Emergence Zone

Emergence Zone


: Gain .

, , Sacrifice Emergence Zone: You may cast spells this turn as though they had flash.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Emergence Zone Discussion

MrKillStar on K’rrik, Shameless Masochist

1 week ago

Looks like pretty sweet deck!
Some cards I think that could help here aswell:
Vilis, Broker of Blood - a bit mana expensive, but should be totally worth the card draw from life loss.
Doom Whisperer - another big demon just for that could help to filter your library and drain your life at the same time at instant speed.
Dream Devourer - Im still trying to play around this little guy, but so far its not bad to protect some combo pieces to cast them later.
Emergence Zone - In my opinion this is pretty sweet utility land just to give your spels Flash until end of turn, possibly sneaking out Repay in Kind, etc (?).
Marshland Bloodcaster - probably a bit slow without Haste, but should work just well.

DevoMelvminster on Bounce and Ye Shall Be Healed

1 week ago

Ahhh, hello again Omniscience_is_life. I feel like you’ve seen me through most of the big changes in this deck and I am always happy to hear your input.

Monologue Tax has honestly done it’s job really well. It ramps me or keeps other players pace slower and I can benefit a lot from both. I think it’s gonna stick around for now.

My initial thought on cutting Elspeth Tirel is “BLASPHEMY!!” and I wanted to counter with cutting Skyclave Apparition instead, But when I think about it more, you make a valid point. Skyclave is more versatile removal, and i’ve cut so much artifact/enchantment removal in recent iterations, I really do need it. Between Elspeth and Ajani, Strength of the Pride she is definitely the weaker of the two. I will try cutting her. I think 3 board wipes is still sufficient.

Now the question is, am I cutting her for Esper Sentinel , or Solitude ? Solitude is for sure going in, so i’ll have to drop something else to fit it in.

As for flash/instant speed bounce, i might just drop a plains and slot Winding Canyons back in. Canyons, Emergence Zone , and the redundancy of fetching them with Weathered Wayfarer or Expedition Map should be plenty. Although I do still have a Vedalken Orrery laying around from Oketra’s early days.

Dinzoro on Gitrog Dredge combo final

1 month ago

Few suggestions: Beast Within , Emergence Zone , Traverse the Ulvenwald , Regrowth , Casualties of War , Krosan Grip , Putrefy , Buried Alive , Pernicious Deed , Gaze of Granite .

Idk how hard you mill opponents, but if u do this might be funny (also I'm biast hihi xd) Vulturous Zombie .

I know you play Collector Ouphe , but I think Grafdigger's Cage might be worth looking at.

Nerdytimesorwhatever on Korvold's Light-Speed Garbage (cEDH)

1 month ago

•Deflecting Swat

You'll notice I've cut Guttural Response, which is a live interaction piece far more frequently than Deflecting Swat. Typically I would agree that cutting something as absurdly powerful as DS is wrong, but as Korvold is 5 mana and is often cast as a component of winning, all Swat would do is be a dead card in hand (and it often was, I tested it for a few months)

•Cavern of Souls

No. I don't wanna be mean, but look at the creatures in the deck. All it would do is make Korvold or Dockside uncounterable which doesn't matter much. Its a dead land. Lake of the Dead is vying for a land slot with Emergence Zone , neither has made it in over Karplusan/Llanowar painland, and CoS is much worse than either of the two lands I can't include due to slot limitations.

•Allosaurus Shepherd

Why would I include this card? It only works for making green spells uncounterable, which are less than half the wincons. Most of the green in the deck is ramp. Like CoS, its a dead slot that would be trying to vy for space over several much more live slots.

•Culling Ritual

I agree with part of your evaluation, and Im not too hot on the card myself. I will need to test more to be certain, but it will likely get the Axe like Opposition Agent did (too midrangey of a tool, even if its super powerful, it doesnt full on aid the go fast mentality). Jeska's Will might replace this slot, but I am not 100% on what will replace it. Final Fortune is always useful during testing, though, so thats a second option (to give a bit of a window into my card considerations).

•Rite of Flame

I have been trying to cut this card for the longest time. Honestly it does the job so much better than the next best option (Jeska's) that it isn't funny. Going from one red pip to two allows dockside, FF, breach, plunge... Unfortunately, it will stay in for the time being. It has yet to be outclassed.

Thank you for your card suggestions, sorry if it seems like Im putting you down at all. This list has been tested rigorously (until recently-- I have yet to test Culling Ritual adequately, as of yet it isn't falling short, Id just rather have card advantage effects in that slot, hence considering the often mediocre Jeskas Will) and each slot has been thought about. This iteration of the primer is incomplete, but thats due to not updating it with my notes (I have a notebook that I track a ton of shit about this deck in) so the verbiage and cards listed in the primer is likely somewhat off. Sorry about that!

As for Proxying, I am a vocal advocate of doing so. This deck has no monetary constraints (My Rashmi list is over $15k, as it includes a Tabernacle). "Proxy away, fuck what WotC has to say." - This Whale

KALE434 on Greater Thousand Year Aurora V2

2 months ago

vargaszm It combos as a ritual card as in you float mana in between each resolution of it as your lands come into play and then it does the same thing again giving you lots of mana. Its not amazing just a cool interaction i thought of one day. Also you can still play instants on each resolutions as well or flash out sorcerys with Alchemist's Refuge and Emergence Zone to still get some storm count as well. I know Thousand-Year Storm gets shuffled back in but with all the mana you float you can easily find it again with Thrasios, Triton Hero . Then find Expansion / Explosion or Aetherflux Reservoir while still looping spells with other Regrowth affects. Hope that helps if not lemme know.

ElCoon on Korvold's Light-Speed Garbage (cEDH)

2 months ago

Hi Nerdytimesorwhatever, first of all I wanted to thank you, I used to have a mid range Korvold with very slow combos it was nice but then I found this list.

I have been slowly changing my deck and started having the same mentality as you. I´m from Costa Rica and I think our meta is slow, my deck is destroying a lot of tables and I´m having a blast with CEDH.

I´m still building it. And right now I use Eldritch Evolution and is ok, and I use Emergence Zone just in case but have never needed it. I also use Manamorphose to help the slow tutors.

You Rock and Thank you for sharing this list, you saved me from making a Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain to be able to compete in CEDH.

Nerdytimesorwhatever on Korvold's Light-Speed Garbage (cEDH)

2 months ago

- Deflecting Swat

Often if I have my commander on the stack, I am winning the game and cant use this to protect casting Korvold.

- Karplusan Forest

Less red prevalence.

+ Necropotence

Third Naus, I didn't include it because I couldnt find my promo lol and EOT is rough. Its functioning as a CA engine as often as a wincon tbh. Probably not worth the changes.

+ Llanowar Wastes

Higher black prevalence.


Emergence Zone . With Krosan Wayfarer and Crop Rotation , it may be worthwhile to include EZ. Im not looking forward to less colored mana in my starting hands though.

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