Wirewood Lodge

Wirewood Lodge


: Gain .

, : Untap target Elf.

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Wirewood Lodge Discussion

KindredDiscovery on Mayael EDH Primer

2 weeks ago

@Tarlam Great question. I think a dedicated elf package would be naturally at odds with this deck's strategy. Tribal decks really want to be running a critical mass of synergistic creatures - usually 25-30, depending on the tribe. That chews through a lot of deck slots. A Mayael deck has a similar need for large creatures. Unfortunately, there's just not a lot of overlap between those two themes. There are currently 11 elves with 5+ power in Naya colors, and they're all pretty bad. When you try to split the difference, you just end up with a weak version of both strategies.

That said, I think there are some light tribal components that you could reliably tap into. There are lots of good mana dork elves, so it might not be crazy to run something like Wirewood Lodge . Paired with elves that can tap for more than one mana ( Bloom Tender and Selvala, Heart of the Wilds come to mind) you have the makings of a decent mana engine. Then there's stuff like Wirewood Symbiote - perhaps a cheap way to protect Mayael? I think there's probably a way to make an elf sub-theme play well, but I'd be hesitant to include any cards that need more than 1-2 elves on the field to work well.

Mythrilia on Gaea's Wish, Elvish Wave

3 weeks ago


    0/0. The deck was played back in the late 90's, but it was a very different deck back then. I started tinkering with this deck again back around 2018, but never made a serious commitment. When I finally did, COVID hit... and yeah.


    Thanks again for all of your feedback! I'm going to take a serious look at adding in Sylvan Messenger . I'm not sure how I overlooked this card before, but thanks for bringing it up again.

    Vitalize was in this deck in the past (way way back when, before Wirewood Lodge even existed). There might be space for it, so let me mull that one over a bit more.

    Vanquisher's Banner - I'm just so torn on this, ugh! It is obvious why this needs to go into the deck, but I hate the thought of:

      1. Replacing Coat of Arms and losing the +X/+X bonus, that's pretty significant for how this deck goes from "ohh, look at those cute little elves," to "Holy ^#[email protected]*"
      2. Replacing Glimpse of Nature and upping overall the CMC
    That means I'll probably look at it it to replace both Slates of Ancestry and then figuring out one more card to swap out - I've noticed that you have three in your deck and I agree that is the right number.

    As for artifact hate, I decided to totally dump the Naturalizes from the deck, exclusively relying on Reclamation Sage being pulled from the sideboard. I swapped in Green Sun's Zenith but those might be removed after reviewing some of your other suggestions.

DreadKhan on Tae'rin Terror (Elf Zerg)

2 months ago

Wirewood Lodge is a nice land in an elf deck.

michaelmuse on Rhys's Token Tacular

3 months ago

Deserted Temple, Earthcraft (probably better than Cradle), Wirewood Lodge, Weathered Wayfarer. Also Cradle/Earthcraft work WAY better with early tokens. Gather the Townsfolk, Battle Screech, etc will keep you ahead on ramp instead of only at the end, which is crucial. Seem weak, but like the signets, super important early drops

king-saproling on Rebel Yelf

5 months ago

Thanks Reznorboy those are great suggestions! I haven't paid much attention to Elvish Reclaimer. He's just been a way to find Griffin Canyon, Wirewood Lodge, or Memorial to Unity. Now I'm wondering if I should run artifact lands + Inventors' Fair to really up his utility

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