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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal



You may exile a blue card from your hand rather than pay this spell's mana cost.

Change the target of target spell with a single target.

Profet93 on Favorite EDH Cards

23 hours ago


Anyone who has seen me comment on their deck will know I love using people's cards against them. Whether it's Worst Fears (the mythic I got in my first pack coming back into MTG), Mindslaver (flashbacks to academy ruins lock) or Emrakul, the Promised End, their hand is my hand. And with that hand I say why are you hitting yourself? LOL

As such, my 3 favorite cards are Deflecting Swat, Misdirection and Imp's Mischief. The first 2 can be cast for free which is great as you can bluff interaction. The latter is usually unexpected, until your playgroup asks why are you holding 2 mana after casting a large Torment of Hailfire and then they learn that with 2 mana open, you too can be the blue player!

Profet93 on Atemsis, All-Seeing

1 day ago

RedRocket_ +1

I agree with seshiro_of_the_orochi's suggestion for alham archive 100%

Might want to add a Misdirection, potentially over commandeer. It's easier to cast in both modes. It can "Counter" counterspells while redirecting targeted removal, draw and extra turns. If you're using commandeer on a removal spell most of the time, this is pretty much the same.

SufferFromEDHD on Lost Among the Stars in Search of the Moon

1 week ago

Wow. You really pay attention to the details. I will be adding 50% basic lands.

Artifacts, creatures and lands are regularly targeted in this deck. Teferi's Response is jank I just wanted to try out because this is mono blue lands. Draw 2 cantrip is in a league of its own. The look on your opponents face... Priceless. For everything else, there's MasterCard.

Buyback is quite possibly my favorite keyword in EDH. Reusable effects are pretty good. Extra turns are pretty good. The 3 lands can be recycled by Crucible.

Shapesharer = pure profit. How I missed this is beyond me as I know it's in the collection. The synergy with Training Grounds makes it certified Moonfolk.

Foil was only in because Island Misdirection is superior in everyway.

Will be adding Rhystic Study

Profet93 on Lost Among the Stars in Search of the Moon

4 weeks ago

Fair points all around!

I wasn't going to suggest something per say, it was more of a question. I was originally thinking of High Tide but I realized you focused on a field of the dead package. Btw, for that package, you should swap out half of your snow-covered islands for normal islands for field of the dead.

Speaking of blasts from the past, how has Teferi's Response been playing for you? Do people really target your lands that often in this deck?

Why do run Walk the Aeons over another 5cmc extra turn spell, do you have a way to recur the islands? Or is it you just want a repeatable time talk effect given you have 10 islands to spare? I do wonder given since you run only 10, often how you do initiate buyback on it.

Do you run crucible for your lands that etb and make you sac another land + walk the eons? How is crucible working for you?

Do you feel you have enough card draw?

Not an entirely serious suggestion, but maybe Shapesharer? You run a lot of activated abilities and training grounds eases the cost. Makes copies of either your creatures or important opposing ones? Is likely too mana costly for what you're going for.

Another changeling, Bloodline Pretender?

I assume rhystic study and mystic remora are other staples you avoid? If you're going for something a little more interesting, Misdirection > Foil

Foil's pros....

A) Cheaper to hard cast B) Can directly counter spells rather than hope it's targeted C) If you get a FOIL Foil, then you can say "You've been foiled by a Foil foil" as the pod stares at your in disbelief.

Misdirection Pros....

A) "Same speech I give for Imp's mischief on every deck" - "Counter" counterspells while redirecting targeted removal, draw and extra turns. B) Costs 1 less card, sometimes it's a tough decision between countering their spell or keeping the other card in your hand given your 3 opponents

Profet93 on How the Turns Tabled (Elminster)

2 months ago

Necramus +1

Soothsaying - While not scry, can set up your topdeck. Not sure if its worth including but worth mentioning.

Scroll Rack - Set up top deck, scrys help card quality

An Offer You Can't Refuse or Misdirection > Mana leak - Mana leak gets weak in mid-late game. Offer is solid. Misdirection can counter counterspells while redirecting targeted removal, draw, and extra turns! Not to mention bluffing while tappedout.

Mind Stone - Ramp when you need it, draw when you don't. Do you feel you have enough ramp with only 7 artifacts?

outofnothing0 on Memmmnaarrch!

2 months ago

@Profet93: Thanks for the upvote!

-#1 & #3: These were already in the deck but you've reminded me to update my deck description to reflect the newer tech. Thx!

-#2: Honestly I've never considered copying the Sensei's Divining Top card draw as I thought the bounce was part of the cost... I'll have to reconsider putting it back in. Thanks for the suggestion!

-#4: I've considered running the Mystic Forge draw combo here but I honestly don't think I can justify it with the number of artifacts I run... I'm currently running that in my Jeskai Kykar, Wind's Fury eggs deck: Kykar, Wheels Fury and my colorless Karn, Silver Golem deck: Karn on the Cob which both have waaay more artifacts.

-Mystic Remora: never really been a huge fan of this card without being able to abuse it but definitely always worth thinking about.

-Misdirection: I've played with this in high tier games for quite a bit in my Zur the Enchanter deck: Zur's Perfection and have found that it's usually not worth the slot... powerful as it may seem.

-Snapcaster Mage: I actually recently took him out but I really want to put it back lol. Having some trouble tweaking things at this point.

-Karn, the Great Creator like you said can hard lock; also it's static ability ruins artifact decks. My play group meta can very easily with multiple decks use this against me which is why it's a definite no for this deck.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Profet93 on Memmmnaarrch!

2 months ago

outofnothing0 +1

Other combos to consider....

  1. Everflowing chalice (4 counters) + voltaic key + rings of brighthearth = infinite
  2. Basalt Monolith + rings of brighthearth + Sensei's Divining Top = infinite + draw your entire deck
  3. Chromatic Orrery + voltaic key + rings of brighthearth = infinite
  4. Mystic Forge + artifact cost reducer + Sensei's Divining Top = draw your entire deck

Mystic Remora - Draw

Misdirection - Perhaps over disallow? It allows you a 3rd option to bluff without mana open. Instead of countering a targeted removal, draw or extra turn spell, you can redirect it. While the redundancy may not be needed, it is worth considering.

Snapcaster Mage - Recursion/value, synergy with riptide laboratory

Karn, the Great Creator + myconsith lattice = Hard lock

Profet93 on Wheels on the Bus/ RiP Sheldon (Nekusar)

2 months ago

Necramus +1

Alhammarret's Archive - Extra draw from wheels

An Offer You Can't Refuse > mana leak - Mana leak is only good early-mid game. Better to get a complete counterspell in EDH. Although this might be slightly more difficult in a 3 color build, given all your card draw, Misdirection should be considered as well. It's another deflecting swat and imp's mischief of sorts.

Mystic Remora - Draw, although perhaps not necessarily needed in this build.

I would cut megrim for another piece of artifact ramp like Mind Stone potentially. 10% ramp seems solid and would allow you to more easily 1) Cast your commander sooner 2) Cast all the cards you draw and recover from artifact wipes.

If you're going to run underworld dreams for 3 black, then perhaps an Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth could help with your 3 color mana base and casting requirement.

I don't play 3 colors but 2 nonbasics to consider, should you mana base allow it are Ancient Tomb for ramp and Riptide Laboratory. Riptide words with your commander and a few other creatures, most notably snapcaster mage.

How has necropotence been treating you? I ask because triple black along with GY exile is steep, but it does help with Thassa oracle and card advantage so I'm torn.

Would Notion Thief be helpful or anti-synergistic?

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