Magus of the Moon

Magus of the Moon

Creature — Human Wizard

Nonbasic lands are Mountains.

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Magus of the Moon Discussion

Sephyrias on Angels don't wear panties, pink tanga edition

1 week ago

I'm spotting 7 permanent mana rocks and 3 that only generate mana once. A total of 10 ramp cards is pretty low for a deck that wants to cast cmc 5+ cards as soon as possible, even by casual EDH standards. If you want some decent budget options, just throw in Fire Diamond , Marble Diamond , Prismatic Lens and that Mind Stone. Needs Magus of the Moon . Maybe also Sun Titan to bring back destroyed stax pieces or that Aura of Silence/Seal of Cleansing. I'd definitely add Idyllic Tutor to find Blood Moon, Rest in Peace or Rule of Law, since you'll want one of the 3 pretty much every game. Those would be the important changes.

Rebuff the Wicked is better than Emerge Unscathed or God's Willing. Even Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots are better imo. Don't think the Sword of Fire and Ice is good in this deck. Feast and Famine makes sense to get around Winter Orb though. By Force might come in handy to wipe away mana artifacts, similar to Vandalblast.

Daedalus19876 on Purphoros, The Budget Blooded (Under $70)

1 week ago

Ooo, making suggestions for budget decks is always a fun time!

I'd recommend Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast for his -2, since you can exile a large creature you cheated out for a permanent copy of a LARGER creature! He's only $3 or so, as well. Besmirch is a great variant/improvement on Threaten , and currently Magus of the Moon is super cheap due to Time Spiral Remastered... Goblin Engineer could be a good way to fetch Sundial of the Infinite , perhaps?

Hope this helps! :)

zobster on Etali - Kramer raiding your fridge: The Deck

1 month ago

Some cards that might work in this deck are Winter Orb , Fiery Emancipation , Helm of the Host and Blood Moon / Magus of the Moon . Winter Orb helps you slow the game down for everyone while still getting card draw value with Etali. Fiery Emancipation just works. Helm of the Host helps you get more Etali's which leads to more value which leads to domination. Finally Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon help you control the game and just win.

DemMeowsephs on Forger of burn

1 month ago

Hey there! Here are some suggestions.

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