Solve the Equation

Solve the Equation


Search your library for an instant or sorcery card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle.

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Solve the Equation Discussion

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Deck building Help

1 week ago

Seasons Past would've been my suggestion, as well. Jodah seems a fine commander.

You could go for a BIG MANA SORCERY theme with some of the Ultimatums that don't exile themselves on resolution, Apex of Power and Double Vision. Maelstrom Nexus and Maelstrom Archangel would be pretty busted in there, as well. Eerie Ultimatum would be especiall especially nasty when combined with Fraying Omnipotence

Solve the Equation is indeed awesome for that, but Diabolic Tutor, Dark Petition, Mastermind's Acquisition and especially Final Parting are powerful tutors that don't cost much.

multimedia on Deck building Help

1 week ago

With Jodah, Demonic Tutor or Solve the Equation or Conflux + Seasons Past. Equation and Conflux are budget tutor options. The tutor keeps tutoring for Past, Past then recurs the tutor and Fraying as well as other cards you discarded because of Fraying.

I use this combo in my Jodah Dragons deck not with Fraying, but for Dragonstorm to assemble Dragon combos and Klauth, Unrivaled Ancient makes the mana.

BenjaminPMiller on Tetsuko, Team Captain

2 weeks ago

Love the idea!! You may like things like Myr Retriever as possible recursion but also small creatures to hit with. Solve the Equation is a round about way to grab Fabricate to then find the stadium but its only a couple bucks and might be nice tutor to slap in. Up to you, overall seems like a fun play! Nice work!

Barjack521 on Taniwha Edh

1 month ago

have you considered the versatility of Solve the Equation over something like Merchant Scroll?

multimedia on Kalamax Magecraft Spellslinger (Budget)

2 months ago

TiberiusS, you're right Teach and Galvanic are subpar compared to the other copy spells, but they're budget and honestly I'm trying them out. Twincast was here, but it was cut for Veyran since I have four other less price Forks to infinite combo with. What other budget hard disruption/protection do you suggest I add?

All those cards you suggested seem fine, but finding room for them? Scroll and Muddle where both at one time here, but as their prices increased and Strixhaven released I cut them for other options. For example Solve the Equation replaced Scroll and Decisive Denial replaced Muddle.

jordanalessi on Azami the amazing queen of drawing [40$ budget]

2 months ago

Yeah, staying in the budget is always hard. When I was playtesting it, I found myself in need of assembling the combo faster. Maybe add Solve the Equation since it can tutor Ghostly Flicker or Dramatic Reversal? Nearly all of the combos rely on one of those two cards and the only way to get them is drawing into them.

Pakku on Melek, Izzet Paragon [PRIMER] (EDH)

2 months ago


You can go ahead and replace some of the more expensive cards like taking out Personal Tutor and Time Spiral. There are some changes as well that I might reccomend such as the Wheel of Fortune could be switched out to Valakut Awakening  Flip so that other players don't get resources or just Windfall. Gamble could be a Solve the Equation. Imo these don't change the power dynamics pretty much at all while hugely reducing the deck's cost. Cut off Mana Crypt and it should be very affordable

On what cards to cut, a few come to mind immediately. Portent is pretty bad, Mana Flare should be taken out immediately. Ruby Medallion, Mystic Speculation, Long-Term Plans (this should honestly be Solve the Equation in my list as well), Muddle the Mixture is played only for the potential transmutes so it can be cut out, Twincast has little to no use in comparison to Reverberate. Dream Cache works well with Melek out as a potential value engine but it can be cut out as well.

I'd probably slot in AEtherize, Blasphemous Act, Disrupt Decorum, Reins of Power and maybe even test out some other 2-in-1 wipes that gets you cards back like Volcanic Vision, there are other fun cards like Blustersquall which enables you to tap an opponent's board in their upkeep but I'll leave thinking those to you.

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