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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Rules Q&A



Counter target instant or sorcery spell unless its controller pays .

joe_mama_joe on The Best Possible Sliver Deck.

4 days ago

It's not "the best possible sliver deck". Judging by this is the second most viewed deck on this site and only has 292 upvotes, people don't usually like you naming something "the best ______" because it's

  1. Not true
  2. Is contrary to the heart and soul of Magic, which is the deck-building aspect.

First off, I don't know why you are running these lands. Thran Quarry is bad against things like board-wipes and stax-locks. Mana Confluence is much better here. Gemstone Mine is also pretty bad in longer games, which do happen in aggro decks. You want Unclaimed Territory, because almost all nonland cards in your deck are slivers.

Next is disruption. Legacy is a format build around fast wins/combos. Your deck lacks any removal or counters to stop game-winning cards, which don't care about the board-state. You 100% need disruption of some kind to defend against easy combos.

I'd recommend a balance of counters and removal. Some cheaper counters like Spell Pierce and Miscast work best here. I strongly advise against pitch counters (Force of Will, Force of Negation) since you only have 9 blue cards in your deck. Your removal would most likely be switching Path to Exile onto the mainboard. I don't think the main deck needs many counters, but you should put more into the sideboard (and put Path into main).

Lastly is the sliver package. Nothing much needs to be changed here. It seems like a solid sliver package. The only change I would consider is taking out Striking Sliver completely. The ability itself isn't that strong and 34 slivers is quite a lot in this deck. To make room for Path, you might trim a few slivers. The ones you trim doesn't really matter.

Epicurus on Pimp My Flyers

5 months ago

Magus of the Moat absolutely has to be in here.

Also, I would consider Mindshrieker, because it can deal an enormous amount of damage on its own. And in my humble opinion, Mana Leak is better than Miscast, even though it costs one more. Your low curve can handle the difference.

Finally, I'd say that you really need some kind of draw power. Either Staggering Insight or Reconnaissance Mission would do the trick.


pixle_res on

9 months ago

Oh hey thereOmniscience_is_life! TBH, I wasn't expecting to get any feedback on my decks, I keep them here more to help me keep track of them, but I appreciate the help.

  1. I had no idea Swan Song was in the format- I definitely need to make room for it somewhere in the main deck or sideboard. However, Miscast and Spell Pierce are both less useful late game- and since I'm looking to drag the game out to turn 10-13 (so I can cast Approach of the Second Sun and still leave mana up) those cards often end up unable to do anything in my hand (especially since I'm playing Settle the Wreckage) whereas Censor can be cycled. I also played around with Essence Scatter but found it to be too narrow, and I have a lot of creature removal anyways. Dovin's Veto absolutely should replace negate though. I had Dovin's Veto in my sideboard but took it out and must've forgotten to replace Negate with it. I do really like Censor being able to counter any type of spell early on is very useful. It can even counter large spells if the opponent taps out.

  2. Oh that's a good idea. The four mana hasn't been an issue, but Thirst for Discovery costing three mana and drawing three cards can help if I'm desperation drawing for some interaction.

  3. I've found three copies of Approach of the Second Sun to be very dangerous lol. Back in Rivals of Ixalan Standard I had too many games with multiple copies stuck in my hand. The thing with Approach is I don't want to have it for a looooong time. The only reason I'm running two is so I can mill over an early copy or if one of them gets countered. There's enough card draw/selection that I will get a copy eventually, and being a control deck I'm more than happy to wait.

  4. Haha yeah, I wasn't able to afford Search for Azcanta  Flip when it was in standard so I'm happy to finally be able to play with it.

Omniscience_is_life on

9 months ago

I don't know if Censor is a good enough counter to merit being a 3-of, seems like the alt cycling tech isn't enough to make it better than a good ol' Miscast, Swan Song, Essence Scatter, Dovin's Veto, or Spell Pierce. Historic has a LOT of good control magic options!

I feel similarly about Chemister's Insight--4 mana seems like a lot to hold up, and with Thirst for Discovery in the format I feel like Insight should only have 2 copies, with two Thirsts.

Since your primary finisher is Approach, I would recommend adding another; the math's been done, if you want to draw roughly one of a card per game then 3 is the number of copies to run.

Like the deck, good to see Search for Azcanta  Flip getting some play! Keep it up!

Omniscience_is_life on Protecting Artifacts from Prismatic Ending

9 months ago

I feel like countermagic is the way to go! It's not dead outside of protection, there are some efficient options in the format, and you're in blue... seems viable.

As far as options go, Flusterstorm, Miscast, Spell Pierce, Swan Song, even Turn Aside work for your situation.

Artatras on The Many-Faced God - [Primer]

11 months ago


Hey! I really like your list! While undoubtedly less powerful than mine, you haven't distorted the general idea of the deck. The budget inclusions you have made are all very accurate. Here are a few specific suggestions:

  • Not a huge fan of Blighted Agent. Its power always stays the same, unless you have a Wall of Blood available. If you want more infect, consider Glistening Oil or Phyresis.

  • Mindshrieker is very random and not enough reliable, although it can be fun.

  • Mausoleum Secrets is also very situational. If you can't afford Entomb, just go with Unmarked Grave, Oriq Loremage or Vile Entomber. They always get what you need.

  • I would remove every single land that comes into play tapped and replace them with basic lands. You don't need too much mana fixing, especially considering Lazav requires colourless mana, and this strategy cannot afford the tempo loss of a land entering the battlefield tapped.

I wouldn't bother with Miscast, as it doesn't scale particularly well in Commander. Rotting Regisaur can be included in your current list, considering you are not running Dreadnought. Access Tunnel is okayish. Four mana total is a lot, but it's better than Rogue's Passage. I would consider it, especially since it comes into play untapped.

Regarding how well I think your deck would perform in a mid-high power setting, it depends. See, this strategy is very fast and all-in because it is very weak at its core. A Voltron deck that relies on the graveyard suffers a lot from both creature and graveyard removal. That's why my deck is so fast, with cheap win conditions and cheap tutors. Because you need to kill your opponents before they can stop your game plan. If you cut all the powerful cards (which are, unfortunately, the most expensive) and replace them with more expensive (in terms of mana) versions, the deck will become significantly slower and thus much easier to stop. So, if your meta tends more towards the mid power-level, I think you deck can stand a chance. But if your play environment is more on the powerful side, I think you should adjust your deck accordingly.

Proxying a few key cards would drastically affect the power level of the deck. Phyrexian Dreadnought in particular is irreplaceable and its inclusion would completely change the way the deck plays. The tutors would also help a lot bring up the power level.

Magistarorian on The Many-Faced God - [Primer]

11 months ago

Hey, I made a super budget version of the deck and was wondering if you could point out any bad cards I added or better cards I missed. How well do you think this deck could perform in a mid-high powered setting, and how much proxying a few key cards like dreadnaught could increase the power, https://www.moxfield.com/decks/--h1Uj0KfEaxIJOCLD16XQ

Also wondering what you think of a few cards

Miscast is this just better than other countermagic i added?

Rotting Regisaur cheaper nyxathid, which i cut, should i add it back in or just double down on the main combos

Access Tunnel is it too expensive to activate

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