Magus of the Moon

Magus of the Moon

Creature — Human Wizard

Nonbasic lands are Mountains.

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Magus of the Moon Discussion

zapyourtumor on Modern Hornets

2 weeks ago

Looks funny asf

Comments: Needs Lightning Bolt

If you aren't willing to use more nonbasic lands, I'd completely cut black. None of the black cards seem that important here. Dreadbore can be replaced with bolts. Else, if you want to keep running Bastion, I'd run some duals.

Not sure what Lotus Cobra is doing here. You don't even have fetchlands to capitalize on the landfall. Leyline Prowler could be replaced with more efficient dorks (or maybe the Arbor Elf + Utopia Sprawl ramp package).

If you're running Imperial Recruiter you can run some toolbox 1-ofs like Magus of the Moon and Spellskite.

woinththro on Wort Wort Wort!?!? <Kyle's Mom's voice>

2 weeks ago

@ king-saproling. I definitely like Storm-Kiln Artist for storming off. Not sure what I would cut but I want to find a spot for it.

Reiterate is probably better than Double Vision 90% of the time, although I try and not go infinite if I can avoid it... For some reason it's so much more satisfying to burn someone for 80 than 1,000,000,000. It feels more earned. I do think I even have a foil Reiterate buried in a box somewhere.

Nostalgic Dreams is super cool as some redundancy to Past in Flames, and I think I like it more than Reiterate just because it isn't going infinite. Nostalgic Dreams will probably replace Double Vision once I buy one.

Rude Awakening could be really useful, I have had Early Harvest in the deck before but I mainly cut it because it doesn't untap non-basics, which Rude Awakening does. A previous iteration of the deck ran only basics and had a non-basic land hate subtheme ( Blood Moon,Magus of the Moon,Primal Order,Ruination,Burning Earth,Price of Progress...). This version of the deck wasn't very popular, as you can imagine. This led to the deck falling out of rotation and not being played for three years.

I definitely see how Delina, Wild Mage could be a lot of fun; getting me multiple copies of Wort and giving spells multiple instances of conspire. However, this seems pretty clunky since she needs to attack to do it, and the deck is not geared towards attacking. maybe if I had some haste enablers I'd try and work her in.

as for all of the mana rocks, I had intentionally avoided any manarocks in previous builds of the decks mainly because they aren't either: a mana dork who could conspire spells i.e. Zhur-Taa Druid, or a ramp spell that could be conspired i.e. Farseek. although I do recognize that those rocks that tap for two and come down on turn three are all much better at getting Wort into play on turn four...

One aspect of previous builds of the deck that I did like was that it had initially included zero artifacts and enchantments. I liked that my opponents couldn't use any artifact/enchantment removal against me, which meant they hopefully had some dead cards. One of the main reasons I just updated the deck at all was because Twinning Staff got printed, which is one of the main build arounds for this iteration of the deck. The whole reason Goblin Engineer and all of the artifact lands are in the deck is to go get Twinning Staff. and since Krark, the Thumbless and Goblin Anarchomancer are also goblins I might as well play Goblin Matron. although I've definitely considered removing the last three artifacts/enchantments (as well as goblin engineer) once again.

psionictemplar on Obosh's Ponza

1 month ago

I do not feel like tireless tracker should be a 4 of in your list. Maybe a 2 or 3 at most. My reasoning behind this being your low # of lands to get true value off of it. I would try a copy or 2 of Magus of the Moon to hit the moon effect more often. Not only that, but it pitches to fury which my gut says you need more pitch cards for.


2 months ago

Hmmmm. Are you really ok with all the life loss? If you happen to need to go Fetch Land > Blood Crypt > Faithless Looting > Lotus Petal > Reanimate you lose a ton of life...

I was thinking you could build the "traditional" BR Reanimator but with Emrakul (without Street Wraith, Bauble, Cabal Ritual and Simian Spirit Guide). The traditional version has a 60-80% consistency of a turn1/2 combo already.

If you choose to do so you would have 16 free slots. You could go with 4 Exhume, 4 Collective Brutality for some counterspell protection, 4 other creatures of choice that you like and 4 Thoughtseize.

I'm speaking from the veteran BR Reanimate player perspective that the opponent will usually have something to deal with you. Usually it is Karakas, Innocent Blood, Sudden Edict, Liliana of the Veil or a counterspell or something. Sometimes you can even lose because their creatures alone are faster than you (if you lose 16 life reanimating stuff).

So adding some other options as a "toolbox" could be good. Big beater creatures that mess up their plans are nice.


About the sideboard I was thinking the Wastelands may not be too effective.

If you are worried facing against troublesome Lands deck, I would recommend Magus of the Moon (since you can tutor and reanimate it). For creatures, usually a simple Pyroclasm does the trick. If you want to be fancy there is also Firestorm that may enable your combo.

For interaction you'll usually be worried about opposing Grafdigger's Cage, Leyline of the Void, Rest in Peace, etc. So to counter that you can either splash another color (white/green) or deal with it the same way Mono Black Reanimator deals with it: Ratchet Bomb and Feed the Swarm.

If you see too many counterspells it is always nice to have cheap good old Duress.

I think Engineered explosives was a nice touch. Just as By Force.

I think you can have a more effective 'change the target' effect with Ricochet Trap with all the blue in Legacy.

Blast Zone is interesting, but with so much Wasteland in the format it becomes unusable quite often.

I don't know what decks you are playing against and maybe it already works just fine in your meta/playgroup...

But I'm a BR Reanimator player of 6-8 years with it and I wanted to give some insights :V

nbarry223 on Glittering Company

3 months ago

how do you plan to cast that after Blood Moon has resolved?

The only possible solutions I can think of are:
1. Float mana for an instant or creature with flash (can be any color the deck has access to)
2. Cast something after Blood Moon / Magus of the Moon (preferably 1 non colorless mana cost)

I'd say a flash creature with removal is the best bet, but I can't really think of any off the top of my head that fit the colors of the deck. Also, you'd want to look at how good that same answer is after Blood Moon if you don't have it in your starting hand (so try to keep the colored mana to a minimum).

I can start looking into flash creatures, as that sounds like it would be the best fit here.

nbarry223 on Glittering Company

3 months ago

The 2 main cards I can think of that would do well against blood moon in your shell are Manamorphose and Force of Vigor (only against actual Blood Moon, Magus of the Moon isn't hit). Manamorphose could even be a mainboard card, as it's only real downside is in consideration of mulligans (and Collected Company I guess). I would run 2 at most though if you go that route, as I found more to be detrimental if you aren't some kind of storm deck. Force of Vigor could go main or side if you want to try it, since a lot of your cards are green, really up to you, I would definitely say Manamorphose fits better though since it would help to mana-fix for you as well in matches not against Blood Moon, so it isn't a dead card.

nbarry223 on Eldrazi - Tron Invasion

3 months ago

You might want to consider diversifying your landbase/mana-production a little, as Void Mirror is a decent sideboard choice now, especially since a lot of decks are running Karn, the Great Creator and can basically play it 'mainboard' without it being a dead draw.

It also doesn't seem like you have too many answers for 'silver bullet' types of cards like that in the sideboard, which could take the form of artifacts, creatures, or enchantments (don't think there's any planeswalkers you need to worry about). You have decent answers for creatures, but troublesome artifacts/enchantments don't seem to have any answers in your sideboard.

For example, there's also Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon in a lot of red decks which slow you down considerably, but aren't quite as winning on the spot.

zapyourtumor on Humans

4 months ago

Why do you have 3x Imperial Recruiter but only one silver bullet? I think having one of the sideboard Sanctum Prelate 's mainboard along with a single Auriok Champion or something could definitely help game 1 against a lot of decks.

I also see you have 2x Magus of the Moon sideboard, but you're a 4 color deck. Having a single forest to be able to cast your mana rock might be a good idea.

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