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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal



Whenever an opponent casts a spell, you may reveal the top card of your library. If you do, counter that spell if it has the same converted mana cost/mana value as the revealed card.

SufferFromEDHD on Azorius Voltron Control

2 months ago

Cool voltron concept.

Riptide Laboratory to properly abuse that Snapcaster Mage.

Capsize would be a great spell in this draw/go strategy. Dust Bowl for similar reasons.

Mystic Speculation fits the top deck Counterbalance strategy.

Urza's Saga to grab that crucial Sensei's Divining Top, Relic of Progenitus removal and two powerful mana rocks.

Sentinel's Eyes cheap and reusable vigilance.

Narset, Parter of Veils round out the playset of powerful planeswalkers.

Pendrell Mists would be a useful stax tax.

Jett2112 on Bant Super Friends

3 months ago

It's a salty 7 and a janky 8. With cards like Humility and Counterbalance and the various emblem lockdowns, this can be hard to overcome for battlecruiser casual decks and yet I feel this deck dosn't quite have the consistency to go up against cedh 9-10.

Quickspell on Prevent Opposition Agent in mono …

3 months ago

Grubbernaut Recently the Memnarch player destroyed me with the Sensei's Divining Top/Counterbalance combo, countering anything and everything for a few turns until they had enough mana to steal every single of my permanents with Memnarch. In the end, I had nothing left. No cards in hand, no library, no permanents.

I could have scooped the moment he got his combo online, because it was futile to do anything. I gave him the satisfaction to play it out until the end this one time. It took forever and everybody was sitting and watching and waiting, until we could finally go on with the next game. After that, he took out Counterbalance, because it wouldn’t be fun a second time.

Maralen and Opposition Agent is similar. It doesn’t win the game instantly like a Craterhoof Behemoth would. It has to be played out to actually win, and takes forever. So winning with that combo has no satisfaction whatsoever. It is an abrupt end of the game without actually winning but with an explanation of will what will happen during the next few turns.

Maralen makes your dream come true by tutoring for anything you want. There are so many fun possibilities, and there is excitement because everyone does the same. Going down this route into fantasy land is much much more fun than just ending the game in turn 4 by fetching Opposition Agent and proclaiming the game has ended because of what you are going to do in a couple of turns.

Grubbernaut on 4C Miracles (2.0)

4 months ago

Mishra's Bauble seems like a solid include, possibly over some number of Gaze/Brainstone/Revival. Hall of Storm Giants might also be a safer play over Colonnade, both for conditionally entering untapped, but also having the Ward on one of your wincons. Spell Pierce also seems fairly weak, IMO; I think Force of Negation, or more removal for opposing Ragavans would be good. Prismatic Ending is a good option, but getting bonked with a monkey will screw up the Counterbalance plan, so Bolt seems pretty important, here.

andyboyjack on Rona wants to give you a hand

6 months ago

The best additions would be Sensei's Divining Top, Scroll Rack and Counterbalance if you want to increase the power of the deck for a little extra money. You can also add Predict.

CEO_of_Piss on Sen Triplets swiper no swiping

7 months ago

I've played this commander too much

Consider swapping Celestial Dawn for Chromatic Orrery

If budget allows, Sensei's Divining Top and Aetherflux Reservoir go infinite with Bolas's Citadel to give a more solid wincon. Counterbalance also plays nice with the top.

Master Transmuter has so many uses, at the very least it is always able to flicker sen triplets to dodge removal

Finally, the deck could use more mana, sen triplets cost 5, will almost certainly get killed at least once each game, and require you to spend more mana to get use out of their abilities. I use like 20 mana rocks in total

notcapps on spells spells and more spells

10 months ago

so the first thing i think you should do is add some ritual spells like Dark Ritual and Jeska's Will dark ritual will give you 4 black mana for free and jeskas will will give you an 20 cards you can cast from exile and a whole ton of mana,tutors will also give you card advantage when you really need it, one of my personal favorites thats more budget is Grim Tutor, but if you want to break the bank or use proxies (ew) Demonic Tutor is your best bet. as far as lands go, Grixis Panorama is a really stellar card in tandem with cards like Smoldering Marsh because its a mountian and a swamp, you can search for that when you crack the panorama, other examples include but are not limited to, Sunken Hollow Watery Grave Blood Crypt Steam Vents and the original true dual lands, which are too expensive to really even mention. i would personally trade out Dogged Pursuit for something like Exquisite Blood and also consider putting in some boardwipes like Toxic Deluge and alternate wincons such as Exsanguinate take the Ancient Carp out of the deck too, it has no flavor text and dosent contribute anything for the 5 mana youre paying for it. Aetherflux Reservoir is a great card in any storm deck, because youre gonna gain an incredible amount of life with all the spells youre casting. make sure you put more counterspells in, such as Counterspell and if you want something really fun, try Counterbalance, its one of my personal favorite cards and i run it in almost all my blue decks. Take out Dwindle for something like Imprisoned in the Moon and you can cast it on someones commander and they can no longer play their commander as it is now a land :) take out the Falthis, Shadowcat Familiar and replace it with something like a Niv-Mizzet, Parun for some more card draw and board threats, and make sure that at the end of the game your having fun my dude, at the end of the day winning is important but having fun is even more important. Welcome to EDH!

Deathstroke2791 on You can focus on today, I'll focus on Tomorrow

11 months ago

Normally, I would say Counterbalance isn't great in EDH, but you have a decent range of cmc to make it work. And Wizard Class is kinda meh here. If you're leveling up, it's a non-bo with your commander, and otherwise you can just run Spellbook. Not the way I play Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar (my favorite commander), but I see what you're going for and it looks like a fun iteration.

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