Eladamri's Call

Eladamri's Call


Search your library for a creature card, reveal that card, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

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Format Legality
Block Constructed Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Casual Legal
Limited Legal
Leviathan Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Custom Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Vintage Legal

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Eladamri's Call Discussion

Balaam__ on I’m Rubber, You’re Glue

2 weeks ago

Thanks Valengeta! You guys keep coming up with excellent additions I overlooked when trying to cobble this together. I think Magma Jet is excellent for its bonus scrying trait. I’ll figure out how to add it in. And Hivestone...yeah i should probably find a way to work that in as well. I’m guessing that would make damage stack if I also had even one Spiteful Sliver in play alongside a few other non-slivers? As for Eladamri's Call, I’m going to hold off for now. Green would be off color for this deck. I could use Pillar of the Paruns to cast it, but that’s my only source of green mana and I’ve worked hard to tune the mana base for what I’ve built. I’d rather not completely overhaul it if it isn’t absolutely necessary. Besides, even if I don’t stick a Nephilim every game, with your sliver enhancement and the scrying you’ve now afforded me I think I’ll still deal pretty heavy damage.

Valengeta on I’m Rubber, You’re Glue

2 weeks ago

Love the deck, very original! I just think you can sometimes be Nephilim-starved during games. You have no card draw and if you're centering your deck around one creature you might wanna think about either Scrying for it with Magma Jet or something, or you can tutor it with Eladamri's Call. Other than that I think the deck is fantastic

P.S. Hivestone for the lolz?

multimedia on Ghired Populate

1 month ago

Hey, consider Eldrazi Displacer with Ghired? Repeatable blink at instant speed, more Rhino tokens, protects Ghired in combat after he attacks, can tap down an opponent's blocker or remove an attacker, can protect Ghired from targeted removal, blink another creature who has an ETB trigger, etc. You will have to build the manabase around and use mana rocks for colorless mana sources for Displacer, but in my opinion it's worth it because you're not adding bad cards just for Displacer. Crop Rotation is helpful to tutor for a land that can make colorless.

Zealous Conscripts combos with Kiki to attack with infinite Conscript tokens. Quartzwood Crasher and Court of Grace are excellent repeatable token sources. Open the Armory, Idyllic Tutor, Eladamri's Call, Chord of Calling are tutors with prices that are within the budget.

Nature's Lore and Three Visits are two drop land ramp for a Forest dual land. Swords to Plowshares, Beast Within, Heliod's Intervention are helpful instant removal spells. Austere Command is a versatile board wipe.

Eternal Witness is good card recursion especially with Displacer. Feldon of the Third Path can create a token of any creature in your graveyard to then populate that token with Ghired. If you control Ghired Akroma's Will can wreck your opponents with your token army.

If interested I offer more advice in another comment including suggestions of cards to cut. Good luck with your deck.

Reznorboy on Ramos, Spellslinger Engine

1 month ago

So, the only viable way to play Ramos, Dragon Engine at a high level in my opinion is with Sunforger.

Basically, you use tutors like Steelshaper's Gift, Mystical Tutor, or what ever else floats your boat (and maybe some cantrips like Opt) to try to get Sunforger.

Then, as a first order of business, you most likely want to equip Sunforger and use its ability to cast Eladamri's Call. You use it to grab Fervent Champion.

If someone tries to blow something of yours up before you can do that, instead go get Apostle's Blessing and then wait to try again (and hope they don't try blowing anything up again).

Basically, now your equip cost for Sunforger is 0, so you can grab stuff like Esper Charm to get the effects and use Ramos, Dragon Engine like crazy.

You can actually even go infinite. What you need is Ramos, Dragon Engine, Fervent Champion, Sunforger, and enough mana to start the combo.

Basically, you use Sunforger to get cards like Esper Charm to draw and put counters on Ramos, Dragon Engine. Then, you use Ramos's ability to get the mana. You use the mana and Sunforger to get a card such as Cloudshift and use it on Ramos.

Now, you can use his ability of removing the counters again this turn, because the game treats him as a new entity. You continue to make mana and draw cards this way until you are eventually able to draw Elixir of Immortality, shuffling everything back. Then you just do this again and again until you win. It requires some luck, but if you put a high number of draw spells and flicker/blink effects in your deck that can be used, you should be able to get it to work most of the time.

(Now, if you're looking at making the deck strong, I think this the best way to go. As far as making it fun, I have no idea.)

Lujotheganker on GW REANIMATOR

2 months ago

Hej abby315,

thanks for the amazing tips. I tried adding a playset of Seasoned Hallowblade but soon figured, that the mana consistency is pretty bad. So I added my mana-fixing dudes back, and added two Seasoned Hallowblade which (for now) seems to work really well with the deck.

I also added one more copy of Commune with the Gods, making it a full playset, but decided to keep my 3 Fauna Shaman, because 4 just seemed a little too excessive. In order to make Fauna Shaman useful, you need one on the board, to tutor for your vesperlark combo, but with four copies I often times ended up with 2 or 3 in my hand, which seemed a bit slow. I also have 3 copies of Eladamri's Call so if I don't have it in my hand, I can just fetch for it.

After giving it much thought, I cut my one copy of Doubling Season as it is really too expensive and slow for this deck. The initial idea was having Sekki, Seasons' Guide and/or Kalonian Hydra on board by turn 4, and then just casting Doubling Season on turn five and attacking, thus making some crazy counter and token multiplication haha. However I left one copy of Anointed Procession in the deck, because it just seems so good, and with four copies of Commune with the Gods it seems pretty easy to fetch for it, and the pay-off is just great.

Also, I have to disagree with the Triumph of the Hordes, because it really did end games by turn, and it's very effective vs life-gain deck in the late game. It just seems really efficient and is a overall finisher.

Anyway, thanks for the comment, was very helpful and much appreciated:-)

NinjaKitty778 on Fight With The Power Of Ten (Exalted)

3 months ago

Hello! Thanks for the comment on my deck! I'll see what I can do.

Ok so I see a lot in the way of aggro and not a lot of answers to problems. Don't get me wrong, dedicated aggro decks can be devastating; but they need to be quick and those cards are almost exclusively in red. This deck looks like it kicks off around turn 3-5 so we want to be able to do stuff in the early game. Bant is a color scheme that lends itself well to defensive tactics rather than harming opponents; this can take the form of protection, buffing creatures, or stalling until our game-plan can get off the ground. Now at the end of the day that game-plan is still "turn creatures sideways", so we want to make sure that the creatures we select are aggressive; but, the control colors in our deck (white and blue) can provide us with a fair amount of answers to problems that we can use both early and mid game to ensure our victory.

So what we want from the deck is:

1) Board Control/Stall Tactics 2) Protection 3) Card Advantage 4) Aggressive creatures

Often times these categories can overlap. For example: a creature with hexproof. That fills the "aggressive creature" and "protection" categories so that means we're getting more value out of just that one card, which is what we want. Variety is both the spice of life and the answer to our deck-building conundrum. So we want to make sure that our card selection is refined. So lets break each category down.

Board Control/Stall Tactics

I love the options Bant gives us for board control. Green has a lot of artifact/enchantment removal, white has a lot of good spot removal in the form of "exile" which gets around that pesky indestructible ability, and blue often bounces things off the board or counters things. So what options are best? Honestly, its up to you. But remember that the more options that a card gives you the more value you get out of it. Here are a couple of my favorite board control cards in Bant:

Authority of the Consuls Bant Charm Cryptic Command Detention Sphere Disallow Dromoka's Command Exclude Krosan Grip Path to Exile Qasali Pridemage Remand Spell Pierce Unravel the Aether

That should give you enough options to play with and see which ones you like best.


Protection spells are many and can come in many different forms, but ultimately it comes down to making sure our permanents stay permanent. For us this is most likely gonna be about protecting our creatures. Some of my favorite protection spells in Bant are:

Fog Gods Willing Grand Abolisher Heroic Intervention Mark of Asylum Shalai, Voice of Plenty Simic Charm

The longer our creature(s) stay on the field the more likely we are to win.

Card Advantage

This can either mean card draw, digging through our library, or just straight up tutoring. Some good options are:

Ardent Plea Brain storm Curiosity Eladamri's Call Gaea's Blessing Impulse Serum Visions Wargate

By giving ourselves card advantage, we can find solutions to problems a lot faster.

Aggressive Creatures

And finally we get to the bread and butter of the deck, the creatures. Now the mechanic we're working with is the Exalted mechanic, which states that if the player attacks with exactly one creature, then each card with Exalted (including the attacker) will grant that lone attacker +1/+1. This aggro tactic minimizes casualties in battle but doesn't reduce the armies strength during the attack phase. So the more instances of exalted we have the more powerful our lone attacker is. Here are some cards worth looking at into for this combat style:

Finest Hour Invisible Stalker Knight of Glory Noble Hierarch Rafiq of the Many Sublime Archangel

With these creatures at our disposal, opponents will often find it hard to outgrow our aggressive playstyle.

Now keep in mind that the exalted mechanic itself is very aggressive and simultaneously acts as the "buff" aspect of our defensive tactics that mentioned near the top. So we need little in the way actual buffing spells like Giant Growth; that leaves much more room open for including a lot more control and card advantage spells. Ultimately what you pick is up to you but try using the cards I've listed above as the basis of your card selection and go from there. Cross reference which cards fall into multiple categories for the best options possible. I don't want to just straight up give you a decklist, I want you to choose the cards yourself and make a deck that's entirely your own. I hope my longwinded advice helped LOL happy deck building.

multimedia on Omnath, Locus of Creation

3 months ago

Hey, nice version.

Consider cutting a few of the least good creatures/cards for some tutors within the budget to get the better cards?

Good luck with your deck.

Eckat on THE Praetor

3 months ago

Ookay, removed Shark Typhoon and added the Eladamri's Call.

Now, I still want to add Balance since it can save my ass, when things are not going super well for me and I am getting overwhelmed. But what to replace it with? :(

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