Gaea's Cradle

Gaea's Cradle

Legendary Land

: Add to your mana pool for each creature you control.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal

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Gaea's Cradle Discussion

Mcat1999 on Rats Vs Rats

3 days ago

As for the combo with Skullclamp , it works like this:

It isn't infinite, but it certainly does go an extremely long way. The issue is that it is very mana-intensive and you end up hitting a wall if you aren't drawing into more Rat Colony . Eventually if you are not careful, you could damage your boardstate and spend an entire turn doing nothing. In order to prevent this, you'd want at least 55% of your deck solely dedicated to Rat Colony just to ensure adequate positioning.

That is why I prefer Search for Blex . You get the top 5 cards and you can pay 3 life to select which one(s) you want. If I top a single Relentless Rats , I can just spend the 3 life. Maybe I top a Triumph of the Hordes , or maybe I hit all junk and ditch it all but this means I am 5 cards deeper into my library which is also a win. Most I've ever kept were 3 cards. That's also why I have elements of lifegain in the deck, to off-set the lifeloss.

I personally would just rather tutor out Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx , Gaea's Cradle , Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth + Cabal Coffers and / or Itlimoc, Cradle of the Sun and call it a day. Far less interactions, I keep my rats, I get higher devotion, I get higher toughness and I become far more mana efficient while securing draw off of my Commander.

TheSlowestBro on Titania, Queen of Ents

5 days ago

Hello fellow Titania player. From my experience I'd highly recommend a few cards:

Your list looks really strong, stronger than mine (I keep the power lvl a bit lower due to the general lvl my playgroup is at), but I think a few of my suggestions can push yours even further. If your interested, here is my own list: The Entmoot. We have similar themes! :) +1

Tyrant-Thanatos on Is Anyone Else Feeling Disappointed …

1 week ago

Is it possible to use it in an infinite combo?

Absolutely, the question is what kind of deckbuilding restrictions you're dealing with. Standard? EDH with it as commander? It varies. Assuming full freedom, Deadeye Navigator and some source of infinite life and you're there. The bigger thing though is just that tbh you really don't need to actually go infinite with it. If you just copy the activated ability a few times, Rings of Brighthearth , Illusionist's Bracers , etc you can get a LOT of mana. Maybe not infinite, but enough that a Torment of Hailfire should close out the game. It doesn't go infinite with Rings, but it does give you another untap, and you can tap all your lands and pool the mana in-between each ability resolving. So if you have say 10 lands, Rings out, and Bracers on Whitherbloom, you can pay 10 life and to untap all of your lands 3 times and get 38 mana. And that's assuming all your lands only produce one mana, and aren't something like a Gaea's Cradle , Cabal Coffers , etc.

I don't think the card is cEDH tier, but it's far from bad.

As for why it doesn't go infinite with Rings, Rings is a triggered ability, it will only trigger once, when you first activate.

Mcat1999 on MTGO when did casual edh …

3 weeks ago

What I really dislike is when someone fervently insults you and your build when they might have zero idea as to why it's designed that way.

  • "Oh God, you're playing 16 sources of ramp?? Dude Golgari Locket is absolute shit! It's garbage you fucking moron! If you wanna get good you need to cut all this crap out!"

Okay, first of all, go fuck yourself. Secondly, I'm in 3 colors with high-cost cards. I want my mana to be well beyond efficient. That means plenty of 1-2-3 drop ramps. And yeah maybe Hour of Promise is shit in most decks but when I can tutor out a Gaea's Cradle and a Serra's Sanctum and generate tons of mana, or a Field of the Dead and a Prismatic Vista and land two 2/2 Zombois, crack Vista and fetch a basic and land a third 2/2 and have all doubled to 6x 2/2s thanks to my Anointed Procession followed by the Second Harvest I've got in hand, well now I have 18x 2/2s in play. (3 doubled to 6. Then 6 more doubled to 12. 6 + 12 is 18). Oh. And now that I have tons of mana thanks to that Turn 3 Cryptolith Rite , I'mma go and dump a haymaker on your dumb ass with an X=23 Debt to the Deathless next turn that I drew by cracking that Golgari Locket you complained so much about.

Just because a deck isn't designed the way YOU would build it, doesn't mean it's shit.

And I can not stand people being negative assholes over it. Like. Just shut up and draw so I can win next turn.

Gaminaire on Cassius's Tasigur | Game Knights #43

1 month ago


While it is clear that he took the standard cedh version of this deck and tweaked it a little to not make it a quick match and an overall shorter video, I do have a guess as to why he has something like Cabal Coffers with only 6 swamps. Obviously, it's main reason is because he is also using Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth . However, it may also be because Ashlen also had an Urborg, allowing him to benefit off of playing coffers. I don't know if they go over their decks in any way beforehand and can change them up real quick but coffers is a lot stronger if two people are capable of playing Urborg. Plus, this kind of stuff is commonplace in cedh, so it's not like running coffers just for the sake of having a few extra mana off of 6 swamps is unreasonable given the playstyle of cedh decks. This holds true for Gaea's Cradle as well, since even getting two mana off of it makes it vastly superior to other lands.

Tyrant-Thanatos on I miss mana burn

2 months ago

I absolutely love manaburn because it punishes sloppy play and overpowered cards (that generate a lot of mana). So many cards these days have VERY minor downsides and huge upsides, and manaburn would seem to curtail a fair amount of it.

I have to disagree with most of this, and believe that it was largely discarded due to being unintuitive. It makes rules that are already difficult to explain to new players feel even more backwards and strange. Having to explain why my Drudge Skeletons made me not take mana burn from my Cabal Coffers was just another layer that had to be added onto the already complex explanations of how land, tapping, mana, activated abilities, etc. all work. And it added little of value to the game, lore aside.

Everyone should track how often manaburn would happen. It’s not zero.

In most of the games I play these days, it's near as makes no difference zero. I mostly play EDH, so maybe that paints my perspective, but nobody taps mana and doesn't use it, unless they've been forced to by an opponent. (Hence Yurlok doing exactly that) You tap what you need to cast what you want, or if you have a big mana card like Gaea's Cradle or Cabal Coffers you spend it on X cost effects or mana dumps.

Sure it "punishes sloppy play", but to be honest, sloppy play punishes itself, there doesn't need to be an added unintuitive layer imo.

griffstick on Manascape Refractor

2 months ago

I'd run Deserted Temple to go with the plethora of cards it goes with like Cabal Coffers , Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx , and some of the reserves list lands too like Serra's Sanctum and Gaea's Cradle

Never mind. That doesnt work like that.

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