Memory Jar

Memory Jar


, Sacrifice Memory Jar: Each player exiles all cards from his or her hand face down and draws seven cards. At the beginning of the next end step, each player discards his or her hand and returns to his or her hand each card he or she exiled this way.

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Memory Jar Discussion

MLS91 on Relics of Fear

1 month ago

I really like the suggestion of " Bitter Ordeal ", I see the "gravestorm" (IM VERY INTRIGUED). I feel more more comfortable with the " Sadistic Sacrament ", I guess what I'm seeing is :

3for3/10for15 of Sadistic Sacrament VS. 3for1...maybe more? Bitter Ordeal


I got a game in against a casually optimized Torbran.

L2 W1

What I learned

Land count good, need better access to colored mana (would have resulted in a L1 W2 record)

Memory Jar is as quoted " .....devastating, breaking my back..."

the emotions of response I hoped achieved from foes has been realized.

+ Oblivion Sower - Syr Konrad, the Grim

Why: stealing lands from exile seems great, wrks with Memory Jar (rip lands from hand), works with Soul-Guide Lantern


CUT - Dreamstealer ADD - Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire

Why: Dreamstealer felt "cute" not impactful, preforms poorly overall as there are "better things to be doing". Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire on the other hands has a good body, deathtouch, and tutors. seems like a more impactful cards overall. Maybe add Opposition Agent instead?

ObserverWill on Tergrid's Damnation

1 month ago

I have most of these cards but not all yet, so it’s technically theory right now. These days I pretty much exclusively play through PlayEDH with Spelltable and the meta there is very competitive. I’ve had success with monoblack there before and so Tergrid was the first new commander I thought of. I should have it fully built in the next 2-3 weeks and I’ll report back on how it runs.

I like your build MLS, have you had a chance to play yours? Some of the cards are interesting. Memory Jar is one that I especially like. I may have to try it. I'd like to compare our two decks' perform

MLS91 on Relics of Fear

1 month ago


I guess it would/ could be considered win more, I think that i'm utilizing Memory Jar for Tergrid and in the deck itself presents both the best card draw and theft effect, I guess I was just considering how to win with it at that point when in reality Tergrid wins through resource theft and denial so yeah I think I could skip over the megrim effects until further notice. also totally forgot about Liliana's Caress , simply a cheaper Megrim good looks on that curve, also forgot about Sangromancer more bang for the buck, you're right.

Memory Jar ability resolution link

MLS91 on Relics of Fear

1 month ago


I was doing some research as per your question about Memory Jar and came across some pretty insightful articles more or less about the extended formats it was in at the time (or not actually considering Memory Jar is and currently is the only card to have ever been pre-banned before release) and came across some pretty sick interactions I have more then well overlooked, such as Megrim effects. Luckily there are several copies at my local shop (next pick up), and of "megrim" effects I have noted to 2 that I would most like to include in the deck.

Those being the cards:



Fell Specter

Omniscience_is_life on Relics of Fear

1 month ago

Beseech the Queen , Diabolic Intent , Grim Tutor , and Cruel Tutor can all get you that sweet, sweet Memory Jar . Junk Diver can function as a second myr retriver, too (but it FLIES).

MLS91 on Tergrid Help

1 month ago

Yeah yeah yeah, Tergrid is pretty straight forward, however i'd like to think im choosing a more fringe route. The idea that came to mind was how disgusting it would be to utilize Memory Jar in a turgid deck. Yeah it's kinda of a one shot with Mem Jar, OR IS IT!!!! (looking at you Scrap Trawler & Trading Post )

I guess what im seeking is the viability or if im just trying to justify my individualism by going off angled with the grain. Some reviews and insight as this is practically a Mono Black Artifacts deck and secondly only the Second black deck of the +10yrs i've been playing.

I don't have a group to playlets with so if you wanna throw this deck together and keep in touch with me about your experiences with it I could use that experience and data to more finely tune the deck to a finished product. Thank you community for your time and insight.

Deck Link: Relics of Fear

Azeworai on Crivaro

1 month ago

Good day to you!

Merely returning thanks for your aforesaid thanks. You would be surprised (or not) at how many users' comments remain languishing at the bottom of a decklist.

Moreover, I seived through your list, and there is one inclusion that is far too clever. I run Memory Jar in an artifact combo list for the sake of looping, yet I did not even think of it to force discard. 'Tis fantastic deckbuilding upon your part.

Lastly, great choice in Dark Ritual artwork, and that shall be all.

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