Inventors' Fair

Inventors' Fair

Legendary Land

At the beginning of your upkeep, if you control three or more artifacts, you gain 1 life.

: Add to your mana pool.

, , Sacrifice Inventor's Fair: Search your library for an artifact card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library. Activate this ability only if you control three or more artifacts.

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Inventors' Fair Discussion

twechsler on Messing with Lore

2 weeks ago

Hi libraryjoy it's great to see you are still active on this site. I think the budget is probably around $50. I love the idea of basalt with zirda but I think it just may require a lot of change in order to have every permanent have an activated ability. Im not as sure about Elixir of Immortality because essentially I want the biggest GY so I can have the most options of artifacts to clone. I really do want to pony up for a 10+ dollar card I just done know which yet, either Darksteel Forge, Akroma's Memorial, Grinding Station, Panharmonicon, Mishra's Bauble or Unwinding Clock I think are frontrunners there. Or Ethersworn Canonist, Inventors' Fair, Lotus Field, and Esper Sentinel for nonartifact expensive ones. Puppet Strings or anything like that I think is a must-have so thank you for that one. I've also added some other cards I think are essential and cut some of the insanely expensive ones so I can cut your work on this down a bit haha.

RambIe on About Urza's Saga in cEDH

2 months ago

To be fair i do agree with most of your assessment.
1st. I agree turn 1 colorless mana really sucks, even when i have enough rocks in opening hand to over come it i could have had a better play if i had access to color.
2nd I completely agree that the constructs are useless, i mean the best play i've seen with constructs was mid game with Rite of Replication . but if you brake that down, play a land to combo next turn, and then wait another turn to swing 6 fatty's in a deck that's designed to combo win? that's just bad timmy, bad bad timmy, like go stand in the corner timmy and think about what you just did.....
3rd i partially agree with your assessment of the tutor function. waiting 3 turns to tutor completely sucks and i believe this renders the card useless in The Gitrog Monster . But as for my opponents running anti tutor this land is the perfect bait. even in worse case if they nail me with an Opposition Agent its tutor is restricted enough that i can recover. but after it resolves i know its all clear i grab my top then can freely cast Mystical Tutor and use the top to combo off immediately.
i know its just not good enough that i'm wasting my time rooting for this little guy, but in my izzet deck Urza's Saga has consistently out performed Strip Mine , Blast Zone , Gemstone Caverns , & Inventors' Fair which were the other options i was considering for the colorless land slot.

Gage18 on Birgi Storm cEDH

2 months ago

dododestroyer I did add Mystic Forge , I personally don’t like Helm of Awakening , and I think Urza's Saga , Goblin Engineer , and Inventors' Fair are too slow for how I want to play the deck. I also don’t want to have too many colorless lands. Thank you for the suggestions though!

Balaam__ on The Antiques Roadshow

2 months ago

Good call, DBCooper. I could locate Quicksilver Amulet a few different ways too; Inventors' Fair , Fabricate etc. I’ll bench it for now, that way it’s still a viable target for Karn. If ever I find the main deck failing to go off, I could give it a battlefield promotion from sideboard to maindeck. Thanks for the suggestion!

dododestroyer on Birgi Storm cEDH

2 months ago

How about Helm of Awakening ? It works with all the main lines but also hits artifacts. Also I second the Mystic Forge , It helps in my Birgi outside of the combo, as it is often a draw engine. Also, Goblin Engineer to get cloudstone curio or sensei's divining top. Inventors' Fair and Urza's Saga are pretty nice too.

SynergyBuild on About Urza's Saga in cEDH

2 months ago

I've enjoyed the card quite a bit, ofc I've often used it for the creature tokens in my urza pile and the colorless is very useful there, and I can tap the tokens for mana as well.

While niche, it's probably one of the best lands if not the best land I can pull in that deck, with Ancient Tomb and Inventors' Fair being useful too, they feel less useful imo. I often pick up a Sol Ring , so on the third turn it's out I tap it in response to the ability on main phase, get the ring, and it made 3 mana that turn. In this way the card is a colorless land the first two turns, can make tokens I can tap for mana, then on turn three makes 3 mana, then on turns 4 onward it makes 2 mana in the form of the ring.

Obviously that's less mana than a tomb makes overall, and less at the start which is worse, but the no life loss and utility in tutoring other pieces like top is powerful.

A few Najeela lists were putting it in for Skullclamp too, so I'll test it there as well, but the colorless restriction I assume feels worse in that deck.

McToters on School of Rocks

2 months ago

This is a fantastic Boros pairing and brew. If you’re deliberately picking budget options then please ignore these recs, but off first glance I’d advise Inventors' Fair , Sigarda's Aid , Shadowspear , Auramancer , Steelshaper's Gift (I see your Open the Armory )... Janky recs? Hot Soup , Blight Sickle , Quietus Spike , Infiltration Lens , Saheeli's Directive , and Prowler's Helm .

You have probably thought of these before and I’m not suggesting all should be added. I’m a Boros guy at heart and like to get the back of other Boros players! I have a Jor-Kadeen deck I love and uses most of te aforementioned pieces.

By the way, how does your ramp do?

Again sweet deck! Cheers

WalbenQuakeblade on Jhoira cEDH

3 months ago

Jimmyflip I'm going to try out Urza's Saga over Inventors' Fair and see how I like it before making the switch. I think it could be the right choice, however dropping down to essentially 26 lands might be asking to much of the list.

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