Eladamri's Call

Eladamri's Call


Search your library for a creature card, reveal that card, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

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Eladamri's Call Discussion

multimedia on Ur-Dragon

5 days ago

Hey, nice casual version of Ur-Dragon.

Your deck doesn't have an official Commander and Ur-Dragon is in the 99 main deck. In the deck editor at the end of The Ur-Dragon text add the CMDR tag.

The Ur-Dragon *F* *CMDR*

This will make Ur-Dragon the Commander, putting it in it's own Commander category and displaying an image of it's card.

Some steps you could take to increase the power level of your deck:

If interested I offer more advice. Good luck with your deck.

Erza421 on Mostly Mono-Green Monsters (2.0)

2 weeks ago

usually the devoted druid combo decks win by using Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip to search up Walking Ballista . they also keep everything 3 or less so they can find their combo pieces with Collected Company . Eladamri's Call also seems too good to not use here.

DemonDragonJ on Will WotC Ever Print this …

2 weeks ago

Hardhitta7, I am very pleased that a card such as that now exists, but why is it a sorcery that costs 3 mana, whereas Eladamri's Call is an instant that costs 2 mana? Are instants and sorceries more powerful than are creatures?

DemonDragonJ on Strixhaven spoiler season

2 weeks ago

Strixhaven stadium would be nice in my Atraxa deck, but I cannot make any room for it.

I do like multiple choice, but the card’s effects do not scale, so there is no point in putting more than 4 mana into X.

Why does teach by example need to have that wording? Why could it not have used the same wording as Twincast or Reverberate ? Other than that, it is an awesome card.

Manifestation sage could work with “flicker” effects to produce unlimited tokens, but the tokens would need to have haste, which should not be terribly difficult to achieve.

I like Zimone, but she feels too similar to many other blue/green creatures, who are reminding me of how far too many red/white creatures feel similar to each other, as well.

Ecological appreciation is very nice, and could affect the course of a game, if used properly, but why does it say "library and graveyard," rather than "library and/or graveyard?" Is WotC making another change to wording on cards?

The flavor text on teachings of the archaics implies that there are multiple archaics, and I wonder if they are perhaps benevolent relatives of the eldrazi; the similarities are too great to be a coincidence.

Verdant mastery is a very interesting effect; if the player cannot or is not willing to spend additional mana, their opponent benefits, so I would like to see further cards in the future that have the option for reduced costs at the expense of an opponent benefiting.

Dragon’s approach is the first non-permanent card of which a player can have any number in their deck, but it does not scale in effect by having more copies, so why does it even have that ability?

Why is it that Eladamri's Call is an instant that costs 2 mana, while solve the equation is a sorcery that costs 3 mana? Are instants and sorceries more powerful than are creatures?

TriusMalarky on Dime-store Derevi (Competitive, Budget $100)

1 month ago

You have 11 taplands. 11. When playing cEDH, the most you have is 1. Ever. Yavimaya Coast , Botanical Sanctum , Exotic Orchard , Sungrass Prairie , Skycloud Expanse , Sunpetal Grove , Glacial Fortress , Hinterland Harbor , Razorverge Thicket , Seachrome Coast , Spire of Industry . You'll have to spend a little more, but it's only like $30. And without that, you're never gonna win at a cEDH table.

Also, Edric, Spymaster of Trest , Triton Shorestalker , Mist-Cloaked Herald , Slither Blade , Gudul Lurker .

You're also not running Spell Pierce , Autumn's Veil , Dovin's Veto , Swords to Plowshares , Pongify , Rapid Hybridization , Path to Exile , Dispel , Mystical Dispute , Delay . Those are pretty much necessary. Also, Neoform , Eldritch Evolution , Eladamri's Call .

Most of your combos are . . . not cEDH viable. They require you to run taplands AND bad ramp cards and they require you to have several pieces on top of just needing several cards that aren't good outside the combo.

Now, is this a solid deck that will do well in moderately tuned games? Definitely. But it isn't competitive. And it is totally possible to make a competitive deck without going over $200, you just lose some of the speed and have to build your deck a bit differently to stay in the game.

plakjekaas on Will WotC Ever Print this …

1 month ago

Eladamri's Call is multicolored first, that allows it to be slightly more powerful. Second, creatures are inherently less powerful than the other card types. Almost every deck is geared to deal with creatures, Swords to Plowshares will fix it for one mana. Having an answer to almost any sorcery or instant requires you to be blue, running Counterspell . Artifacts are historically the most broken card type in the game, and Fabricate is the power level of tutor Wizards is comfortable with, although Whir of Invention is very good too. Enchantments are known to be pretty resilient on most commander tables, and Idyllic Tutor is probably as good as it gets, seeing how they reprinted it in Standard a year ago.

Not all card types are equal, and I'm sorry if you can't see why a Eladamri's Call for even just Sorceries would be a mistake, but it really is for the better that it doesn't exist.

Grind on Kathril, EDH Voltron

1 month ago

Sweet deck!!!
Fauna Shaman seems good, as does Eladamri's Call and Animate Dead .
Given that you spend so much effort getting creatures in your graveyard, seems like you might want to build up to a Living Death . If so then Bojuka Bog is a good idea.
Just some thoughts, cheers and have fun!!!

DemonDragonJ on Will WotC Ever Print this …

1 month ago

Grubbernaut, given that Eladamri's Call exists, I see no reason why there cannot be an equivalent of it for instants and sorceries, or for artifacts and enchantments.

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