Creature — Faerie

Flying, lifelink

Creatures entering the battlefield or being put into the graveyard from the battlefield don't cause abilities to trigger.

aholder7 on I want them to hate …

3 weeks ago

how much do you want them to actually hate you? like do you want to be able to play the deck again? because in terms of hate, i am seeing zero copies of Armageddon.

also as a note you seem to have a number of etbs along side your Hushbringer effects. might want to be careful with those.

If you want a fun interaction with Oketra you can always include Whitemane Lion and have it return itself. you now have a repeatable "1W: create 4/4 with vigilance". With Oketra's Monument or Pearl Medallion it gets even more efficient.

LethalKitten on Hi, It's Knight to Yeet You

1 month ago

Wow! Just want to say that looks like a very solid budget deck, and it looks like you put a lot of time into it, with the description, maybe board, and all. Some cards that might be a solid choice for this deck and are very budget: Lone Rider  Flip, Twinblade Geist  Flip, and maybe Hushbringer for the sideboard.

RDWDTR on Prophecy of the Knights \,,/

3 months ago

Welcome to Modern. Your MB looks ok, so I'll give you some SB ideas.

plakjekaas on Who are the Commanders you …

3 months ago

Gleeock Hushbringer is one hell of a card :P

I probably wouldn't mind a fun Atla Palani, Nest Tender deck. The only thing I dislike with a fiery passion, are the decks that try to play my deck. Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip, Xanathar, Guild Kingpin, Sen Triplets, stuff like that. I make an effort to get the fancy versions of the cards, I tinker through the small hours of the night to make sure my decks work the way I want them to, and that I enjoy playing them. People trying to take that from me, without the same effort I put in, can count on me trying to eliminate them, against better threat assessment. You can borrow one of my decks no problem, if you like what I'm brewing, but stop taking my cards from my library, my battlefield, my hand and my graveyard. Or prepare to die. Even if I succumb to the efforts, you still lose my stuff when I'm out. As soon as you know we will both be miserable if you indulge in stealing from me, we can have an actual game. Just like in real life 0:)

BioProfDude on Flying Hate

3 months ago

Spell Queller and Reflector Mage I think hit the theme? Or would Hushbringer et al. nullify their abilities?

Anyway, +1 from me!

kirbysan on Necronomicon | Teysa Karlov | Primer

3 months ago

Masterful, I suppose my situation is more specific since my pod runs a Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain Storm & a Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow. No green, plenty of control. I'm going to keep a sideboard for these guys, and normie pods who run green. I've already sideboarded Archaeomancer's Map for Chrome Mox and Blight Mound for Opposition Agent. I'm typically running up against pieces like Winter Orb, Tangle Wire, Null Rod, Cursed Totem, Grafdigger's Cage which I think we can get around by running a bit more removal. Thinking of swapping out Knight of the White Orchid & Loyal Warhound for more rocks but that'll drop our creature count. Also, while I loved Razaketh, the Foulblooded before, it's really difficult getting him out through hardcasting. I had him twice in hand and would've much rather had a cheaper sac outlet, ramp or fodder. Last night I lost to Thassa's Oracle, Demonic Consultation 3x which can be pretty infuriating once you've built up a board state and have no answers. I'm thinking Grand Abolisher to protect our pieces when we're going to combo off. Hushbringer since we don't have many etb effects and she's fetchable. Angel's Grace similar to our Teferi's Protection so we don't insta lose. I don't want to run too many off flavor hate pieces but it seems like they are towards me, thoughts?

zAzen7977 on KAALIA'S CATACLYSM - Aggro/Stax [cEDH Primer MH2]

4 months ago

Oops Profet93, I meant to respond to you sooner. Yes exactly! Having Hushbringer’s body to sac’ to Razaketh is very helpful to find additional fatties to drop with Kaalia, plus I can control when I want Hushbringer’s effect to end and have a chump blocker. I used to run the non-creature versions of certain stax pieces, but I found that I had less control over their effects than I wanted. Plus the redundancy from having more than 1 card with the same stax effect (for example, running both Hushbringer and Torpor Orb) clogged up my hand and hurt more than helped.

Thanks AngelKyleeLin!! Glad you like the deck! Kaalia is a lot of fun to pilot!

zapyourtumor on Toybox Series M

4 months ago

And instead of Fragmentize I recommend Wear / Tear. Torpor Orb may also be better than Hushbringer unless there's a ton of creature dying stuff going on in your meta.

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