Memory's Journey

Memory's Journey


Target player shuffles up to three target cards from his or her graveyard into his or her library.

Flashback {G} (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Memory's Journey Discussion

RambIe on Deck challange

2 months ago

1st play test on turn 6 i was able to put together Basalt Monolith & Mesmeric Orb
milled the deck flashback Memory's Journey targeting Thassa's Oracle and A Island
then flashback Deep Analysis played the island and casted oracle
kinda lame but got the job done, i'd call it good for a 1st draft built with two different minds

nathanielhebert on Devious Assembler -- Blue Tron Robots

7 months ago

Interesting deck idea, as I've been trying to find a home for the Self-Assembler .

While I don't own Devious Cover-Up , perhaps something like Quest for Ancient Secrets or Memory's Journey might fulfill a similar function — ah, just realized they're not common!

Hmmm, maybe a colourless Workshop Assistant in a pinch. I'll tinker away — kudos!

enpc on Top Cards From Strixhaven

7 months ago

I can see Sanctum of Eternity 's popularity getting driven up by Beledros Witherbloom . Especially if you just add an Aetherflux Reservoir .

The card I'm most excited for is actually Quandrix Command . It's a much more useful (in most scenarios) version of Memory's Journey (which forms a recursion loop with Noxious Revival ) and has a good amount of synergy with the rest of the deck (acts as temporary removal/counterspell and I run Incubation Druid ).

FreyTheMagicPlayer on Thrasios/Tymna cEDH Decklist

7 months ago


Hey! So there are actually various ways that this deck can win, and a lot of them don't require a whole lot of setup, just good tutoring and keeping the right cards. All 4 of the combos (Angel's Draw, Bomberman, Dramatic Scepter, and Thassa's Consultation), are win conditions. With Angel's Draw, you cast Angel's Grace first and just draw whatever you want with Ad Nauseam . Bomberman is an infinite mana combo because Auriok Salvagers lets you return Lion's Eye Diamond . Dramatic Scepter is also infinite mana as long as you have 3 mana in the form of mana rocks and mana dorks, you simply exile Dramatic Reversal with Isochron Scepter . Thassa's Consultation is (arguably) the easiest way to win the game, cause it only costs 3 mana and it's pretty hard to stop unless they have counterspells. Simply play Demonic Consultation and name a card that isn't in your deck, you'll exile your entire deck, and then play Thassa's Oracle and you win the game. Of course usually with infinite mana you'll just be drawing your entire deck out with Thrasios, Triton Hero and you'll usually be putting that infinite mana towards Walking Ballista .

Usually if you're wanting to win you'll be looking for 1-2 tutors in your hand, and a piece of a combo, that way you know how you're gonna do it. Aetherflux Reservoir isn't so much a win condition as it is a great way to bypass decks that eat at your life total, because you also tend to hurt yourself a lot. It just gives you some insurance so when you do finally cast that something big, if it gets stopped you at least have a backup.

As for ways to get to the combos, you'll be looking at any tutor of course, and Birthing Pod is an excellent choice for getting out a creature that you really don't wanna be countered. Usually before you win the game you'll want some form of insurance out on the battlefield, so if you have a win con in hand, the pod, and a one drop mana dork, I recommend using pod to get Grand Abolisher out, cause then they can't stop you from winning the game.

Finally, if you're in a situation where ballista isn't gonna win you the game and next turn you'll lose, or if you simply don't have a way to get oracle out or win by damage, there are ways to simply take over the game with things like Memory's Journey , Noxious Revival , and Windfall , or Timetwister . This is simply a combo that if you have infinite mana and Thrasios out, you'll be able to have infinite of every card in the deck, cause you get to shuffle your graveyard over and over again, and don't forget that if they destroy your infinite mana source at some point you can use Hullbreacher to generate some treasure tokens with this. All you have to do is use either Windfall or Timetwister, shuffle everything basically, draw your cards, use Noxious Revival to put it back on top of your library, draw it, use it again, then Memory's Journey to put Noxious and your card of choice back into the deck.

If you have any other questions, just let me know!

ninetoe on Yarok, the Triggered

8 months ago

And if you DO end up deciding that Kinnan and all his infinite mana shenanigans are a good route to go down, I suggest throwing in Timetwister , Beast Within , Reality Shift , and Kozilek, Butcher of Truth (and maybe Memory's Journey to cover yourself.)

Time twister + Thrasios, Triton Hero (or any card draw engine Compulsion , Stroke of Genius for example) can be used to infinitely cast the same spell over and over and over. Ashnod's Altar or any other sac outlet if you want that spell to be a creature.

Happy hunting! :)

enpc on TnT, Scepter Squirrels

8 months ago

You've got a pretty low mana rock/dork count to be running Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal . You could look at increasing this number byt dropping like 2 lands. I also don't think you need Copy Artifact (just make it a mana rock). Once you do have infinite mana, you can just cast your commander and eat it with Blasting Station and then just recast them as your backup win condition. And if you do want a recursion loop, you can swap Eternal Witness / Regrowth out with Memory's Journey which forms a loop with Noxious Revival given infinite mana and Thrasios.

LitchOubliette on Commander Staples Cube

1 year ago

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