Woodland Cemetery

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Woodland Cemetery


Woodland Cemetery enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a Swamp or a Forest.

: Add or .

DemonDragonJ on Innistrad Remastered Speculation and Wishlist

3 weeks ago

I was very impressed with both Dominaria Remastered and Ravnica Remastered, and WotC has announced that there shall be an Innistrad Remastered, as well, so I now wish to begin speculation about that set.

First, there are seven sets from which cards in Innistrad Remastered can be reprinted: Innistrad, Dark Ascension, Avacyn Restored, Shadows Over Innistrad, Eldritch Moon, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, and Innistrad: Crimson Vow, which should allow for plenty of excellent cards to be included in the set.

I very much would like to see both the "check lands" (Clifftop Retreat, Hinterland Harbor, Isolated Chapel, Sulfur Falls, and Woodland Cemetery) as well as the utility lands (Grim Backwoods, Kessig Wolf Run, Vault of the Archangel, and so forth) that were printed initially in various sets on Innistrad reprinted in this set, as well as some of the better-known and more powerful angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, and zombies from the various sets, including the original versions of all four of the legendary angels (Bruna, Gisela, Sigarda, and Lisa).

This set is still many months away, being released early in 2025, so it may be too early to speculate, just yet, but I still wish to begin a discussion of it, so what are everyone else's wishes for this set? What cards would you like to see be reprinted in Innistrad Remastered?

onlyjoking on Weak Sauce Graveyard

11 months ago

Consistency and Card Draw: Consider adding more ways to draw cards and increase the consistency of your deck. Cards like Sign in Blood, Night's Whisper, or Read the Bones can help you dig through your deck and find the pieces you need.

Graveyard Interaction: Since you're interested in utilizing the graveyard, consider including cards that interact with the graveyard directly. Cards like Grisly Salvage or Mulch can help fill your graveyard and provide additional resources.

Removal and Interaction: It's important to have ways to interact with your opponent's creatures and disrupt their strategy. Cards like Murderous Rider, Fatal Push, or Eliminate can help you remove threats from the board.

Mana Base: Ensure that your mana base is consistent and allows you to cast your spells on time. Consider adding dual lands like Overgrown Tomb, Woodland Cemetery, or Blooming Marsh if they are within your budget.

Synergistic Cards: Look for cards that synergize well with your strategy. Cards like Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord or Golgari Grave-Troll can help you further utilize your graveyard and provide additional threats.

Deck Size and Card Choices: Consider reducing your deck size to 60 cards for increased consistency. This will help you draw your key cards more frequently. Evaluate each card in your deck and ensure that it directly contributes to your strategy.

Flavuss on Discardelves

11 months ago

msimcoe First of all i'd like to thank you for the detailed comment . For the mana base : i was thinking from the start about the fetch+shock lands modern Staples but i tried to avoid them because of the Life loss: with all the dorks that let me add mana while losing Life i thought It was a bit risky to try the Classic fetch + shock and i find the mana fix in this deck to be quite easily manageable . I tried Woodland Cemetery too but i found that sometimes It came tapped early in the game . [Fury] and dork removal Is the reason im playing target discard , to enable the dorks plays discarding their removal spells. But you're definitely right about the pure discard being Better later in the game , especially with Nath of the Gilt-Leaf. I've imagined this list to be a slower Elf ramp: "defending" the early plays by controlling the opponent hand i think its crucial for the strategy. But still , to find the perfect balance between the early targeted discard and the generic discard its something do be done here. I'll definitely try funeral charm by removing 2 target discard cards. I find Devoted Druid to be quite a nice addiction here because It has good sinergies with Tyvar the Bellicose and the +1 Tyvar Kell : to turn the mana dorks into Little beaters throught those cards was one of the approach i took while Building the deck. Do you think that this strategy Is lackluster ( keep in mind the slower-controllish way of this build) ? Harmonize feels good when It hits but you're right , im looking for some other draw engine to keep the flow going and i Will try Beast Whisperer for sure. What do you think about Harald Unites the Elves ? Maybe its Just me loving this card but i think It deserves a Place somewhere ahah.

PS. This Go Blank Will definitely find a Place in the sideboard . Yes , your input has been very helpful.

msimcoe on Discardelves

11 months ago

So to flesh out the mana base, in essence I would recommend: - increasing the number of dual lands over basic lands and the quality of the dual lands, i.e. Verdant Catacombs, Woodland Cemetery and Nurturing Peatland. (Having perfect fixing often is the difference between winning and losing.) - and just bumping up the number of lands to something like 21, I know it would feel weird in a deck with so many mana dorks, but in the outlandish event you face a deck playing Fury or Fire / Ice, I think you'll be happy to have land-drop number four over mana dork number four.

Secondly, since you fancy playing Devoted Druid in the main deck, maybe you could take advantage of her combo potential or at least her synergies with cards like Tyvar, Jubilant Brawler especially in place of Tyvar Kell who I don't seeing being a very impactful four-drop. Or alternatively, you could just cut a few mana-dorks for a playset of Waste Nots who would help get you some advantage off of the opponent's discard. And while on the topic, I would suggest playing more just strict "target opponent discards a card" like Funeral Charm over the hand-hate like Inquisition of Kozilek and Dread Fugue since a.) you don't really care about hating on the opponents pieces as much as just making them discard, b.) instant speed discard is always better than sorcery speed and c.) it scales better into the late game.

As well, side note, Harmonize over Beast Whisperer just seems a little too low-impact for the modern format, sure it's a guaranteed one-for-three, but at four-mana it doesn't touch the board and beast whisperer is probably a better investment with all your small creatures that ramp you into more small creatures ramp imo.

Lastly, you asked for some sideboard suggestions, I might play one or two Crippling Fear as one-sided board wipes. As well, pioneer sideboard all-star Go Blank might be good in this shell with some more main-deck discard synergies. Also, just general good green and black sideboard cards are like Veil of Summer, Force of Vigor and Fatal Push

Thats all that I have for how I might build this list, and I hope this was even mildly helpful! Overall, this is an interesting list! A solid idea that I find very similar to The Rack strategies in modern!

wallisface on They Came From the Swamp

1 year ago

Interesting brew! Some thoughts:

  • Modern decks typically can't justify running more than 3-4 cards costing 4 mana, and often run nothing above this. You've currently got 7 4-mana cards, which is a little above this, and might make your deck run a little slower/clumsier than ideal. Personally I'd ditch the Cankerous Thirst, but I'll elaborate further on that in a later bullet-point. I'd say in most cases for a midrange deck, you want the "Avg. CMC" of the deck to be below 2 (tappedout currently has you at 2.36)

  • You may need a 22nd land, or possibly even a 23rd. Your deck looks super-reliant on getting mana early to avoid getting overwhelmed, and in the likely scenario where your opponent bolts an early-turn Ignoble Hierarch, you could be in a lot of trouble.

  • I'm really surprised you've found Force of Despair to be so useful, particularly as the card is generally only strong against decks trying to sudo-combo-off, like 8-whack. Because it is generally always costing you two cards, it can be hard to get card-parity from unless you're facing aggro builds. If its doing great in your meta, then I guess keep running it - I just haven't found it particularly useful, and would suggest limiting it to 2 copies at-most.

  • Cankerous Thirst feels like a really bad card to me, in that its a really weak effect for a ridiculous quantity of mana. In most situations, Primal Might will outperform this in every aspect apart from costing only 1 colour of mana. I would suggest replacing this card with more copies of Abrupt Decay and Assassin's Trophy, as both of those cards are amazing for a build like this - and your deck looks like it really wants to be able to survive the early turns of the game (if you can stabilize past turn 4, you're probably in a good position, so keeping the opponents board clear during the early turns seems far more useful than some 4-mana combat trick).

  • I'd swap out the Woodland Cemetery for another Forest & Swamp. It will help protect you from Blood Moon, as well as ensure that your lands aren't ever entering tapped. But as mentioned before i'd also suggest going up to 22-23 lands. For any additional lands you do put into the deck, i'd suggest Castle Locthwain, as it can help ensure you win any grindy late-games.

  • Glissa Sunslayer seems a LOT stronger than Dreg Mangler. I'd maybe drop down to 2 copies of Mangler so that you can run 3 of the Sunslayer.

  • I think Grist, the Hunger Tide would do amazing things in this list, both for helping to stall out the game, while also providing an army for Creakwood Liege. I think 3-copies could be a really strong inclusion, though I'm not sure what you'd remove for it (possibly some of the cards I suggested ditching earlier).

DemonDragonJ on All Will Be One

1 year ago

I have replaced the three checklands in this deck (Hinterland Harbor, Isolated Chapel, and Woodland Cemetery) with the shocklands of the same colors (Breeding Pool, Godless Shrine, and Overgrown Tomb), because, with this being a four-colored deck, I cannot take the chance of the checklands entering the battlefield tapped.

The_Warleader on Brewing gross poisons

1 year ago

The Battlebond lands (such as Training Center ) are usually an auto-include for me and aren't too expensive (around 6-12 dollars each) and basically function as regular dual lands in EDH. You could use those instead of the fetch lands.

You aren't running a Command Tower.

Reflecting Pool is another powerful option (especially in 3-4 color decks) that isn't too expensive since it's been reprinted several times.

I wouldn't run Prismatic Vista at all even if you had the budget for it - there's just no reason to be fetching basics unless you're trying to fill your graveyard/or have important landfall triggers, etc. The same logic applies to the panoramas and Evolving Wilds, however if you are on a budget then it makes sense to include those as they're dirt cheap.

Another auto-include for me are buddy lands (e.g. Woodland Cemetery. They should work very well since you already have triomes and honestly they usually work fine even if you're running a lot of basics.

Temples are good but enter tapped ( Temple of Malice )

Exotic Orchard is quite cheap and is a staple in 4-5 color decks because you're almost guarenteed to get 2+ colors out of it.

If you're still looking for a lower budget, I would include the Battle Lands (e.g. Smoldering Marsh ) and just keep lots of basics and basic-fetches.

As for tutoring options - there are no good budget options really. Tutor's are often quite expensive because of their extensive use and the fact that most were printed early on in Magic's history. But you could go for the worse tutors like Diabolic Tutor and Increasing Ambition. Or Solve the Equation to look for spells that will target your Venerated Rotpriest.

Hope this helps!

BobFromAccounting on Compost Pile (Help Wanted)

1 year ago


  1. Trim 2x Prismatic Vista or 2x Woodland Cemetery for 2x Boseiju, Who Endures. Most of your costs are single pip, so you don't need to fix as hard.
  2. Trim 1x Forest for 1x Swamp or 1x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. Either would be find, swamp is searchable off fetch, but you run two creatures with double black pips, and nothing with double green.
  3. Consider Life from the Loam & Dakmor Salvage package as recursive dredge. Loam also lets you abuse fetches to thin deck. Pairs nicely with Bloodghast.
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