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If an opponent would begin an extra turn, that player skips that turn instead.

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CM1) Rare
MTG: Commander (CMD) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Stranglehold occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

Red: 0.35%

Stranglehold Discussion

Gleeock on Opinion: Banning Tutors in EDH

6 days ago

-Boza A neat system there. If my playgroup were ever to get too stale (doubtfull) or our arms race gets out of control I will think of adopting it.

  • dingusdingo damage & life loss can matter plenty. It is just the prevailing thought in the format that the best way to win is by more of an all-or-nothing approach. Life-clock is a real thing, politics accounts heavily, punishers & punishers that double as combo-stoppers figure in, life clock-influences desperation, immediate tutor targets, affordability of waiting, it can be quite meta-dependant.

  • enpc While I agree with the "busy life" bit. I do not agree that tutors inherently expedite the game at that estimate. That prevailing thought in commander of the all-or-nothing wincon discludes the more incremental based decks which can quickly progress the game, all without the need for tutors or run-of-the-mill wincons.

  • As I say with many things. Banning isn't needed. What is needed to balance things out is again is design space used on: strong punishers with upside. Some tutor specific punishers (maybe more options to steal tutors & slap the player using one). More combo stoppers which offer either a fizzle benefit or multimodal benefit.... So unlike Stranglehold an opponent may still do something, but it is quite painful to do so and the punisher also benefits the owning player in some way (so it is not just a useless removal-bait mana waste). This could also solve the issue of "play blue in response".... Which brings me to my idea of having an extra turn punisher that steals the extra turns, slaps a player, maybe even scrounges & punishes for extra turn spells found.. & what color would do this, you may ask? ... because we all know that entropy (red or red/black) is the true constant in time... & how flavorful to have such a Butterflyeffectesque slap to Blue's arrogant dabbling at "controlling" time :)

DespairFaction on Boros Aurelia

6 days ago

Oh I see. So without completely rebuilding the deck a few things that will help, but not completely solve the problem. I would imagine that Blood Moon should be pretty good for zur. Maybe adding Leonin Arbiter and Stranglehold since both of those decks rely on tutoring pretty heavily. As far the recruiters, they are ok but without a ton of fast mana I can see the world where you are getting your hatebears a turn too late. The other thing you can do is look at loading up on cheap removal. Darksteel Mutation and Prison Term are cards that they ahve to answer before they can do their thing. So for that match up i would side out a few of your least effective creatures and up the removal. You have to keep their commanders out of play until you can stranglehold or something like that. Another fun card that is unbelievably nasty is Helm of Possession although it might be a touch slow without more fast mana. But as soon as you can get to 6 you just steal their commander before it does the thing. It has won me games. But yeah main point is you gotta keep their commander out of play, and you need to be fast and efficient, and that will be difficult without reworking the deck since both of those decks are built for speed and consistency so you really are getting into Cedh territory right there.

Nodrog666 on Numot Stax

1 week ago

Hey man! Good first draft! I like some of the ideas in here. I have some constructive criticism for you, so, as brutally honest as I will be with my suggestions, keep in mind I’m just offering my best advice on how to improve this list. I tested this deck a bit and here’s some thoughts I have:

More Tutor / Draw: You’re running very little card advantage, which I noticed when I was testing this deck. There isn’t enough dig or deck manipulation going on here. Basically every time I found myself durdling. Here are some suggestions:

More spot removal: Your deck doesn’t have a lot of ways of dealing out targeted removal. Mass Land D and other sweeper spells are great and all, but you also need ways of handling individual problems as they arrive. Here are some suggestions I have:

More Persistent harassment: You’re running MLD, Tax, but you aren’t running a whole lot of effects to consistently torment the opponent. Smokestack, Pendrell Mists, Kataki, War's Wage, Manabarbs keep pressure on your opponents. Even just running more stuff to slow things down (Winter Orb, Tangle Wire, Kismet, Rule of Law, Stranglehold etc.) would be useful here.

Consider less creatures, more enchantments: Hatebears are cool, but consider the fact that they are easier to kill than their enchantment counterparts. Magus of the Moon dies much easier than Blood Moon and you want these effects to have a good return on investment. This one is more food for thought than actual criticism.

Suggestions for cuts: Hall of Heliod's Generosity (?): It’s a great card, but right now you aren’t running enough Enchantments to justify it. Most of the time it’s going to just tap for colorless. If you run more Enchantments, it’s a keeper! (I think I’m going to try and find a slot for my own deck)

Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain: This is pretty vestigial. It’s not really pulling much weight. Cut it.

Karn, Silver Golem: See above.

Remorseful Cleric: This is too squishy. Run Tormod's Crypt instead. Just as easy to recur (moreso, in fact, cause Academy Ruins sees it) and it lowers your curve.

Tomik, Distinguished Advokist: I get what you’re going with here, but you’re blowing up your lands anyway, making them untargetable is kind of moot. There’s a bunch of hatebears I’d rather run in this slot.

Burning of Xinye / Wildfire: These are weak, you can do way better for MLD in your colors. Add Sunder (Cheaper at Instant speed!).

Saltblast: This card is kind of bad. Costs waaay too much for targeted removal. Also, is completely dead against decks that run white. I’d honestly remove this and replace it with Wrath of God instead.

Karn, the Great Creator: Not doing enough. I see the combo with Mycosynth Lattice, but Hellkite Tyrant is a much better combo.

Elspeth, Sun's Nemesis: This card isn't great. If you want Elspeth, put in Elspeth, Knight-Errant or Elspeth, Sun's Champion instead. Both make tokens as a +1 ability.

Empowered Autogenerator: Too slow, too expensive. It’s not as good as it looks. Ideally, rocks should slot into the 0-3 CC range. If you desperately wanted something in the 4 slot, why not just run Thran Dynamo instead? It’s more consistent.

Firemind Vessel – See above.

m_to_the_three on Meren-ium Falcon

1 week ago

No problem, I personally think all the Vraska are bad for commander and for meren specifically. I call vraska the good old bait planeswalker. A lot of people who make their first golgari commander deck think Vraska is good but then after playing it just never works as well as you want it too.

I used to run dictate of erebos and grave pact but my deck ended up getting enough tutors and reanimate abilties that plaguecrafter and mindless excutioner was good enough to get rid of a lot of creatures. Things like carrier thrall are nice but the issue is you rather actually have sac outlets that do stuff for you or mana dorks because they are a faster way to get mana. Because having something that can turn into a sac outlet and get ya mana can be a bit too slow for meren.

Some boardwipes you should consider are Pox, Toxic Deluge, and Smallpox. I am a big fan of pox in meren, it does a lot and because meren is so resilient you usually stand on top after the boardwipe.

If you want more control consider Contamination. If you want a cool big creature It That Betrays is a nice one, I usually get it out t4 with pattern of rebirth and a sac outlet. turning carrion feeder into a big baddy is really nice.

If you want your deck to become really strong, how I designed mine was mainly a lot of tutors and sac outlets to then pretty much get a combo to win or to get one of my big value creatures and beat people to death to win. then I have some small creatures for removal like rec sage and plaguecrafter. You pretty much want sac outlets, tutors, reanimation, etb or leave the battlefield ability creatures, value creatures, and a win con. whats really nice about meren is that you don't need a lot because if people get rid of your stuff you just bring it back. Meren is the most resilient deck out there. Your three biggest weakness will be Torpor Orb, Stranglehold, and Rest in Peace. the best way to counter all three of those is Caustic Caterpillar so if you know your opponent has one of those always get one in hand in case of emergency.

Im glad I could help, don't forget to check my deck to see some cards I didnt mention and if ya got any more questions feel free to ask.

TheOneKiko1337 on [cEDH] Krenko, Mob Boss

2 weeks ago

Profet93 Hey, thank you for your message. I updated my text and included the Altar of Dementia it severs us as another sac outlet, and gives us another win-con (mill) if we can't win with damage.

Arch of Orazca is to slow imo. Sure it CAN be an option when you're lacking cards or going later into the game. This counts for Endless Atlas too. Arch of Orazca is basically "draw a card for + " Endless Atlas does the same at the cost of .

About Commune with Lava imo it only helps when you're already infinite and at this point you should have won anyway. Sure there are cases where x=3 or any other number might work. But imo they are very rare.

Outpost Siege is a worse Goblin Bombardment and for the card draw part it is quite expansive and slow. You pay to kinda draw an extra the following turn.

Stranglehold absolutely agreed. I swap it in from time to time, it depends on my opponents deck tho.

Profet93 on [cEDH] Krenko, Mob Boss

2 weeks ago

What is the purpose of Altar of Dementia? Is there something obvious I am missing?

Arch of Orazca - Draw

Endless Atlas - Draw

Of your 4 draw sources, one of them isn't even draw. Adding more draw will help maintain gas and help you recover from the inevitable board wipe that will come your way from spanning out goblins from your wazoo. Another option should you wish is Commune with Lava as well as Outpost Siege.

I see Stranglehold in your maybeboard but I think it deserves a slot in the deck. Stops tutors, fetchlands, and land ramp, all of which is an issue in a cEDH meta IMO. Of course you need to get it out early enough, but even mid-late game it still works as a good control piece.

CommanderTech on Salvaging Boros - A Deep Dive (1.1)

2 weeks ago

Version 1.1 - Replaced Wear/Tear with Chaos Warp: Better flexibility for more demanding situations.

Replaced Phyrexian Atlar with Eldrazi Displacer: Much more synergy with all my ETB creatures, and the colored mana from Phyrexian Atlar does not work well with Displacer.

Replaced 1x Mountain and 1x Plains with Stranglehold and Strip Mine. More control plus mine works well with displacer.

Replaced 1x Mountain and 1x plains with Imperial Recruiter and Recruiter of the Guard. More tutors never hurt.

Mike94 on Elsha's Flashy Show

3 weeks ago

I see you are considering Stranglehold but maybe it's a good idea to run Aven Mindcensor instead? It's a strong reactive card and can be played from turn 1, I have a lot of succes with it in my meta. Torpor Orb should be cut in my oppinion, you are an artifact oriented deck so Trinket Mage or even Tribute Mage would be great additions. Without the Orb you can also play Gilded Drake which is the strongest creature in blue on it's own. I would also replace Arcane Denial with Remand, letting someone draw two cards is to big of a downside in CEDH. Winds of Rebuke is in essence a way worse Cyclonic Rift, you run fast mana and "Sol" artifacts, being able to cast Rift from turn 3. If you manage to resolve it, you have won and I think you don't need a better reason to play Rift ;). But, if you really don't want to play Rift, then play Chain of Vapor. It all comes down to personal preference and your own meta ofc. but those are my thoughts on your list.

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