As long as Trinisphere is untapped, each spell that would cost less than three mana to cast costs three mana to cast. (Additional mana in the cost may be paid with any colour of mana or colourless mana. For example, a spell that would cost to cast costs to cast instead.)

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Trinisphere Discussion

plakjekaas on Am I allowed to use …

1 month ago

There's a kind of debate going on about if it should be allowed, but the current rulings define the color identity of a card as including all colors of mana pips printed on the card that are not in (Italic reminder text in brackets).

Which means Trinisphere is not a black card, but Shield of the Oversoul's color identity is both green and white, because of the hybrid mana symbol. It's therefor not allowed in mono green commander decks.

Daedalus19876 on Toxic Relationship: Hapatra EDH [PRIMER]

1 month ago

Profet93, GoldenGolgari, skeletonkey8: Okay, so!

I played some cEDH games with this yesterday. The deck worked wonderfully: I won 2 out of 3, and I should have won the 4th if it wasn't for a really dumb mistake -- I cracked Voidwalker to steal someone else's Earthcraft with my combo in hand, realized afterward that I had zero basics, and immediately died to a combo Voidwalker would have stopped. Welp.

Standard Bearer and Heroic are much better in a more casual format with lots of board wipes. CEDH doesn't have many of those, apart from Toxic Deluge (which Heroic doesn't even stop). Besides, my biggest concern in cEDH is stopping opposing combos rather than protecting my own board. I need to find ways to answer Thassa's Oracle, Ad Nauseam, and Underworld Breach.

I haven't drawn Fynn yet, but I'm optimistic. It's not hard to get 3 or 4 snakes, and then I can two-hit people to death. It's a good, solid wincon when I'm stuck under my own stax pieces.

I got to play both Trinisphere AND Contamination yesterday -- both separately AND in the same game (my poor, poor opponents). Both did wonders, and pretty much won singlehandedly. Note that Plumb the Forbidden does NOT non-bo with Trinisphere :) The copies aren't cast and are thus unaffected.

By and large, I'm very happy with the changes!

skeletonkey8 on Toxic Relationship: Hapatra EDH [PRIMER]

1 month ago

I agree with Profet93, i very excited to hear about your results with the stax pieces. Mostly Contamination =D

But what i have been going back and forth on asking is, how is Trinisphere treating you? Does it feel like too much with the low mana curve or that it non-bo's with Plumb the Forbidden. It seems crazy good here and a great extra piece of stax with Collector Ouphe and Culling Ritual to slow down greedy opponents

DawnsRayofLight on Eldrazi Tribal/Tron (Help is Appreciated)

2 months ago

@lalalalala: it is definitely getting there. I am going to make some suggestions:

I know this is going to be like "wow now I am running the same Tron as everyone else" but Karn has always been one of my favorite planeswalkers and he is ideal in a list like this

I might run

3x Karn, the Great Creator

2x Karn Liberated

1-2 Ugin, the Ineffable

1-2 All Is Dust

3-4x Golgari Signet or Talisman of Impulse

1x Blast Zone

1x Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth

(for the lands maybe drop a crossroad or two? test the deck and if you feel you are not getting lands consistently enough run 22 or 21, a lot of the TRON lists similar to yours run only 17)

Cards to Drop:

Eldrazi Mimic: It is nice to have a 2 drop but he isn't that strong, if you want an early drop you can run Walking Ballista or Matter Reshaper

Conduit of Ruin: You can maybe be fine with 2 but 4 isn't necessary, I am honestly not a fan but it does at least fetch your big boys, but you may have enough dig with the Ancient Stirrings to drop it altogether. Wurmcoil Engine may be a better 6 drop

Titan's Presence: you may have enough creature removal with Kozilek's Return and Warping Wail. It also gives your opponents information about what you may have in hand. You could drop them to run other cards.

Set up your sideboard like this (for use with Karn)

3x Chalice of the Void: Seriously a good card, I was onto this long before it started getting put in Tron, maybe consider a 1 of in the main to, but basically it allows you to halt a lot of annoying decks in their tracks: affinity, infect, storm, they die to this card. I sided it in one game against an affinity player: played 1 for 0 then the next turn dropped another at 1 and he scooped.

1x Ensnaring Bridge

1x Crucible of Worlds

1x Relic of Progenitus

1x Grafdigger's Cage

1x Pithing Needle

1x Torpor Orb

1x Wurmcoil Engine

1x Ratchet Bomb

1x Trinisphere

1x Blightsteel Colossus: Martyr of sands is making a comeback

2x Wilt: just to counter Blood Moon

Maybeboard for the side

1x Oblivion Stone

Hope this helps!

Neotrup on Chalice of the void vs …

4 months ago

Yes, Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer has a mana value of 1, even if it's cast with its alternate dash cost, without paying its mana cost, or through an increased cost like Trinisphere .

Gidgetimer on How does "costs less" interact …

5 months ago

When casting a spell you declare a number for X. When it comes time to pay the costs of the spell you determine what you need to pay by taking the cost of the spell (with the declared value of X in the case of "X" spells) plus any additional costs, minus any cost reductions, and then any cost setting effects ( Trinisphere is the only one that I know of).

So for an X of 4 on Multiple Choice with only the stated effects it would be plus nothing minus for a mana payment due of .

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

6 months ago

I really don't like how the King Midas story is depicted on King Macar, the Gold-Cursed . Here's how I would like to redo his card:

Macar, King of Nistos

Legendary Creature - Human Noble

Noncreature permanents you control lose all abilities and become Gold artifacts with "Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color.” unless was spent to cast this spell.

Other creatures you control lose all abilities and become Gold artifacts with "Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color.” unless was spent to cast this spell.

Sacrifice a nontoken permanent: Create a Gold token.


This makes him really easy to abuse if there's a Trinisphere on the field or if you're paying commander tax. I mean, paying literally makes every permanent you control Gold, and nothing else. Paying with the commander tax or with Trinisphere, etc. (taxing effects) he gives you an amazing ability!

plakjekaas on None

7 months ago

I'm against it.

"as the entire point of hybrid cards was that they represented an "or" state rather than an "and" state."

If we'd extrapolate that, we'd be able to play Reaper King in a Hope of Ghirapur deck. Because its color identity is colorless, or mono white, or sultai, or... well anything you like. Meanwhile, the mana cost has undeniably hidden in it's cost. And it's a slippery slope. Phyrexian mana was also designed for flexibility to reach out of your color restraints. Should the colour identity of Noxious Revival be colorless too? I wouldn't be keen to explain the rules of color identity to new or inexperienced players: basically, it's the colors you can find on the card, either in the mana cost or the rules text. Except when the mana symbols look wonky, there's separate rules for those.

There's already the nuisance of having to explain that reminder text (italic, in parentheses) does not define color identity. Trinisphere is not a black card, and Blind Obedience is not an Orzhov card. Let's not expand that to the actual rules texts please.

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