Zur the Enchanter

Zur the Enchanter

Legendary Creature — Human Wizard


Whenever Zur the Enchanter attacks, you may search your library for an enchantment card with converted mana cost 3 or less and put it onto the battlefield. If you do, shuffle your library.

Zur the Enchanter Discussion

enpc on I need help choosing another …

5 days ago

Galvanic Blast is also another option. While it by itself can take down Witherbloom Apprentice , if you have enough artifacts then it can also help you take down bigger stuff like Zur the Enchanter .

enpc on New Gruul / Naya Combo; …

1 week ago

Bastion of Remembrance + Ashnod's Altar seem much easier. And you just win the game on the spot. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with teh comob you listed. But needing 4 cards for a combo makes it much worse than needing 3 cards for a combo.

Plus at 3 mana, you can run a sans red deck and use Zur the Enchanter to tutor up 2 of the three peices :P

PartyJ on Devotion to the Gods

4 weeks ago

I like your take on a god deck. I am paying a god deck for quite some time now, you can take a look on my profiel to find it. It takes a whole other route. I stopped going here and doing stuff, but your deck really made me curious about the route you took.

Based on my experiences and looking at your deck, I would suggest to take a closer look at these cards:

Good luck and godspeed!

BrassLord on Happily Ever Reborn - 5C Control

1 month ago

Ah another fan of Happily Ever After !

Flicker effects also really work with your commander, things like Cloudshift , Soulherder , Thassa, Deep-Dwelling . Flicker of Fate in particular, as you can activate Happily Ever After again if it's on the field

I see you run a lot of cards that are multiple types! Another good one would be Baleful Strix . And really any of the multicolored gods from Theros would work, as they're hard to interact with once they hit the board. Since your primary goal is Happily Ever After with a fall back of control Zur the Enchanter could fit your bill. You have a few other targets in your current build for it as well, with a weird fun one being Klothys, God of Destiny .

Fenga on Flight Club

1 month ago

HyrdaDOOM666: Skycat Sovereign and Pride of the Clouds (preferably the latter) are definitely on my radar, and will probably be my next addition. Perhaps Staggering Insight could be another target for Zur the Enchanter to fetch. Lord_Olga: It's not uncommon to not see my enchants in games. I guess the sensible thing to do would be to bump up Favorable Winds , but personally I just like Zur the Enchanter . I completely agree about Jubilant Skybonder , it's kind of just there at the moment because I have it. As for Mausoleum Wanderer , at first I also thought it was a bit iffy on paper, but in testing it's been surprisingly good. I put it in as a 1 drop flyer, but actually the counter ability has been much more useful than I would have anticipated. Don't forget, Empyrean Eagle and Favorable Winds buff it and its ability as well. Pilfering Imp is a good suggestion, but I'm not so sure about paying 3 times the cost for the Duress ability. It would mean I'd have less chance to snipe a problem card before dropping something important, which is why I'm playing it. I'm a bit confused about Watcher of the Spheres being maxed. Personally, I was thinking of cutting it altogether. Assuming I take out Jubilant Skybonder and Zur the Enchanter , that only leaves 3 Empyrean Eagle which benefit from the cost reduction effect. At that point, mightn't I as well just replace him with Pride of the Clouds ?

Anyway thanks for your suggestions

Lord_Olga on Flight Club

1 month ago

Hey! I like a good tribal, here are some things to consider:

Zur the Enchanter is great, but you only have 5 enchantments to work with. He can also only start grabbing enchantments by turn 5, which by then, you'll hopefully already have these enchantments out and be looking for how to secure a win. I would take him out and grab another couple Favorable Winds . You won't be able to cast them for free, but they'll still be up and running earlier, which is what you want.

Jubilant Skybonder to me, feels like a really round about way of granting your creatures protection, when you could just spend one more mana on some Shalai, Voice of Plenty and give everything Hexproof.

Mausoleum Wanderer seems a little weird here. I understand that you do have a couple spirit creatures and that Lingering Souls , but it just seems like more of a distraction from your flying tribal. Giving him a couple +1/+1 counters for the turn from summoning spirits seems to be about the height of what this guy's potential, and I don't think it's worth having the playset. For 1 drops, maybe try Pilfering Imp . Basically Duress on a stick with flying.

Watcher of the Spheres deserves to be maxed.

This above comment also does have some good cards to look at. Also, Rally of Wings can be fun.

That's about all I got.

DreadKhan on Merieke, the executioner

1 month ago

Have you considered adding Zur the Enchanter to help put into play your enchantments? He's a really, really good enchantment tutor on a stick if you only need CMC 3 or less to do work. Clutch of the Undercity and Dimir House Guard can help find him on a budget.

Retreat to Coralhelm might be a good fit too, you can either scry or untap Merieke for each land.

RambIe on Please Enlighten Me

3 months ago

I can't help but feel i'm missing some vital peace of information that everyone else seems to know

When discussing the cards i love to play
and card recommendations i suggest others to use
I seem to bother alot of people
I often hear warnings
The cards are poor choices
They would only work in a weak casual environment
In a cedh game they would be useless
and so on

now when talking about cedh
im assuming the reference is in the main stream decks
like Thrasios, Triton Hero, Kess, Dissident Mage,Zur the Enchanter, etc
you know the decks you see on youtube channels like playing with power
the ones listed all over edhrec
the ones that any google search of cedh will give you a complete listing of how to build and play

the ones that when ever i go to an lgs now days there at least 1 player in every pod playing

i've never struggled against these decks
i don't mean to offend anyone but its kinda like going against precons
meaning i already know what it is and how to stop it before the game begins
therefore i don't perceive it as a threat

am i missing something ?
i was always under the impression that
competitive edh meant consistent win con by turn 5
semi casual means consistent win con turns 5+
and casual means win con turns 10+
is my understanding of competitive play wrong?

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