Return target creature card with converted mana cost 3 or less from your graveyard to battlefield.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Unearth Discussion

wallisface on Orzhov Aristocrats return

1 week ago

Cards i’d recommend ditching:

If you’re running cat combo, i’d suggest running to full 4-of Witch's Oven.

You’re at 65 cards, so should remove the chaff to get back to 60.

You care about death triggers but have few sac-outlets. Consider Viscera Seer or Carrion Feeder.

Another good way to generate constant deaths is Jadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia.

Balaam__ on Lightning Cajones

1 month ago

Thanks for the interest, everyone.

mlequesne: I just couldn’t get a handle on the grixis mana base, so rather than push out a poor effort I decided to forgo it and just stick with two colors. Lightning Skelemental is an awesome card, and it was originally part of the design, but it’ll have to wait. We do have Thunderkin Awakener though which is pretty much a reusable Unearth in this build!

Corrosive_Cat I hadn’t thought of including Mausoleum Wanderer, it might be a good replacement. Another user suggested Siren Stormtamer instead of Cursecatcher—would you still go with the spirit?

mlequesne on Lightning Cajones

1 month ago

Hello friend :) I love your deck, almost as much as I love Ball Lightning!! I have 3 thoughts on your deck:

1) I love it!

2) It seems like a elemental deck so, maybe you can ponder to add Flamekin Harbinger, Hellspark Elemental and Spark Elemental

3) lagotripha has a good point with Lightning Skelemental, if you manage to get the grixis mana base the reward can be awesome, Unearth is great to reanimate balls

plakjekaas on Vexing devil

1 month ago

Vexing Devil also works great in , in combination with Unearth or Claim / Fame so you reuse the etb effect.

wallisface on Withering Grist

1 month ago

Corrosive_Cat Evolution Sage is interesting, but i’m not sure what I could reasonably drop for it, without diluting the -1/-1 counter package. The only cards I can currently feel comfortable dropping would be the Unearth, and a single copy of Grist… at the moment they’re both providing a lot of value, so i’d prefer swapping them for additional ways to assemble the combo, or just more copies of Yawgmoth, if anything.

I’m trying to remember my games, to recall how often a -1/-1 counter is left on an opponents still-alive creature. It feels like it’s usually just 1-2 creatures at best (there’s lots of 1-toughness creatures that just die on the spot), which makes the proliferate mechanic a bit harder to get value from. I’m weary that proliferate adds another moving part of complication to a deck that’s currently just barely keeping up with the current meta.

wallisface on Minotaur Tribal

1 month ago

I would suggest moving away from the current selection of instants you have. “Giant Growth” effects generally aren’t very strong/useful in the modern format because there are so many better options available:

  • instead of messing around with combat tricks, killspells like Fatal Push and Infernal Grasp just get the job done better

  • direct damage like Lightning Bolt with almost always serve better purpose than trying to make a creature more chonky

  • if you really want something to stay on the battlefield, Unearth is your best bet, as it can be used when you want and doesn’t require you keep up mana all-the-time.

jacobpmesser on The Best Defense is an Unblockable Offense: Budget

2 months ago

Why no Aether Vial? You have a enough creatures and enough draw that I think you'd want to go wide.

Then, I'd find an alt- way to make them a problem... because an opp can just sit on his/her spells and use them for Assault Formation, High Alert, Arcades and let their big baddies eat your walls. The new Catapult Fodder  Flip could help but it's in black. But that could take us back to Junk and Doran, the Siege Tower... and that gives us Unearth to keep bringing it back when they have answers.

Looks like I a found a new brew to toy with. Good luck w/yours.

Niko9 on Advice For Olivia CMDR

2 months ago

I think RiotRunner789 is correct in saying that Olivia is probably not cEDH, but she can probably be very good.

Self mill seems like it would work well here. Necropotence can not only give you amazing draw and selection, but also allow you to discard good stuff to hand size that Olivia will come in and reanimate.

I play Bruna, the Fading Light  Meld which is similar, but in black and red you can get better mill. There are artifact mill that might be useful here though. Mesmeric Orb is great but will draw almost instant removal. Things like Shriekhorn Grindclock Codex Shredder Altar of Dementia Grindstoneare good and especially so if you can recur artifacts or use them extra times with something like Unwinding Clock. The clock also plays really nice with artifact lands. Oh, and always remember that milling your opponents can kill top deck tutors. Keeping your mill artifacts open until it's coming back to your turn can kill a lot of these effects.

The Underworld Cookbook can also be really nice to get biggies in the graveyard if you draw them, and also bring back creatures late game. Trading Post is just lovely, and 4cmc seems like a lot, but it always does something great for you.

Artifact strategy with Inventors' Fair can be great here. Also, black reanimation like Unearth are always going to work wonders. In my experience, it's not too useful to focus on expensive reanimation because that's what your commander wants to do, but smaller reanimation for value can be good.

The one thing to remember if you do any mill strategy is that you are going to mill your bombs away. It's often better to have ways to get things back than it is to play things that are great but you have no way to get back.

I don't have a ton of experience with B/R in edh, so take it all with a grain of salt for sure. I just wonder if Olivia would be better for cEDH in the 99. Having access to more colors is always a plus, and I'd think that Olivia would be very nice in something like Kess, Dissident Mage. Kess can recur reanimation spells that can bring out a nice hasty Olivia who can swing in and bring back another creature. Plus you get access to blue and all the sweet blue instants.

One big issue with Olivia in competitive groups is that your bomb is always there in the command zone. Most blue decks will try to save a counter spell just for her if they can. You could play discard and hand disruption to target blue players to help with this.

Hope it helps :) Olivia is looking cooler than ever, and it's such a great card. I just don't know if she can keep up with the speed of TandT, Malcolm, food chain, or really fast ad naus decks in cEDH.

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