Dress Down

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Dress Down



When this enters the battlefield, draw a card.

Creatures lose all abilities.

At the beginning of the end step, sacrifice this.

SgtDimples on Grixis Control TitI

2 weeks ago


  1. Dress Down on opponent's end step.
  2. on your next main phase, cast Thing in the Ice  Flip. this makes it enter the battlefield as an 0/4 creature with no counters on it from it's ETB effect.
  3. After Dress Down leaves the battlefield, cast an instant to flip Thing in the Ice  Flip into Awoken Horror  Flip, which will bounce all other non-horror creatures back to their owners hands.

Alternative combo:

  1. Cast Vampire Hexmage
  2. Cast Thing in the Ice  Flip
  3. Use Vampire Hexmage's ability to remove all counters from Thing in the Ice  Flip
  4. Cast an instant or sorcery to flip Thing in the Ice  Flip into Awoken Horror  Flip

Gidgetimer on Is Slicer's "Can't Be Sacrificed" …

8 months ago

Both goading and the "can't be sacrificed" are effects from the ability resolving, not abilities given to the creature. They will not be removed by Dress Down. The goading and the "can't be sacrificed" are part of the donate ability. Once the ability is on the stack, removing the ability from the creature won't stop it from resolving.

Delphen7 on Is Slicer's "Can't Be Sacrificed" …

8 months ago

Say an opponent starts their turn. Slicer, Hired Muscle  Flip triggers (and resolves), and I choose to donate him. As a result the following happens: "goad it, and it can't be sacrificed this turn."

Some player resolves Dress Down, causing Slicer loses all abilities.

Assuming he gains haste again:

  • Is he still goaded?
  • Can he now be sacrificed?

Do either of these answers change if the opponent casts Dress Down in response to Slicer's donate trigger?

zapyourtumor on The Art of Deflection

10 months ago

The deck could definitely use some tuning, but I like the concept a lot, especially the flavor bonus of Jeskai plus a deflection theme.

Cards to Cut

First off I would cut a lot of the straight up bad cards. Divine Reflection obviously fits with the theme but the card just takes too much mana and offers too little for what it costs.

Shu Yun doesn't really do much for the 3 mana he costs, and his double strike effect even makes you pay two more mana every time.

Boros Charm is really more of a burn card, and I don't think it does very much in a tempo list like this. The indestructible choice can come in clutch sometimes, but the 4 damage or double strike options seem pretty mediocre. There are loads of great cards to run in Jeskai, and I don't think this is one of them.

Snapcaster Mage is obviously a great card. However, assuming you're on a budget, you also have to consider the fact that this card is taking up 1/3 of your decks price (for only 2 copies). More importantly, I'd actually argue that Snappy is far too slow for your tempo deck, which wants to be relatively aggressive with early threats like Swiftspear and Delver. The extra $40 you save can go towards some really nice upgrades for the deck, some of which I will suggest below.

The Manabase

I've had to build manabases for multicolor budget decks before, and I feel your pain. This is always easily my least favorite part of deckbuilding on a budget, and it just feels bad in general that your deck can't even run smoothly without spending a ridiculous amount of money on lands. But that's what WotC decided its going to make half its profit from so it is what it is.

I'm not going to make any specific card suggestions here, but your manabase is pretty clunky. This isn't really a criticism, since any manabase below a triple digits is going to be clunky, and I think the combination of basics+checks does an okay job all things considered. Thank god none of your cards have double pips of one color. I think any number of shocks are going to be out of your price range. Check lands are nice, but they basically require shocks to work well. Some other land cycles you can look into are Painlands, Innistrad Slowlands, Temple (Scry) lands, Amonkhet Cycle lands, and Pathway lands.

Maindeck Card Suggestions

Path to Exile: While some of the deflection cards can hit creatures, you technically only have three copies of bolt in the removal department. In my opinion, you should definitely expand that to a more diverse suite of removal spells which can cover all the bases. Path is probably the best catch-all creature removal you can run. It excels in the midgame, removes annoying threats like Murktide, Archon of Cruelty, Primeval Titan, Yawgmoth etc, and only costs one mana. It's also affordable! I think running around 1-2 copies would be good, with potentially another in the sideboard.

Prismatic Ending: A very strong removal spell that compliments Path very well. While path takes out all the high cmc creatures, ending deals with the cheap creatures easily while also dealing with any other problematic permanents. Most 3+ color decks of this kind that run white should run this card in my opinion. Ending also dropped in price a lot so it's quite cheap.

Lightning Helix: I definitely think you should max out 4 copies of bolt first, but helix would be like copies 5+. It also kind of fits the deflection theme since it gains you life (equivalent to preventing damage) while also dealing damage.

Monastery Mentor: Definitely on the more expensive side of my suggestions, but still a lot cheaper than Snappy. If you want to run a 3 cmc threat, I would highly recommend Mentor over Shu Yun. With all the noncreature spells you're slinging around, you will quickly amass an army of monk tokens with prowess.

Sprite Dragon: My replacement of choice for Stormchaser Mage. One of my favorite cards, Draggy is a threat that your opponent must answer quickly, or risk getting run over. Definitely a very solid 2 drop in this kind of deck.

Expressive Iteration: Iteration is a bit slower than most of my suggestions and most of the cards in your deck (besides Snap), but what we get for being slower is grind power and card advantage. EI is such a strong card that most decks from the aggro-midrange-tempo-control spectrum in UR colors choose to run it. Of course, if you are short of card slots then I think my earlier suggestions fit the deck a little better.

Consider: While I don't think you have space to add Consider in addition to Serum Visions, I do think it is worth cutting Visions for this card. You lose a little bit of digging power, but the instant speed is invaluable in a deck that wants to hold up mana for counterspells and instant speed removal/deflection effects. Opt works if you want to save a little bit of money since you have no graveyard synergy besides Snappy (which I think you should cut anyways).

Sideboard Card Suggestions

Tormod's Crypt: Grave hate.

Spell Pierce: Additional copies of Pierce are always good for decks with lots of those noncreature spells.

Wear / Tear: Remains some of the best artifact/enchantment removal in these colors, especially good against saga decks. Cheap also.

Hallowed Moonlight: Hits a surprisingly large number of decks right now, from Creativity to Scam to Rhinos to Yawgmoth to Living End--you get the idea.

Dress Down: This card is just crazy versatile and absolutely hoses saga tokens, and it is probably relevant in more matchups than you would expect. You can cast it in response to Murktide to make it a 3/3, you can shut down hammer and Yawg, stop Titan and Archon from using their ETBs, cast it in response to a Thassa's Oracle, etc.

Alpine Moon: Mainly for Urza's Saga, but it also stops Tron and hits some random stuff like Valakut Scapeshift and Lotus Field shenanigans.

Mystical Dispute/Aether Gust: Just decent color-hate options, if you need more flexible sideboard pieces and have extra space.

Blossoming Calm: Another card I like in decks like this, great against Burn and Rakdos Scam but also stops stuff like Archon and Yawg Combo from targeting you.

Deck Description Suggestions

Each person usually has their own style of deck descriptions, but I can give some suggestions based on my own deck descriptions.

Accordion tabs are usually my go-to, and I'm glad you already started one here.

  • Deck overview/general deck goals
  • Gameplan
  • Maindeck card choices (can be broken up into sections: creatures, interaction, etc.)
  • Sideboard card choices
  • Matchups/Sideboarding Guide (optional)
  • Nonbudget Upgrades (optional)

In terms of stylistic choices, if you contact Yeago (the site owner) on the discord and request CSS perms you can do internal/embedded CSS. You can do inline css without perms, but it is pretty limited and only allows you to customize the objects in the description itself.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading all of my comments; I hope at least some of it was helpful lol. Happy brewing!

legendofa on Card creation challenge

1 year ago

Trying to avoid Dress Down and Soul's Fire...

Gift of the Humble


Creatures you control with mana value 1 or less get +1/+1.

Activated abilities that aren't mana abilites of permanents with mana value 1 or less cost less to activate. This effect can’t reduce the mana in that cost to less than one mana.


Hidden Graves


Whenever you scry, target creature gets -2/-2 until end of turn.

If dead men tell no tales, who tells the tales of the dead men?

Not super powerful, but good synergy with Reaper of the Wilds.

Create a butterfly.

Bulldawg1310 on

1 year ago

wallisface have done nothing with the list other than put it on the website. I dont have but a single card to actually play it, and its not even on my priority list to build. Id like to build either an izzet or jeskai Dress Down and Thing in the Ice  Flip deck first. I havent posted it yet because thats still just a brainstorm at this point. This deck was just an easy thing (i thought) to construct.

Bulldawg1310 on looking to buy

1 year ago

GeminiSpartanX can you send me a decklist of what you have and ill let you know. theres a couple of flex spots that i have. like, i would like mine to have Delver of Secrets  Flip in it as well as Thing in the Ice  Flip also, Dress Down is a big deal for me as well, but I can make those changes myself as long as you have the majority of the pieces.

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