Serra's Sanctum


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Urza's Saga (USG) Rare

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Serra's Sanctum

Legendary Land

: Add to your mana pool for each enchantment you control.

Serra's Sanctum Discussion

Regoober on Tuvasa - Enchantment Deck

1 week ago

Season of Growth is one of my new favorite cards in my Enchantment deck--Especially If I'm running this many auras.

Additionally, Retether can make for one-shot commander knockouts after your commander gets burnt a couple times.

You should consider at least Unquestioned Authority for creature evasion if you're going for Voltron wins.

One Artifact means you should really punish people with artifacts: Stony Silence , Collector Ouphe , and Seeds of Innocence are all crushers for decks that rely on rock ramp spells. Archon of Valor's Reach is my favorite card in my bant enchantress deck. It does control effects on certain decks (I tend to pick instants or artifacts, but sorcery is a good pick if you're afraid of boardwipes. Planeswalker is only good against decks that are themed that way.) AND it doubles as a flying vigilance body to put auras on.

Finally, I don't think you need this many lands. Your curve is pretty low and you have a ton of ramp-chantments. A basic or three could probably get cut.

Hope that helps! keep building (and definitely consider Serra's Sanctum . Pricey, but just as relevant to your deck as Gaea's Cradle is to elfball.)

RNR_Gaming on Tuvasa - Enchantment Deck

1 week ago

Very surprising that Heliod, God of the Sun isnt in here. He's an awesome mana sync and makes cards that you have like Ethereal Armor and Sphere of Safety soooooo much better. Additionally, All That Glitters and Skybind are pretty good; if you do put in Serra's Sanctum and Heliod, God of the Sun you can make an overwhelming amount of clerics by blinking Serra's Sanctum with the trigger from Skybind and dumping the mana into heliod.

Zerraphon on EDH - Bant: Jenara, Asura of War

1 month ago

Also there are some cards I don’t quite understand are in here! It seems like you have a lot going on! You have cards like Serra's Sanctum but only have 10 enchantments, so I don’t think it has a good slot in here!

RNR_Gaming on Ancestral Worship (Tuvasa, the Sunlit)

1 month ago

Not sure what you're looking for help with but if you're not on a budget I'd replace Arcane Denial with Mana Drain . Also, Heliod, God of the Sun makes enchantment creatures and is a wonderful mana dump for Serra's Sanctum

EmrysTheWizard on Karametra Card Draw and Value

1 month ago

cPute, Grasp of Fate would definitely be a nice addition to the deck. I don't quite have the budget for Serra's Sanctum though. I will think about adding Flickering Ward , but I really see no reason to add it. Thanks for your suggestions.

LeonSpires on If you could un-ban 1 ...

2 months ago

Tolarian Academy is the card i would un-ban for EDH. Serra's Sanctum and Gaea's Cradle are legal. Is the academy that much worse?

BMHKain on Best Mono-G CMDR for "Impurity" ...

2 months ago

Ironic; those aren't even my whole glossary of Personality Traits; so just expect more later on; as for Shy, it almost get's to the point of Timid/Meek; one of which will be a part of this.

Crap. My hype is Sodium Chlorinating; & it now includes CMDR 2019.

Are you sure about this? Even TolarianCommunityCollege's Professor (Real Name: Brian Lewis.) stated so many times even though his fans like zombies that it just is a risk to use; based on Twitter alone:

Liking Arcane Signet = Irredeamable Hate from the Commandeer Community; maybe even Brawl. That's just my opinion; thwart it though if you can prove different.

Already Added them.

The Thematic Element behind such a Bant Enchantress Deck is that Estrid, the Masked is the one who promotes Peace(craft); this is expressed more than all means through her ever creating masks; which all have Totem Armor. Jenara, Asura of War was chosen over Rafiq of the Many as just having one creature attack via Exalted seems underwhelming to me; & he too would've been a decent second. Even Tuvasa the Sunlit w/ HUGE Aggro Potential probably isn't cut up for the job of War. In case you wish to know, Tuvasa is the most powerful Merfolk in Ixalan; stronger than even Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca ; & is more pure than the tyrant Merfolk; so, that enough could prove the only choice for War is Jenara, Asura of War . Such an Angelic menace; she can just get stronger through stuff like Serra's Sanctum , & all those +1/+1 Counters stay w/ her turn after turn until she dies; simple, but very powerful. She is essentially the self-empowering; CMDR Damage abomination of a commander option. I hope this helps at least...

Can't even find any good cards w/ either Madness; nor stuff requiring discard. Oh well, At least Madness is one of the themes of a Keyword Theme deck for CMDR 2019. Might simply get that & Morph. Any suggestions?

Good point. I'll have to Gamble on my choices... I guess I could utilize a combination of Hatebear & Politics; Basically having control of board presence while having at least one ally without being a damned Archenemy. Thanks for the help. I'll see what else I can do about all this; I think Iknow what to use for Xantcha, Sleeper Agent , Estrid, the Masked / Jenara, Asura of War , but not Neheb, the Eternal , or Omnath, Locus of Mana . I'll then proceed after all that to Yarok, the Desecrated ... Tee Hee...

Thanks again. :)

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Serra's Sanctum occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%