Mana Crypt

Mana Crypt


At the beginning of your upkeep, flip a coin. If you lose the flip, mana crypt deals 3 damage to you.

: Gain .

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Casual Legal
Limited Legal
Leviathan Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Custom Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal

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Mana Crypt Discussion

Mcat1999 on When did you win, at …

5 hours ago

Have you ever had a game, a turn, an opening hand where you won in a glorious way? A win so powerful and insane that it became ingrained in your mind and heart and soul? The kind of win where you "won at winning"?

If so, what format did you play and how did you pull off such a feat?

I've been play testing a Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy EDH deck I'm working on. The deck is very simple: Cheat out creatures and clone them. I noticed Kinnan cares about non-land sources of mana, so this leaves me with dorks and rocks. Dorks are easier to remove, so I went with rocks. In the deck, I have 34 mana rocks and only 24 lands, of which 12 are fetches.

Yes. I only have 12 lands in the whole deck that produce mana. This is because it helps filter more lands from my library, meaning each wheel pulls more creatures into it.

Kinnan gives me +1 mana for each artifact I tap, making Sol Ring tap for and Simic Signet tap for or . So on and so forth for all of my rocks.

I then use this explosive ramp to sink into Kinnan's second ability to wheel the top 5 cards and get a creature. I have removal creatures such as Reclamation Sage, Thorn Mammoth and Amphin Mutineer as well as huge bombs like Blightsteel Colossus and It That Betrays. In addition to these, I have 11x Clone creatures that basically allow me to reuse whatever I've already got out. Finally I have what I call "wrath-proof", or creatures that net me some value when they die, keeping my board going strong. Worldspine Wurm and Ancient Stone Idol as examples. This way when I am inevitably wrathed, my board remains in tact as I rebuild.

I played the other day with an opening hand that had the following:

I opened the game with a Mana Crypt and a Misty Rainforest which I cracked for a Breeding Pool. This yields me mana, which I can then pay for the Basalt Monolith. Tap that for mana and play the Simic Cluestone.

When I untap, Basalt Monolith stays tapped. However, by paying UG with Breeding Pool and Simic Cluestone, I can play Kinnan. Now, each artifact I tap adds an additional 1 mana of any type it produced.

So Mana Crypt now adds . I can use Mana Crypt to pay the to untap Basalt Monolith.

Basalt Monolith now taps for but requires to untap, meaning I am generating infinite colorless mana. However, this does me no good as Kinnan needs to pay his wheel ability.

Well, 7 activations of Basalt Monolith later and I get Chromatic Orrery, which now allows me to spend mana as though it were any color.

However I over-tapped to be safe. I added more than .

Now I can go infinite with Basalt Monolith, generating infinite mana of any and all colors, allowing me to activate Kinnan's ability so much that I play every single creature in my entire library.

On. Turn. Two.

One creature in my deck is Craterhoof Behemoth which if cheated into play too early is a dead card. However Kinnan is a "may" ability so I can elect to not bring Hoof out.instead I build and build a creature base until Hoof could swing for lethal.

But that's just one opponent?

Well that's where the clones come into play. Multiple Craterhoof Behemoths later and I am swinging for lethal against all three opponents on turn two.

Disclaimer: As much as I'd love to suggest maybe I accidentally clump-shuffled everything together and that's how I got that hand, it was a playtest on here. Sat down with my iPad to test it with friends at the dining room table.

PJSansing on [cEDH] Krenko Combo [[Primer]]

1 day ago

Hey, man.

First, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate this Primer. I was turned on to it a while back and it has very much helped my deck. (If you're curious you can find it here: here I just had a couple suggestions.

First, its not out yet, but Pyre of Heroes looks really good for this deck

Second with Conspicuous Snoop there is a doomsday combo involving Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, Mogg Fanatic and (if you need haste) Torch Courier.

Essentially, play Goblin Recruiter, stack deck so that (from top-bottom) you have Conspicuous Snoop, Torch Courier, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, and Mogg Fanatic (Torch Courier is not needed if a haste enabler is out). Draw & cast Snoop. With his ability, cast Torch Courier and give Snoop haste. Use Kiki-Jiki's ability to make infinite copies of Snoop. After that, make a copy of Goblin Recruiter and put Mogg Fanatic on top. Use its ability as Snoop and deal infinite damage to opponents.

With this combo, there is the possibility of a turn two win (though it relies on both a Christmas hand and no interaction, so its definitely a little weak).

Christmas Hand: Mana Crypt, Sol Ring, Pyretic Ritual, Goblin Recruiter, 2 mountains, and then either Goblin Warchief, Goblin Chieftain, Tuktuk Rubblefort, or Hammer of Purphoros (For now, we'll say its warchief)

  1. Play Mana Crypt & a Mountain.
  2. Tap the Crypt & play Sol Ring.
  3. With the left over mana and the Mountain, play Pyretic Ritual.
  4. Tap Sol Ring and use that mana and the Ritual mana to play Goblin Warchief (to give haste) and Goblin Recruiter.
  5. Order deck (from top to bottom) Conspicuous Snoop, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, and Mogg Fanatic. End Turn
  6. Draw Snoop
  7. Play 2md mountain and cast Snoop.
  8. Proceed with the combo above.

As I said, its definitely a long shot, but its there.

Again, thanks for this Primer. Its been super helpful!

RambIe on Please Enlighten Me

1 day ago

plakjekaas,Sol Ring has to be one of the best examples
yes paying 1 for 2 is great value, and it seems like one of the best turn 1 plays, so everyone with out second though just auto includes it in there deck

however, its not the best fit for all decks,
infact most cedh decks run around 30 1 drops with 30 lands. that's 60 cards Sol Ring can not interact with
out of the remaining 40 cards being as efficient as possible, 30 or more only have in there mana costs
so in these decks that only have 5-10 cards that have in there casting costs how effective is Sol Ring really ?
isn't their possibly another card that would preform better in the deck?
Feather, the Redeemed as an example, personally i would take Jeweled Amulet over Sol Ring
Kenrith, the Returned King, i would take Mana Vault over Sol Ring
Najeela, the Blade-Blossom i would take Mana Crypt over Sol Ring
Urza, Lord High Artificer i would take Sol Ring over any other option

now i know with staples the status quo is just add them all so i can hope to just get any one of them
but as i already explained over 60 cards in my deck do not require any colorless mana to be cast
so what use is having access to 2-10 colorless mana on turn 2 ?
couldn't those card slots be used instead to fill a more important mechanic in my deck ?

the answer to all the questions depends on the deck
the claim that a select list of cards are so good that only they can be used and should be used in every deck is a lie
the truth is in commader no matter it being casual, cedh or anything in between we have access to 28 years worth of card printing
there is such a verity of combo and mechanics that no matter how powerful one may be it has a sever weakness to another
its not like other formats were its 1v1 and a few select blocks to pick from, in those formats yes you can create a list
this is a 1v3 format with a massive card list
even the almighty fishhulk (considered to be the best deck in the cedh listing pre flash ban) lost to a budget kess deck in its world debut

plakjekaas on Please Enlighten Me

1 day ago

Ramble you use the names cEDH and commander interchangeably. And they're not, not really. You're right by stating that commander has one of the biggest card pools as a format, which leaves all the space for variety and creativity.

But cEDH is a subcategory of the commander format that plays the very optimal cards it can for every purpose. If you want to remove an artifact or enchantment, there's a lot of spells that are commander legal to help you with that, but cEDH won't have a lot of use for many of those, because they will cost too much mana for them to be relevant in time. It's the difference between playing Springsage Ritual and Nature's Claim, where Nature's Claim is the staple.

Because you're looking for the very best card possible to play in every situation in cEDH, there's an amount of staples in each color that are auto-includes depending on your commander's color identity. If you'd compare cEDH lists, you'd see that:

Every deck will play Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, Mana Vault, Chrome Mox and Mox Diamond to be able to play their spells as fast as possible, blue decks will always have Rhystic Study, Mystic Remora, Mana Drain, Fierce Guardianship, Cyclonic Rift and Ponder at the very least, because those cards are the best at what they do for the cheapest of costs.

In cEDH, every color has a list of staples like that. If you want to build the "best" deck you can, there's probably over 15000 commander legal cards that are just not good enough to play. If you compare cEDH lists, you'll see that every deck that plays certain colors, will be running staples of that color. Because those cards are the most efficient to play, regarding mana cost and board impact. Combo's will be better to include if you'd need as little cards as possible, and if all those pieces will be easy to find with the tutors available in your colors.

When consistency is key, a lot of your card choices are locked. That is the essence of cEDH decks. Which you can disregard all you like, because it's not your style to play that way, that is fine. But it means you're not playing cEDH, which as a format is built on optimal card choices, therefore the decks usually feel like they're 80% staples and 20% unique gameplan (those numbers are arbitrary, I wouldn't know the exact numbers). But if you dislike playing Sol Ring because everyone plays Sol Ring, then cEDH as a way to play commander is very much not for you.

Mcat1999 on Card creation challenge

3 days ago

This card would be printed in a Commander precon or supplemental set, making it legal functionally only there.

Excessive Force

Enchantment - Aura

Enchant creature

Whenever enchanted creature assigns combat damage, it instead assigns quadruple that amount and half as much, rounded up, to you.

Wording is wonky. Not sure how to say it properly. Basically if I swing at you with a 4/4 and it is blocked by your 7/7, my 4/4 deals 16 damage to your 7/7 but it also deals 8 damage to me. Now things get interesting with trample, I think. The rules say -

702.19a Trample is a static ability that modifies the rules for assigning an attacking creature’s combat damage. The ability has no effect when a creature with trample is blocking or is dealing noncombat damage. (See rule 510, “Combat Damage Step.”)

So this makes me wonder. If my 4/4 has trample, it deals 16 damage to your 7/7. The 7/7 takes 7 damage and the remaining 9 is rolled over to you. Now my creature technically dealt damage twice - or rather it was reassigned. However the enchantment does say "whenever". So does that mean that the 7 damage it dealt to your creature, half is dealt to me (rounded up) for a total of 4 (3.5 rounded up is 4) and the remaining 9 is halved and given to me, or 4.5 rounded up to 5.

Meaning I take 9 damage, rather than 8? As 4 + 5 = 9 rather than 16 / 2 = 8?

Either way that's the card. Lol "Lifelink"

Very simple challenge. I am making a Simic Commander deck that uses Clone effects. I am inserting creatures who protect me from wraths, or creatures who give tokens upon death such as Ancient Stone Idol, Phyrexian Triniform, Reef Worm, Worldspine Wurm and Wurmcoil Engine. The Commander is Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy.

The deck has literally more artifact sources of mana than it has lands, and that's not a joke. It literally has 31 artifact sources of mana from Mana Crypt all the way up to The Great Henge and almost everything in between (A few were left out) and only 24 lands.

So, for the challenge, make a Simic creature who is non-legendary as I'd like to be able to clone it over and over again, who also has a death trigger that creates tokens when it dies so I can protect myself from wraths.

Omniscience_is_life on No Playing... But Still Magic

1 week ago

I think you can improve the quality of your mana rocks a little, Gilded Lotus, Commander's Sphere, and Marble Diamond are a little slow. I'd suggest adding Sol Ring, Mind Stone, Azorius Signet, and, if you have the money, a Mana Crypt.

I'd also cut Mangara, the Diplomat--your opponents won't be attacking or casting spells against THIS deck!

I'd trade Court of Cunning with Confounding Conundrum, as well

3devils on Kambal, stax, taxes, and more

1 week ago

Well, i spent some $$$ and added Mana Crypt, Vampiric Tutor, and Demonic Tutor. I hope this helps make the deck work better in the late game.

Harbinger69 on New Tibalt- Sen triplets with horns

2 weeks ago

I see someone else has already started brewing the new commander. I really like where the deck is heading! Here are a couple suggestions I would give for the brew:


-1 Ashen Powder...Seems like a worse Reanimate at way too high a cmc

-1 Beacon of Unrest... In general I dont think you'll be getting enough cards in opponent's graveyards for this to matter very much

-1 Crux of Fate... No dragons in the deck, doesn't seem incredibly good at 5 mana, but you can keep this one in without a huge problem.

I'm noticing maybe too much emphasis on a theft style of play? I personally would go the route of controlling your opponents hand and board until you can ramp to Tibalt and pop off, though this is your choice.


-1 Grab the Reins...7 mana for getting a little value out of a creature the destroying it just isn't good enough when you could be devoting that slot to better ramp options (which this deck desperately needs)

Mana Base:

Nothing much to say here, maybe cut a mountain or two for some swamps for better mana? Maze of Ith seems good for protecting walker Tibalt in a pinch


-1 Stormfist Crusader... One extra card per opponent usually won't matter

-1 Zealous Conscripts... Too expensive and not impactful enough without a Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker combo package


-1 Glasses of Urza... this card will never be relevant. Ever.


Nothing much to say here in terms of cutables.


-1 Angrath, the Flame-Chained... To expensive, too little payoff

-1 Ob Nixilis Reignited...inefficient card draw/removal engine

Cards to Consider

Note: Add more sacrifice outlets like Yawgmoth, Thran Physician or Phyrexian Altar to prevent your opponents from getting any creatures you stole back. Additionally, I would suggest to find a few more cards of removal and focus on making the deck play as smoothly as possible. Really love where the deck is headed. Good work =)

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