Praetor's Grasp

Praetor's Grasp


Search target opponent's library for a card and exile it face down, then that player shuffles his or her library. As long as it remains exiled, you may look at it and cast it as though it were in your hand.

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia (NPH) Rare

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Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Leviathan Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Praetor's Grasp occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

Black: 0.19%

Golgari: 0.09%

Praetor's Grasp Discussion

Redshift_cEDH on Consultation Kess: a Primer

1 week ago

MrBodi88 I think Imperial Recruiter is a poor choice. Are you already running Grim Tutor and Praetor's Grasp? Even if you are you should probably still cut recruiter! I don't think we evaluate tutors the same way in game based on the way you've described liking the more narrow tutor to 'save' the other ones. Tutors are placeholders for other cards, don't get sucked into the mentality of feeling like you have half your combo because you've got a tutor. Use it, get value, get interaction, get a combo piece. It's not worth anything otherwise. I'm not suggesting you ignore the information exchange surrounding things like using a reveal vs non-reveal tutor, I hope you take my meaning.

gillkohl it definitely caught my attention. As you have been so kind as to point out to Berzerker777 I have already stated I am wary of cards that get good assuming Kess sticks around. I think your use of in in a list still impacted by some budgetary restrictions is totally appropriate, and I may end up taking it for a spin, but I am initially pessimistic.

Barbola only 2 slots? You brute! In all seriousness card quality is one of the best things we have going for us and our combo lines are already so tight scepter and aetherflux are not really good enough. I can appreciate finding a spot for Isochron Scepter if you just can't have a Dramatic Reversal without it but I wouldn't waste a slot on a hard outlet for it, just go get Sensei's Divining Top or something, there are a few options for an outlet with cards already in the list.

Is Jace necessary? I think it's odd your asking me that in the same comment where you're asking about taking up 2 more slots with dead combo pieces for a backup. If you've got the gumption to roll without a backup then you're braver than me, but then why are you looking at dramatic scepter + aetherflux? Jace is definitely better than the two of those. If I needed more I'd run Praetor's Grasp because someone else definitely has a Thassa's Oracle I could put to better use.

Underworld Breach is hot. Even without leaning harder into it the card is a joke on its own. Definitely makes you feel a bit more like you're piloting storm again, which is a positive if you're nostalgic.

nooodle_ on Maralen Dreams

2 weeks ago

I really like this deck. Would recommend a Chalice of the Void and a Praetor's Grasp. Some Duress effects would help a bunch too imo. But yeah, nice one. Cute monoblack deck that could be fringe competitive.

StopShot on What is the best commander ...

2 weeks ago

1.) The Gitrog Monster

2.) Combo-kill.

3.) The Gitrog Monster has a lot of casual variations, but it gets busted in competitive EDH if you plan to go infinite with Dakmor Salvage and any of the various free repeatable discard outlets such as: Earsplitting Rats, Grotesque Hybrid, Noose Constrictor, Oblivion Crown, Olivia's Dragoon, Oona's Prowler, Patchwork Gnomes, Putrid Imp, Skirge Familiar, Trespasser il-Vec, Tunneler Wurm or Wild Mongrel.

Upon discarding the Dakmor Salvage, The Gitrog Monster allows you to draw a card which you can use to dredge the Dakmor Salvage back. As you can see you have an infinite mill loop, BUT for every land you mill, you also get a draw trigger from The Gitrog Monster. Not only that, but in your deck you have one or more of these grave-shuffle effects: Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre or Gaea's Blessing. Milling any of those cards puts all milled cards back into your library, so you can keep racking up draw triggers until you have your entire deck in your hand.

At this point you can free cast Lotus Petal and/or Dark Ritual and then shuffle them back into your library to draw again by discarding a grave shuffler followed by any number of lands in your hand to draw them back and repeat. You now have infinite mana of any color in your hand along with every card in your library in your hand and the ability to recast any card in your hand as many times as you want. Simplest method of winning is just to cast Walking Ballista for a million mana but really any card that causes a loss of life that can easily be put back in the grave upon use so you can cycle it back will work. Also if your opponents have something like Leyline of Sanctity or any other protection card you can freely cast and recast your Assassin's Trophy and/or Maelstrom Pulse as many times as you want to bypass the issue.

But what if they exile your Dakmor Salvage? Use Riftsweeper to get it back and if that fails use your back-up Mirror of Fate to recur it after you've milled your library thoroughly with some value engine like Mesmeric Orb. You basically have to also exile their recursion cards to remove the land for good or use Praetor's Grasp as a silver bullet.

Why not just use a removal spell or graveyard hate spell/ability while the first dredge trigger is on the stack to interrupt the combo? Well, that could work, but keep in mind if they discard a another land card while its on the stack they can dredge off of that and run through their combo all while removal is on the stack effectively bypassing any number of removal spells equal to the extra lands in their hand. By the time the removal spell as has resolved they will have infinite black mana from Dark Ritual and a Lotus Petal to cast afterward allowing them to just recast whatever was removed or just win by hard-casting the aforementioned Walking Ballista.

If Tormod's Crypt won't work you could use Rest in Peace or Planar Void to stop it, but these decks run so many Naturalize effects because they know that's the only real effective answer you have to stop it.

Oh, and get this. If you can't find a discard outlet you can use your discard step to discard down to hand size to go infinite and win the game that way as the discard step repeats if an ability is triggered due to discarding down to hand size. Which means all you really need is the land which you can find with all the black tutors and green provides its own land tutor effects as well. Given you're also in green playing a turn 2 or 3 The Gitrog Monster is fairly possible which can be the same turn you win on.

The deck is too consistent at winning. People don't play it though, because certain interactions get very complex in rules interactions which means you need a solid understanding of how to pilot it, and those who do know how to pilot it find it boring as winning can be so fast and consistent it doesn't even feel like you're playing Magic anymore. Also the deck can get pretty pricey to acquire all the cards you need. That combination of factors is why it doesn't see much play otherwise it would be banned straight out of existence if sanctioned competitive EDH tournaments were more common in my opinion.

griffstick on What is the best commander ...

2 weeks ago

Good point Vash13 I've played against combo decks and have lost to the same combo over and over again so I put several cards in the deck to deal with it. Not being in blue I had to get creative. I started using cards like Sadistic Sacrament, Praetor's Grasp, Slaughter Games and Jester's Cap type cards to deal with the combo before it happens. It worked great. It worked so good that they stopped playing combo against me lol. Playstyles and deck building can change the meta.

Mortlocke on The Song of Phyresis

3 weeks ago

1empyrean, I totally feel that Parallax Nexus could have been a good card if it wasn't for the short sighted-ness of the card's designers. Thinking back on that Specter tribal Bolas deck - I was given one heck of a whallop. It was a 1v1 game, and I was way too greedy on the opening hand - which was primarily mana rocks that produced colorless mana. My deck at the time was a different list, as I didn't acquire most of the very pricey lands on the list. No excuse for a pilot who kept a bad hand though.

S1ayerMonkey, appreciate the +1! Thank you for being honest - i've put alot of effort into this decklist (and page) hoping to perfect my own vision for Atraxa. I recall Grip of Phyresis, I found it adorable that the germ token was wielding the Sword of Body and Mind - such a shame that sword is hot trash though. I feel that Sword of Truth and Justice should have been the previously mentioned card. Oh well. At one point Praetor's Grasp was in the deck, but it didn't feel cohesive to the strategy I was beginning to implement in the deck. At the time I was running cards like Ghostly Prison - playing to the strategy of "Get counters on players, lock them out of resources/make it impossible for them to get damage on me and proliferate the poison counters on opponents". Honestly, I never enjoyed playing that way so I adjusted to what you see before you now.

S1ayerMonkey on The Song of Phyresis

3 weeks ago

Hi! This seems fairly well thought out, so I'm not sure what suggestions I can make that you haven't already observed, but I'll leave a like and give it a shot.

have you considered Grip of Phyresis? It's certainly in the name. Praetor's Grasp fits your Vorthos theme and can also find you things you need or remove key combo pieces from your opponents' decks.

Brogan54 on Oloro, Ageless Ascetic

1 month ago

My recommendations :

I think most people will tell you that Oloro offers little competitive advantage to you compared to other esper commander like Zur (who can fetch Necropotence into play) or even Aminatou (who is a combo piece in the command zone). I think upsides for Oloro would be that he can do larger ad nauseam and possibly can even run Humility which few decks can win while it is on the board.


Teferi's Protection

Rhox Faithmender

Debt to the Deathless



Merciless Eviction

Anguished Unmaking


Thran Dynamo


Mox Tantalite

Phyrexian Arena

Twilight Prophet

Crypt Ghast

Winds of Abandon


Search for Azcanta  Flip

I would first add better ramp, better draw, potential Stax, tutors and then other win cons.


Dark Ritual

Fellwar Stone

Mox Diamond

Talisman of Hierarchy

Talisman of Progress

Copy Artifact

Mox Opal

Cabal Ritual

Grim Monolith

Lotus Petal

Dramatic Reversal


Ad Nauseam

Night's Whisper



Whispering Madness




Verity Circle (good against dorks)

Plunge into Darkness (a good Impulse)

Mindblade Render

Sygg, River Cutthroat


Drannith Magistrate

Aven Mindcensor

Cursed Totem

Notion Thief


Blind Obedience

Rest in Peace

Torpor Orb


Mental Misstep




Spell Pierce

Spell Snare


Tale's End


Chain of Vapor

Gilded Drake

Yahenni's Expertise

Into the Roil

Blink of an Eye


Vampiric Tutor

Imperial Seal

Transmute Artifact


Whir of Invention

Praetor's Grasp


Academy Rector


CONSULT COMBO Demonic Consultation

Tainted Pact

Jace, Wielder of Mysteries

Laboratory Maniac


Ad Nauseam (draw whole deck, can Windfall and make everyone die while AG means you can't lose

Helm of Obedience

Rest in Peace / Leyline of the Void

Heliod Walking Ballista

Approach of the Second Sun

Dramatic Scepter

Isochron Scepter

Rocks that produce at least three mana total (outlet is extort with blind obedience or crypt ghast) If have pristine Talisman gain infinite life, which is infinite draw with commander

Didn't look at landbase

enpc on Marmalade Sandwich & Tea

1 month ago

Isn't there a concern here that the entire list hinges on Thassa's Oracle? If you lose access to it, you basically lose your win condition. I did notice the Praetor's Grasp there which I'm guessing is for an opponent's Oracle, but that still seems kind of risky.

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