Serra's Sanctum

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Premodern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Serra's Sanctum

Legendary Land

: Add to your mana pool for each enchantment you control.

Dragaan on What my friends call, "The Cursed Deck."

1 month ago

Some of the cards like Greater Auramancy and Sphere of Safety are key, and I believe there was even an artifact version (not the same but close) of the Sphere that I had used in my pillow fort deck but I forgot its name...

Anyway, I found this on here. Maybe you'll find some of the options interesting. You already have several of them listed here, such as Ghostly Prison and Luminarch Ascension (one of the best, up there with the Sphere)

And if this is for casual play (or legacy..but I doubt that, heh) or EDH there's always Serra's Sanctum, which is fantastic if you can afford it, esp since most versions of the deck are mono-white or mostly white.

Vessiliana on Maya Angels

3 months ago

Command Tower would be a good replacement for Rith's Grove.

I also agree with triproberts12 that Serra's Sanctum is just not a good fit for this deck. Maybe Angel of Invention would be good, and since you're running both the other Akromas, what about Akroma, Vision of Ixidor? She would give some excellent buffs to your team!

LunchBox1211 on Card creation challenge

4 months ago

Rise to Prominence

Enchantment - Saga Aura

Enchant non-legendary creature. That creature becoming legendary does not remove ~.

: Enchanted creature gains hexproof and indestructible.

: Put a Legendary Counter on enchanted creature. You gain 3 life and scry 2.

: Each Legendary creature you control gains vigilance, lifelink, first strike and trample until the beginning of your next upkeep. Then put a +1/+1 counter on each of those creatures for each legendary permanent you control.

I like it when things are complete, so when I saw that USG had a 3 land cycle of legendary lands that taps for a variable amount of mana based on how much of something you control, I naturally wanted to complete it. The existing lands are Gaea's Cradle, Serra's Sanctum and Tolarian Academy. Make either the black version, or the red version (or both, if you are feeling especially audacious today).

LunchBox1211 on LunchBox1211

4 months ago

ShieldOfHolyShadows, I'll be honest, I have not noticed people targeting me for playing Court of Grace. Sure, people want to attack whoever the monarch is, but once someone hits me, the table tends to attack them. I know this goes against the entire point of running the Monarch in a pillow fort deck, but I have built a handful of pillow fort-type decks, including an Esper Monarch deck, and a card like Crawlspace can protect you from attacks, especially if you are making bodies with Court of Grace, as can Silent Arbiter.

So, no, I have not noticed players targeting me because I played Court of Grace, and if they have, they are not targeting me, they're targeting the Monarch, which happens to be me at the time. I will also admit that it isn't perfect, but I feel like it is underrated.

Hopefully that helps. If people are blowing up your stuff because you played Court of Grace, I'm not sure what to say. Might I ask who the Commander is for that deck, and also did you know that Serra's Sanctum is legal in EDH (in case you need some help ramping after you drop some enchantments)?

Forceofnature1 on Value City Enchantments

4 months ago

I am extremely lucky as I won a Serra's Sanctum years ago in a raffle before it truly took off. I have the ancient and a full art Mirari's Wake I just so rarely play selesnya colors that all these gems are just sitting there unused.

I guess my question was more how do you get Approach in your hand the first time. I realize that sifting once you play it is pretty easily, but do you have a way to get it the first time in case a game needs to be shut out quickly or do you just stumble upon it?

KingLonsur on Value City Enchantments

4 months ago

Forceofnature1 because of Mirari's Wake Nyxbloom Ancient and Serra's Sanctum. Having a few enchantresses out makes it actually very easy to play Approach, draw a bunch of cards, and cast it the same turn or even the following turn. Great alternate wincon and actually does amount to several of my wins with the deck

TypicalTimmy on Weakest Mono Color

5 months ago

Well, let's break it down like this:


  • Functionally no ramp outside of Serra's Sanctum and Smothering Tithe
  • Loads of targeted exile removal
  • Cantrips draws only, lest a few Commanders like Mangara
  • Almost always puts you in one of three very rickety boats: White weenies, Angels, prisons & Stax


  • Lots of ramp. Runaway Steam-Kin, Koth of the Hammer, Dockside Extortionist, Mana Geyser and Battle Hymn, to name a few
  • Burn is basically their removal, but it's so easy to deal lethal amounts of damage that this works just fine. Plus artifact and land destruction so you can grind games to a screeching halt
  • Yes, red draw is flimsy. But it's still draw, and there's a lot more of it than white. While it may act essentially the same as a cantrips (replace card in hand with card from deck), it also allows more utility when you can pick and choose between the top two or three. As for impulse, cards such as Outpost Siege and Furious Rise may not feel like card advantage, but it's an additional card you get to cast that turn. The first time you impulse, you replaced the enchantment (e.g. cantrip), but the second time is straight value
  • Loads of ways to win, mostly through damage, but everything white can do, red can also do. Drop a Mudslide and watch the game crash to a sudden stop. It's amazing.

Red is not the best mono color, but is superior to white in every way, with the exception of maybe instant speed 1mv removal. But red is so aggressive that you take the hit and fire back full force anyway

White has it's benefits. The issue is white is best at propping other colors up. On its own, it has nothing to prop up and thus falls apart.

TypicalTimmy on Weakest Mono Color

5 months ago

Tldr lack of solid ramp and draw.

White relies far too heavily on other sources to ramp, rather than ramping by itself. It's "best" ramp is Serra's Sanctum which only works if you have a boat load of enchantments already in play, meaning you need tons of mana before you get tons of mana.

And white has tons of cantrips, but trading 1-for-1 does not move you ahead in net cards. All you do is waste your turn.

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