Exile target creature you control, then return it to the battlefield under its owner's control.

Rebound (If you cast this spell from your hand, exile it as it resolves. At the beginning of your next upkeep, you may cast this card from exile without paying its mana cost.)

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Ephemerate Discussion

Jtrpma on B/W GriefRack

5 days ago

The Ephemerate interaction is cool, but I am not too sure if the card advantage is so good, having to exile two cards from your hand. Running that into a cheap removal might burn you out quickly. And if you drop Liliana of the Veil hopefully on t3 you might run out of cards very soon.

Still nice if it works

KoRnF3wzed on B/W GriefRack

5 days ago

@Twanicus sorry for the late reply, I've gotten to test this once so far, but only against a RUG Goodstuff deck, games were 50/50 with it, but that's due to threats being extremely diverse. However, any time you're able to pull off T1 Grief + Ephemerate your chances of winning go up severely.

Kwhill on Derevi, Empyrial Tactician

1 week ago

I'd recommend cutting the following cards right away:
Tidal Force (Doesn't do much. Very expensive.)
Siege Behemoth (Good effect, but very expensive.)
Emmara Tandris (It doesn't look like you really have that many tokens. Not sure why this is here.)
Deepfathom Skulker (Good trigger, but expensive, and you can't activate its second ability easily.)
Archon of Coronation (Really easy to lose the monarch and it doesn't do much besides give you the monarch.)
Amareth, the Lustrous (Not really that good. Very rarely will draw you anything in general and the body is very meh.)
Inniaz, the Gale Force (I don't like this kind of effect. You are forced to give up something.)
God-Eternal Oketra (The tokens are okay, but it really doesn't do enough IMO)
Archon of Redemption (3/4 flyer for 5 with a situational life gain effect is pretty bad...)
Angel of Destiny (If it ever gets removed, all you did by attacking, possibly losing creatures in the process, possibly taking hits because your defense are down, was gain life. It just seems like the card really does nothing.)
Trostani, Selesnya's Voice (Not enough token synergy to matter. Life gain is not very good.)
Thassa, Deep-Dwelling (This doesn't do much in your deck. IMO)
Basri's Lieutenant (With almost no +1/+1 counter synergy in the deck, this really doesn't do anything for you.)
Adrix and Nev, Twincasters (Not enough token synergy.)
Niambi, Esteemed Speaker (Can save a creature, but other than that, the card pretty much does nothing.)
Ornithopter of Paradise (Can't trigger Derevi because it has 0 power. Pretty bad as a ramp card too.)
Rhys the Redeemed (Not being elf tribal or big on tokens means that he won't do much.)
Parhelion II (Way too expensive and really doesn't do that much for its cost.)
Righteous Authority (Very expensive and no way to abuse it in the deck currently.)
Cosmos Elixir (You have a ton of draw in the form of "when a creature deals combat damage, draw 1" type cards. You don't need this IMO.)
Sword of Vengeance , Sword of Body and Mind (Not really sure what they're supposed to do for you. Tiny pumps and trample aren't going to help you much IMO.)
Combine Chrysalis (Not enough tokens.)
Sol Talisman (Why is this not Sol Ring?)
Cloudshift , Ephemerate (Almost no abusable ETBs)
Griffin Aerie (Not enough life gain to make this work and not even a great effect.)
Garruk's Uprising (I feel like you should probably be focusing on smaller bodies, not bigger ones.)
Growing Ranks (Not enough tokens.)
Elspeth Conquers Death (Doesn't really do anything you're looking for IMO.)

That's just the ones I would cut right away for not being good in general or not fitting with your strategy.

The token subtheme is kind of unfitting IMO. There's only a few tokens here and there, and a lot of them are "big" tokens, not little ones that can trigger Derevi a lot, but then you also have lots of things to take advantage of tokens even though you don't have that many things that produce tokens (and a lot of times, they're too expensive). If you want to focus a deck on tokens, I think you should choose a different commander.

In general, I think you should probably focus more on having a bunch of smaller creatures so you can get lots of Derevi triggers rather than bigger creatures. This could be a way to work in tokens if you want to push it, because you could focus on smaller tokens that you can push out very cheap and early in the game.

In addition to this, you may also want to consider putting in more cards that you can abuse with Derevi. I love the inspire guy you have in there, Arbiter of the Ideal (don't know if you know, but you can stack tap/untap/tap/untap triggers on him and trigger inspire a bunch of times in one combat!). I think you should focus on this kind of effect more.

I think you should also try to put a little more ramp in there. Sol Ring, Simic Signet, Arcane Signet, and maybe a couple other mana rocks are noticeably missing.

That's pretty much all I have to say about it right now. Let me know what you think!

DMFF on BW Blink Rack

2 weeks ago

Wow, what a nice way to breathe much needed life back into 8-Rack. Burglar Rat is actually a genius idea coupled with Ephemerate . I think for personal preference, I would use Elderfang Disciple in place of the Rat because I like the art better. Who knows, after testing maybe you could run both the Rat and the Elderfang together if you ever find that you need more Ephemerate targets.

Overall, sweet deck. I absolutely love it! +1

zapyourtumor on BW Blink Rack

2 weeks ago

lagotripha Thank you for commenting. Tidehollow Sculler is one of my favorite cards but I did not run it here for a number of reasons. I don't want to run more than 8 flickerable creatures, so basically I'll be comparing it against Burglar Rat .

  1. The rebound from Ephemerate is usually wasted with Sculler, which means it only exiles 1 card permanently and 1 card until it dies, compared with rats discarding 3. Also, if we have a sculler on the field and topdeck ephemerate, we can't really do anything either.

  2. Usually the sculler will end up dying, making the combo only a 2 for 1 (instead of a 2 for 3), either because the opponent has nothing else to spend their removal on or because it was sacrificed to our own Smallpox (having rats/grief with a smallpox is much less awkward since we don't care as much if they die).

  3. There are only 8 pieces of targeted hand disruption (inquisition + grief) here for a reason because drawing into that kind of spell late game is much worse than a normal discard effect since opponents will frequently hold lands. By turn 3, which is when you can cast sculler+ephemerate, you usually want to be just powering out as much discard as possible instead of targeted discard.

  4. Rats gets around leyline

  5. Regarding the sideboard slots, I would rather run more hate cards.

I hope this answered your question.

zapyourtumor on Vesperlark Boros Reanimator

3 weeks ago

I mean splicer definitely becomes much better with the Ephemerate and Seance


3 weeks ago

Yo, I think Ephemerate might be a straight upgrade to Cloudshift since you'll get two ETB triggers per copy of the instant.

Tldr: more goats.

Neotrup on Evoke Creatures and Resolution of …

3 weeks ago

In general, if you have a new question, post it as such in the rules forum, that way it gets seen.

When an evoke creature enters the battlefield, you'll have a chance to respond. As with the previous question, you can respond with an activated ability, but you can also respond with an instant. Some people are trying to use the new card Grief with Undying Evil or Ephemerate this way.

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