Academy Rector


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Urza's Destiny (UDS) Rare

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Academy Rector

Creature — Human Cleric

When Academy Rector is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, you may exile it. If you do, search your library for an enchantment card, put that card onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library.

Academy Rector Discussion

GhostChieftain on Najeela's Hulk Pod Project (cEDH Primer)

3 weeks ago

In my hulk deck I really love having Academy Rector and Pattern of Rebirth . It just makes it so much easier for pod, eldritch evolution, or finale of devastation into rector into pattern to get hulk on board. Natural Order is also super good in mine because turning an elf into a hulk feels real nice.

All that being said, I have not played cEDH all that long and I am in a homebrew abzan hulkweaver deck so I am not super familiar with everything necessary to keep a najeela deck running smoothly.

SideBae on [cEDH] Chulane's Bounce House

3 weeks ago

I highly, highly suggest putting in Ponder , Preordain and Brainstorm . These may not look like much, but they belong in every blue deck -- Brainstorm especially since you already have fetches like Wooded Foothills . They dig for whatever you need whenever you need it.

Narset, Parter of Veils is very quickly becoming a staple in blue. Since you're running a largely creature-based deck, her minus ability will not likely be relevant; however, her static ability more than makes up for that, especially if you choose to run something like Windfall (you should).

I think you'll probably have more luck with Craterhoof Behemoth and Natural Order than with Finale of Devastation . Also, Triumph of the Hordes is kinda stupid-good.

With your Arbor Elf , consider Utopia Sprawl and Wild Growth . By themselves these enchantments represent the same value as a one-mana mana dork (occasionally more), but with Arbor Elf out they become particularly good.

Words of Wind is a great card I've always enjoyed. In all likelihood, you'll have better things to do with Aluren while your general is out, but this may be fine in itself as a method of slowing down your opponents. This becomes especially powerful if you run something like Elvish Visionary , which in turn is powerful if you run Wirewood Symbiote . (For more on Visionary, Symbiote and friends, see Legacy Elves.)

If you're planning on fetching Aluren with Academy Rector , you should at least consider Omniscience . It's more mana to cast, but its better if you fetch it off Rector and with the amount of mana I suspect this deck is capable of generating, hardcasting it is totally conceivable.

If you meta is heavy with the counter-magic, Veil of Summer is REALLY good. Similarly, Carpet of Flowers and Compost can be powerful in the right meta. Aura Shards is similarly powerful, the difference being that it is pretty much good in ANY meta. In more powerful metas, you may have luck with Lavinia, Azorius Renegade -- I know I have.

Survival of the Fittest is a fun card. Consider including Loyal Retainers for a reanimation package. Pitching a creature to find a legendary creature, then pitching the legendary creature to find the retainers means that you can pretty easily reanimate Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite or Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur . Though this does not necessarily go with your combo-win condition, both of these can end a game on their own and may be worth including anyways. (Historical note: This combo is why Iona, Shield of Emeria is now banned.)

I don't know your budget, but since you're already running Force of Will I feel I should point out that Mana Drain is a strictly better Counterspell . If you have access, including it or sub-ing it in seem good.

You may want to consider actually REMOVING some combo pieces. In my experience, combo decks lose power with more than two or sometimes three combo win-conditions, simply because they end up with higher likelihoods of drawing into non-compatible halves of combos. If you choose to go this route and remove something like Isochron Scepter , Collector Ouphe and Stony Silence seem like really, really good cards to include.

Cyclonic Rift is an amazing boardwipe, at instant speed.

Waterlogged Grove is a good land to consider, as is Horizon Canopy if you have access to it. Command Tower , City of Brass and Mana Confluence also fix your mana really well.

Right. That's all I got. Good luck!

RNR_Gaming on Derevi Nexus Stax

1 month ago

Academy Rector and Prime Speaker Vannifar could probably make a splash in this. Also, Thawing Glaciers and more basics are how many people abuse the untap ability; I'm not sure if your meta has lots of Blood Moon s running around; not saying the mana base isnt solid or anything it's just a suggestion. :)

Goretast on Competitive Chulane

1 month ago

I have a few suggestions to help make the deck more competitive. Cloudstone Curio is an easy way to go infinite with your dorks or with Cloud of Faeries / Peregrine Drake . Flash and Protean Hulk would be a great addition, plus it synergizes with your Academy Rector . I run Aetherflux Reservoir as a backup win-con if something goes wrong with Labman. I also prefer to run Finale of Devastation over craterhoof because of how it synergizes with infinite mana.

GhostChieftain on The Crafty Companion to Cheating out Creatures

1 month ago

Academy Rector needs on here. It is best when comboed with Pattern of Rebirth and Protean Hulk , but on its own it can get any enchantment including enchantment creatures.

Protean Hulk should likely be here too

bushido_man96 on Chulane, story teller

1 month ago

bernardofox, I guess I'm kind of confused by your answer. You don't necessarily need to have enchantment tutors to run an enchantment, as you're already running 8 other enchantments.

As for Bant enchantment tutors available:

8 options to tutor enchantments in Bant.

PookandPie on Marath Dockside(Primer Under Construction)

1 month ago

Got your message, here I am.

So I haven't actually tried playing Marath in a cEDH group (mostly because mine is intentionally unoptimized and I have Zur, Kess, et al for that. Still really sad Paradox Engine got the axe as Sisay is no longer even remotely possible), but there are some theoretical issues I can see right off the bat. Ashnod's Altar is your only way to sacrifice Protean Hulk outside of Sneak Attack, so I imagine that when going for that line you may have some difficulty every so often (and if Altar is destroyed or exiled, that line almost seems cut off entirely). Marath can't get big enough to kill it without either spending boatloads of mana (to kill itself until it comes back as 7/7) or without the help of other cards. Could it be a good idea to include something like Goblin Bombardment , which can be tutored by Academy Rector plus tutors like Enlightened. Phyrexian Altar is another option if you want it to be an artifact.

Also, seems odd to be missing Aven Mindcensor ? I know you have Stranglehold but Mindcensor is typically going to be the easier tutor if you just need to put someone's tutoring on ice for a sec. It's also likely your earliest option. I would still recommend running it, for sure, as it was one of my main cards to use against Ad Naus and varying flavors of Hulk when I ran Captain Sisay (obviously not the most ideal one, but if I opened with land, Crypt, Mindcensor, or landed it t2-3, that was still a significant stumbling block to most strategies that they needed to remove depending on hand composition).

In order to fit those in, I might recommend dropping Monolith and Rings. I actually cut those from my deck (which is intentionally a token deck, lol) because they didn't synergize well with my main strategy- Rings does work decently with just Marath, but it's a lot of mana to utilize without Monolith. Monolith on its own is... okay, I guess, but you can do better than bank 3 mana back for another turn, and running Grim Monolith would be better for that purpose. The combo itself isn't bad, but they're more dead on their own than a lot of your other combo pieces because they don't inherently synergize with just the commander (so Bracers can at least let you dump some tokens onto the board to block Tymna, etc., same holds true for Unbound Flourishing). If Basalt Monolith was organized in the mana ramp slot, maybe just cut it for Grim Monolith (as Basalt isn't good without Power Artifact or Rings), then maybe cut Throne of the God Pharaoh for Goblin Bombardment. Throne is better when you haven't gone infinite and can still churn out a very threatening number of tokens- if you've gone infinite, Bombardment is pretty much the same except it wins earlier (instead of end of turn, you win in a main phase). Being able to turn your tokens into damage on useful creatures your opponents have, getting another outlet to sac Hulk to, etc., is just gravy in comparison to Throne. Throne is mildly better if you're up against more than 1 Ad Naus deck at the same time, however, but I think the flexibility of Bombardment would win out. Plus you'd be more likely to get to sacrifice Hulk the moment you go for that line.

Okay, to summarize, because I've probably droned on really bad since I'm in a work meeting and only half-paying attention to both:

  • Aven Mindcensor, + Goblin Bombardment, + Grim Monolith

  • Rings of Brighthearth, - Basalt Monolith, - Throne of the God Pharaoh.

Hopefully my explanations make enough sense, but I may have left in some sentence fragments or incomplete thoughts since I'm alt+tabbing back and forth lol. If anything seems off base, let me know.

Rhadamanthus on Can Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero's ability ...

1 month ago

Yes, that's possible. Unlike Academy Rector and other similar cards, Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero doesn't have an "if you do" condition that requires it to be exiled in order for the ability to work. It's fine if you choose to send it to the command zone instead of exile as the ability resolves, or if you respond with some instant-speed effect to move it out of the graveyard to your hand or the battlefield before the ability resolves.

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Academy Rector occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%