Loyal Retainers

Loyal Retainers

Creature — Human Advisor

Sacrifice Loyal Retainers: Return target legendary creature card from your graveyard to play. Play this ability only during your turn, before the combat phase.

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Loyal Retainers Discussion

MFBOOM on Till the End of Tayam | **PRIMER**

1 month ago

Great list, I am currently building my own deck and was wondering what you thought of Loyal Retainers and Grakmaw, Skyclave Ravager

cfost827 on Karador EDH Deck (Hulk/Boonweaver Combo's …

1 month ago

Hey All,

So.. I'm basically looking to reduce the strength of my current Karador deck to 75%-80% (or 8/10), as it's currently much too strong for the Meta I play in with my buddies. Perhaps make it more Toolbox or Graveyard focused (i.e. fill it up), and have more ways to win through combat rather than ONLY infinite combos (cEDH). Basically make it more fair and fun to play against (including for me lol).

My Deck List: My Tapped out Deck list link here https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/karador-edh-boonweaverhulk-combos/

Background: This is the first deck I ever built about 7 months ago (built 2 more since). However, the problem was I built it off of a cEDH deck (minus the expensive land base) and didn't realize how powerful it will be. I really don't need to fill up my graveyard either (i.e. Entomb Hulk, Boonweaver, etc works just fine). I'm basically looking to completely change my Karador format but I'm still relatively new to MTG (mostly played my buddies decks for the past 2 years).

The strategy of my deck is basically to combo out (go infinite) as fast as possible. My deck relies on a lot of the common Karador combo's pieces (I have many different possible combo's): Protean Hulk, Boonweaver Giant, Pattern of Rebirth, Karmic Guide, Reveillark, Saffi Eriksdotter, Loyal Retainers, Sun Titan, Acidic Slime, etc etc. Obviously, I'm planning on removing Hulk, Boonweaver + Pattern of Rebirth. I'll probably keep the Karmic Guide/Reveillark combo though.

I also run a strong tutor suite with Demonic Tutor, Enlightened Tutor, Worldly Tutor and other strong cards like Academy Rector and extensive hate bears Gaddok Teeg, etc etc - (I try to only use when in a bind). So it would make sense to remove these.

What happens when I play this deck in our Meta: is that I don't really interact with the board/players much, as I'm just trying to tutor and find my infinite combo's as quickly as possible. This tends to annoy some people as the game will have interactions between players all over and then all of a sudden - I combo out infinitely and win the game. So every game either comes down to A) Me winning.. or B) Each player focusing their attention on me to kill me as quickly as possible, which is understandable, as I can go infinite quite quickly. So you can see why I need to reduce this and try to make my deck more fun to play with for everyone (including myself).

About my Meta/Playgroup: We always play 4 way player EDH (sometimes even 6!). There are some pretty optimized and strong decks. I would say generally decks in our meta are optimized anywhere from 60% - 80% (or 6/10 - 8.5/10). Most decks are valued mostly under $700 (which is on the high end). Infinite combo's are not thought of highly, though there a few decks that run them but it's not their main/only win cons. Our games generally last anywhere from turn 10 - turn 13 - but some decks have gone off turn 4-6 and won. So it does vary but mostly, our games go longer.

My thoughts on how to reduce my decks power (adjust to my meta) and make it more fun below - : - Remove the most powerful tutors - Remove Protean Hulk + Boonweaver Giant/Pattern of Rebirth/Academy Rector and other infinite combos - Remove most of the hate bears - Add more dredge - Add more cards to win through combat (Craterhoof Behemoth) - Transition deck to a Karador Toolbox box deck (can win through combat) ?

Please let me know your thoughts any advice will be helpful! Feel free to include links to any Karador deck lists you think I might find useful. Sorry for the long post but looking forward to all feedback

Thanks guys! :) -Cory

Kiyomei on 京 An illusion? What are you hiding? (CEDH-$T4KS) 京

4 months ago

Updated it finally to my current Version that I own and Ordered me a Archon of Emeria!!!

  • I'm probably going to take Loyal Retainers out for Archon of Emeria once it arrives, Since I've been going less and less for retainers during "yisan" anyway and since I'm not on the "Jin-retainer" anymore I feel like it's time for him to retire for a while... Especially with the power the new Archon brings!!!

  • As for Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy I'm not so sure yet. You can always let me know if you find something exciting! (I mean it can be explosive but I'm just not 100% sure if it's worth it due to lack of testing on my part)

(PS: I went to check that dead website Moxsomething and holy moley, I knew it was going to die from the start but I didn't expect it to be so badly designed compared to this and completely deserted xD)

Zhugo12 on Karadorable [cEDH Primer]

10 months ago

smackjack yes. Loyal Retainers +Saffi Eriksdotter is the only combo in th that can get out from under Torpor Orb and the related effects.

enpc on Saffi Eriksdotter

10 months ago

Nillstan: You'd be surprised, my list was actually built for a competitive setting (which is where most of the testing came from too). While it doesn't sport the boonweaver line, it still can (and has) played turn 5 wins, which is what most competitive Saffi lists aim for and the deck is "goldfish lethal" generally by turn 4. Please don't think this is me trying to undermine you list but I don't personally buy into the turn 2 hypothetical win - while it can happen in a vacuum you need to either get a god hand or you have to mulligan much more aggressively than you would in an actual game. To some extent, this is also applicable even for turn 3-4 wins, though these start moving into the realm of actually game possible.

Ultimately the whole deck speed decision comes down to the inclusion of the boonweaver combo - adding it into the deck definitely gives you the benefit of a potentially more explosive staret and quick combo assembly. The tradeoff here is however that you end up having to devote a lot of card slots to making it viable as the primary combo in the deck. Unfortunately, a lot of these cards don't really serve much of a purpose outside of the boonweaver line. I made the call not to include the line in my list and instead devote all of the slots to card advantage instead. Yes, it makes the deck a bit slower but it also helps with consistency.

Omega505: a few recommendations I would make here:

Either add Altar of the Brood or cut Loyal Retainers. Because the Retainers/Saffi loop doesn't actually use a sac outlet, the only card in the deck which the loop currently works with is Soul of the Harvest. You could add Skullclamp (which I would recommend doing anyway) but I just don't think you need retainers.

I would also cut Selesnya Sanctuary - you run enough other ETB tapped lands and this card is just too slow for anything outside of a casual list. Personally I would also drop the Dryad Arbor. You don't run Protean Hulk, nor do you run the Skullclamp + Crucible of Worlds draw engine. You also don't have enough fetches to take advantage of Lotus Cobra properly. As for it's place in the boonweaver combo, just add Inquisitor Exarch instead. Not only does it work with Reveillark and any sac outlet, but it cuts down the number of cards required in the chain, making it overall more resilient.

Coward_Token on Kick Start My Heart | Winota, Joiner of Forces EDH

10 months ago

Surprisingly few bomb Humans to cheat out in -.

Fireflux Squad: Token polymorph. I'm aware attack triggers won't immediately work with stuff cheated out by Winota.

Moggcatcher: Some more inter-tribal support

Misc CMC 3-: Loyal Retainers, Magus of the Moon, Magus of the Balance, Combat Celebrant

Misc CMC 4+ : Academy Rector, Ranger of Eos, Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker, Dragonscale General, Arena Rector, Aladdin, Zealous Conscripts

Guess you're not up for giving Valduk, Keeper of the Flame the support he needs? I'll also assume Helm of the Host is implicitly in the maybeboard along with Godo

cubemaster123 on Hulkweaver 3.0

10 months ago

This is probably a stupid question but how do you win with the Loyal Retainers if you don't have Saffi Eriksdotter.

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