Ohran Frostfang

Ohran Frostfang

Snow Creature — Snake

Attacking creatures you control have deathtouch.

Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.

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Ohran Frostfang Discussion

Polaris on Does No Quarter Make Your …

2 weeks ago

No. Once a block has been declared, the attacking creature is now blocked. As far as I know, there is no way to actually unblock a creature. Trample gets around this because if there are no SURVIVING blocking creatures left when combat damage comes, trample will let you just assign the damage to the player.

With that said, this card has three uses.

First is obviating trades. They block your 5/1 with a 2/3? Their creature is dead and won't kill yours.

Second is powering through defenders. Wall of Denial or Guard Gomazoa stalling you out for eternity? Worry not, No Quarter has just the thing.

Third is beating deathtouch. Incoming Ohran Frostfang? No Quarter means your 3/3 shreds it with no issues.

DreadKhan on Multani, Maro-Overrunner [Primer]

2 months ago

Multani is a very fun Commander, neat to see a high budget version that still runs some of the same cards! Mine is a bit more group hug oriented, running lots of spot removal and card draw, as well as gobs of trample providers. You might find some cards that are interesting, but I suspect you've got most of them in here already.

Hall of Gemstone is a pretty good card for mono-Green. I also run Defense Grid to protect from interaction a bit. Ohran Frostfang or Bow of Nylea can be funny if Multani has Trample, because 1 damage 'kills' a blocker, even if they are indestructible, so people are going to die, and you'll draw some cards. Pathbreaker Ibex is pretty fun with Multani out.

I feel like Brawn is awkward, the only way it'll die is as a blocker, so I guess it might deter some attacks at least, but I preferred Garruk's Uprising to draw cards and provide trample, for less mana, and much more consistently giving Trample.

Housegheist on Green/Blue's Clues: Lonis EDH

2 months ago

Damn, interesting build. I like it!

Ohran Frostfang would be amazing in here!

For AFR:

Circle of Dreams Druid is less restricted than Priest of Titania and like a Gaea's Cradle on a stick in here.

If you are intereste in land-ramp ‘Neverwinter Dryad’ could be useful…

Koplarski on Toski, God of Nuts

2 months ago

Toski is a blast to play! Some cards that I have in my personal Toski deck that work really well are Champion of Lambholt , Ohran Frostfang , and Cultivator of Blades .

Additionally, Toski makes a great creature to mutate! I run all of the mono-green mutate creatures:

Auspicious Starrix


Glowstone Recluse

Migratory Greathorn

Sawtusk Demolisher

With the amount of tokens you're making it might be worth looking at Doubling Season and Parallel Lives or other token doublers.

For lands, a Maze of Ith and Rogue's Passage can be very useful. If you add Maze of Ith, consider getting an Argothian Elder as well, since during combat you can create infinite Squirrel tokens using Squirrel Nest on a land and then the Elder to untap both the Maze and the Squirrel Nest land.

Raomeas on Knight deck

2 months ago

DreadKhan About the Rebuff the Wicked i placed Mana Tithe in place of that card since i thought it would cover more cases.

Bow of Nylea is a great idea.

If i include bounce lands i don't think Ohran Frostfang would be a good idea since he is quite expensive in comparison to the rest of the deck.

Maybe a substitute to Knight of the White Orchid would be a good idea? I heard Knight of the Reliquary was good but i can't really see his use, or maybe some Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers ?

DreadKhan on Knight deck

2 months ago

If you wish to lean into payoffs like Knight of the White Orchid , you could throw in some bounce lands Selesnya Sanctuary , or Karoo lands in order to lower your land count. You can even consider something like Lotus Field eventually, which is hexproof and can't be Sinkholed or Wastelanded, and lets your pay offs work better.

Rebuff the Wicked has gone down a lot in price, it's a nice protection spell if you find your guys removed a lot.

Bow of Nylea is probably super-good in here, with lots of First Strike creatures that just love having Deathtouch. Ohran Frostfang would be a bomb, but a big clunky slow one. Either of these will solve the problem of your knights being too small.

DreadKhan on Mono-Green Draw

2 months ago

Ohran Frostfang has a fair bit of synergy with what you're trying to do I think. It plays much better than something like Harmonize usually would, and can offer decent card draw if nobody wants to block deathtouch creatures. If you actually have Trample on those creatures too, they only need 1 damage to 'kill' whatever blocks them, so even a 2/2 trample deathtouch will hit the opponent for 1 and draw a card if blocked.

You might want a Sol Ring to find with Urza's Saga, in case you need mana badly.

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