest problem this deck actually is going through is that there are no boardwipes and it struggles against flyers. I was considering Nylea's Intervention but that is also just among considering.

hkhssweiss on Niv-Mizzet, Incorrigible Megalomaniac | Primer

3 weeks ago

Yo cfost827, just read the reddit post you linked. There is a list somewhere I read long time ago based on the original Niv-Mizzet, that version is the handcycling version and I am really fond of that deck list. Here is the link to it.

If ya have a discord or decklist posted I can help ya give you some pointers in tuning the deck, as I am an advocate in tuning decks towards your meta and not looking things up online.

You also mentioned your budget is roughly $1000, there are some core cards I would recommend such as Mystic Remora , Rhystic Study , Dockside Extortionist , Jeweled Lotus , just to name a few. Nivvie is a super flexible deck so also depending on your meta there are different things ya can do.

PartyJ on Devotion to the Gods

4 weeks ago

I like your take on a god deck. I am paying a god deck for quite some time now, you can take a look on my profiel to find it. It takes a whole other route. I stopped going here and doing stuff, but your deck really made me curious about the route you took.

Based on my experiences and looking at your deck, I would suggest to take a closer look at these cards:

Good luck and godspeed!

B0NGUS on Getting Slivvy With It

1 month ago

I've made some cuts!

Changed Maelstrom Nexus for Descendants' Path . It's 2 mana value lower, requires 4 less colors, still casts, and doesn't care if it casts a MV greater than or equal to a creature I control.

Changed Shared Animosity for Rhystic Study . They're the same cost, but drawing cards/taxing my opponents is more important than making the hive deal more damage.

Changed Leave / Chance for Teferi's Protection . There have been multiple improvements in card draw and Chance was never used in gameplay. Leave forces me to cast all my board again.

Changed Ready / Willing for Cyclonic Rift . I needed more one-sided boardwipes, and have plenty of other forms of defense that makes Ready/Willing too redundant.

Changed Watery Grave for Vampiric Tutor . Going down to 37 lands is fine, and part of the manabase that's out of balance. Vampiric Tutor is the most powerful tutor, no explanation necessary.

Changed Polluted Delta for Overgrown Tomb (apparently it wasn't actually in the deck). Just updating imbalanced manabase, I don't need every fetch in this deck.

Changed Apex Devastator for Vanquisher's Banner . V Banner is 1/2 the cost and provides card draw upon casting. Apex Devastator was fun, and it can explode very well, but it's better elsewhere.

Changed Fury Sliver for Bonescythe Sliver . Just mana reduction costs, they both provide doublestrike. I may reconsider adding Fury Sliver back in for redundancy.

Changed Cleaving Sliver for Brood Sliver . Creating additional slivers at no cost is better than +2/+0, right?

Changed Commander's Sphere for Realmwalker . Additional sliver and card advantage, as well as scouting the top-card for cascade potential.

Changed Pillar of Origins for Prismatic Omen . Pillar of Origins is a mana rock for about 1/2 the spells in the deck, Prismatic Omen color fixes all my lands for all of the spells in the deck.

Changed Averna, the Chaos Bloom for Shifting Sliver . Averna was fun, and the mana ramp was explosive, but let's give no-non-slivers a chance to see how it impacts cascades.

Changed Explosive Vegetation for Reflections of Littjara . Reflections of Littjara doubles Mana Echoes, Distant Melody, Lavabelly, Manaweft/Gemhide, Opaline, Sedge, Spiteful, and Thorncaster effects.

Spells being considered that I own currently; Hollowhead Sliver , Doomskar , & Pyre of Heroes .

Spells being considered that are being purchased soon; Necrotic Sliver , Root Sliver , Bloom Tender , Pulmonic Sliver , Spoils of Victory , Darksteel Mutation , Synapse Sliver , Magma Sliver , Intruder Alarm , Horned Sliver , and Amoeboid Changeling .

Galerider Sliver is being purchased soon and will be changed for Winged Sliver .

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