Oakhame Adversary

Oakhame Adversary

Creature — Elf Warrior

This spell costs less to cast if your opponent controls a green permanent.


Whenever Oakhame Adversary deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Standard Legal

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Oakhame Adversary Discussion

king-saproling on We Like To Party

1 month ago

Ah I see.

You are correct that if the commander's color identity is pure white, then you could only include colorless and white cards. However, Tazri, Beacon of Unity 's color identity is thanks to the appearance of those symbols in her text box.

If you go with Tazri, you might consider picking these up: Coveted Prize , Nimble Trapfinder , Thwart the Grave , Crib Swap (this card has all creature types, so it can be picked up via Tazri's ability!), Nameless Inversion , Linvala, Shield of Sea Gate , Zagras, Thief of Heartbeats , Squad Commander , Oakhame Adversary , Malakir Blood-Priest , Veteran Adventurer , Sygg, River Cutthroat , Nullpriest of Oblivion , Moritte of the Frost , Nin, the Pain Artist

OmniDreamer on Forest for the Wicked (Kamahl & Kodama EDH)

2 months ago

Sorry for the very lengthy reply. I just got swept up in this.

I've only played two games so my experience overall isn't going to tell me enough about how certain cards perform in various situations or if they're not synergizing enough with your strategy. I'm guessing you're on a budget. If your playgroup allows proxies, or money isn't an issue. Gaea's Cradle is always a great option in a deck that generates lots of token creatures, and you're already running Crop Rotation . The budget option to cradle though is Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip. When I began my 2nd game playing this deck I was very concerned since one opponent was running Angus Mackenzie which usually just neuters this kind of strategy. I mean I lost that game for other reasons, but if it had dragged on I probably would need a lot of luck to have instant speed removal for Angus and enough power to alpha strike or I'd just lose to forever fog. That's certainly an edge case, but a tad more removal could be helpful to rid yourself of problematic creatures or other effects. Song of the Dryads and Kenrith's Transformation are a couple of great options. The only other creature that doesn't do something like fight that shot to the front of my mind to get around Angus was Questing Beast .


However, simply looking at the list and thinking about good options in general I would say the following cards should be considered for replacement:

  • Colossal Majesty its a bit slow compared to other green card draw. Sylvan Library is probably the best replacement if money is no issue. Beast Whisperer is decent and you can tutor it. There are great one-time effects considering the swarm you usually have like Shamanic Revelation and Regal Force . Harmonize is always a solid option. Oakhame Adversary is usually getting through because of deathtouch and you can always leave him as a blocker. Depending on your meta Runic Armasaur can net you plenty of cards.
  • Liege of the Tangle feels like you'd be better off with something that helps finish the game the turn it enters the battlefield for this much mana. Craterhoof Behemoth or something like that would be nice, but if you're content with the pump that you get from Kamahl then perhaps Bane of Progress would be nice to wipe the pesky artifacts and enchantments. God-Eternal Rhonas is another decent buff to finish with. Great Oak Guardian could potentially be a finisher with your ability to turn lands into creatures and Temur Sabertooth as a way to recast the treefolk again and again.
  • Nylea, Keen-Eyed I feel like she is a decent card, especially since she is indestructible, but her activated ability is pretty costly for only digging 1 card. I would prefer Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip for this kind of effect and if it flips it does the cost reduction. If you're after an indestructible creature here then Rhonas the Indomitable is great for the deathtouch as a blocker or threat, and his pump + trample effect. For other nice cost reducers there's Emerald Medallion and Rhonas's Monument .
  • Curious Herd was a dead card for me in one of my games where I drew it. I ended up discarding it when I ended a turn at 8 cards in hand. I can see that it has potential in some matchups, but its is a bit meta dependent. Arachnogenesis would probably be an upgrade in many cases, but again meta dependant.
  • Magus of the Order I was surprised when I saw this in my hand because I didn't realize it had been printed. 2020 was a blur. However, as it stands there were not a lot of great targets for this to go tutor into play. Avenger, Nyxbloom, of Baloths were the primary options to me since Leige needs to swing and connect in order to do something and wait a turn before the lands can attack giving opponents a chance to wipe your board (including 8/8 lands). Actual Natural Order would be preferable since it is less telegraphed, but still need better finisher, utility, value to tutor for. Craterhoof, Bane of Progress, or maybe something like Apex Devastator for all the silly cascades.
  • Roiling Regrowth -> Harrow (generally won't get countered so the additional cost on cast of sacrificing a land is a minimal risk) or if you want a body Springbloom Druid .
  • Bow of Nylea it certainly has its utility, but something like Ohran Frostfang may be better for the deathtouch buff and supplemental card draw.

Other cards to consider:

Some combo suggestions:

  • Quirion Ranger + Ashaya, Soul of the Wild to use the ranger's ability to return the ranger and untap any other creature that can tap for mana to recast the range and repeat for infinite cast triggers, creature ETB triggers for other permanents that care, and "landfall" triggers. Scryb Ranger can also work if your "lands" produce an additional green or if you have a way to give them haste like Lightning Greaves or Concordant Crossroads .
  • Cloudstone Curio + Kodama of the East Tree to put a land into play, bounce another land, resolve Kodama trigger to put that land back into play and bounce the first land for as many additional lands you can play per turn. This becomes infinite if you have a permanent that generates any kind of token on landfall trigger.

multimedia on Lathril's Army

2 months ago

Hey, nice start. I'm also very excited about Lathril as a new Elf Commander and I'm upgrading the precon on a budget.

Consider cutting some lands for more one drop mana Elves? One drop mana Elves are an advantage that Elves have and the precon lacks them. The idea is one drop mana Elves can replace some lands since they can make mana while also adding the total count of Elves. 38 lands is really too much land for Elves thus consider cutting some Swamps?

Some other cards, less than $1 each, to consider for upgrades and most can increase Elf tribal synergy:

Good luck with your deck.

Omniscience_is_life on Ctrl-G | The Art of Mono Green Control

2 months ago

I have a few opinions to share

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I'd love to see a primer, but I know how hard they can be. My suggestion is just take it slow, update it only once and a while when the fancy strikes, and have a good time. Love the deck

Also this page kind of destroyed my computer... intense code you have here

multimedia on Kaldheim Elves

2 months ago

Hey, nice start. I'm also excited for Elves again in Standard and Kaldheim has revived my 6 year old Standard Elf deck :)

You're limiting the effectiveness of 4x Realmwalker main deck when playing 21 noncreature spells and adding 19 lands more than half your deck aren't Elves. Vastwood Fortification  Flip taking the place of some lands is an interesting choice. Is Fortification really good enough though to warrant taking up 4x deck spots? I think you can do better with these spots if you don't want to play more lands.

Consider Sculptor of Winter and Snow-covered basic lands as well as Woodland Chasm? A turn two Sculptor and having one Snow land means a turn three four drop such as Tactician or Tyvar. Sculptor and Snow-covered lands opens up a lot of possibilities for all the excellent four drop options. Without Sculptor this same play requires turn one Sentinel + another Elf turn two which is also possible, but less consistent. With only 9x possible turn one green sources turn one Sentinel is much less consistent.

Another option to consider is Roots of Wisdom? Milling a land then lets you put that land into your hand or any Elf. Best of all if you don't put a card into your hand you draw a card. Roots can also be fuel for reanimation for Unites and Awakening.

Skemfar Avenger does something that Elves want which is getting value from them dying to help to recover. This effect also lets you more freely attack with nontoken Elves since if they die in combat then you draw and if they don't die then you're doing damage. This effect is also removal/board wipe insurance since if opponent wipes the board then as a result you could draw a lot of cards. Avenger in multiples on the battlefield is even better and really forces your opponent to make difficult choices if they want to destroy or even block a nontoken Elf.

Elves have a big problem now with so many playable four drop options. If choosing not to play Skemfar Shadowsage main then consider it in the sideboard? It can be a win condition especially with tokens from Ambush or a huge help in other aggro matchups by gaining life as well as having 5 toughness to block. In my opinion Warmaster and Tyvar being repeatable sources of Elf tokens is a good enough reason to main deck Shadowsage.

Oakhame Adversary is a good Elf, but only when you know that your opponent will have a green permanent to make him cost two mana instead of four. For this reason it's better in the sideboard not main deck.

8x main deck removal spells is a lot and I don't think you need as many since taking up valuable main deck spots for more Elves and both as 4 ofs is hindering Realmwalker. The sideboard a good place to add more removal for matchups where you might need it. Act is much better than Thirst therefore consider cutting Thirst?

Good luck with your deck.

Omniscience_is_life on Turbo Kamahl's Land Army

5 months ago

Harvest Season instead of Dryad Arbor (a card I don't really consider to be ramp)?

Grim Monolith and Rampant Growth, to replace Oakhame Adversary and Elvish Reclaimer?

defamagraphy1 on Tasigur Consultation Scepter Control

6 months ago

I personally use mutiple Regrowth effects, but I suppose you need only 1 or 2 at most. Like Eternal Witness and Regrowth this deck is very tough to cut from much like my own.

I'd suggest cutting Oakhame Adversary as it's not doing too much for you and if you're needing a creature replacement go for the Eternal Witness

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