Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2018 (C18) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow

Legendary Creature — Human Ninja

Commander Ninjutsu ( Return an unblocked attacker you control to its owner's hand: Put this card onto the battlefield from your hand or the command zone tapped and attacking.)

Whenever a Ninja you control deals combat damage to a player, reveal the top card of your library and put that card into your hand. Each opponent loses life equal to that card's converted mana cost.

Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow Discussion

SideBae on Yuriko Ninja EDH

1 month ago

What I suspect is going on is that your opponents are doing a lot on the aggro front. There're a few ways you can deal with this.

First, you can discourage your opponents from attacking you. Propaganda is probably the best-known card for this, but there're plenty of others. No Mercy comes to mind -- it was one of my favorite cards when I was a kid. Crawlspace and Silent Arbiter are good ways to limit the number of attackers an opponent can pressure you with, and assuming no trample, you likely can just chump away whatever they're hitting you with. Finally, Meekstone will keep the most dangerous ones tapped. I think any of these will probably be better than AEtherize , especially since none of them are 'single use.'

I don't know your meta. However, a lot of the time fatties come down without being hard-cast, like through Natural Order or Reanimate . Running hate cards, like Grafdigger's Cage , can prevent this.

You also seem to be light on wrath effects. Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow ninjutsu ability gets around commander tax, meaning he'll really only ever cost to put down -- so feel totally free to wrath with him on the board. Kindred Dominance strikes me as being way too much mana to do real damage in the earlier stages of the game, especially if you're fighting a bunch of aggro decks. Damnation is, I think, preferable here, as are Toxic Deluge and Cyclonic Rift . Damnation and Toxic Deluge being four and three mana, respectively, means you can conceivably cast them before you're getting smacked but while your opponent has a summoning-sick army. Cyclonic Rift 's overload ability IS seven mana, but being instant speed makes up for that (at least in my opinion).

If you include wrath effects, non-creature token producers are worth including -- they'll give you creatures to 'return' with Yuriko's ability while surviving the wrath themselves. Bitterblossom is the best here, though like most good cards, it's relatively expensive. Other options include Breeding Pit , Graf Harvest (if you wrath Yuriko to the 'yard, you can exile him to the command zone to create a token, then ninjutsu him out on the token when it attacks), Spawning Pit and Volrath's Laboratory (which can make ninjas).

If you decide to run some of the above cards, they should replace your one-for-one removal cards. In general, EDH games will have you facing three opponents, and therefore three times the number of cards you have. You therefore want cards that will effect more than a single card your opponent has. Hero's Downfall and Grasp of Darkness may be great in one-on-one formats, but in EDH they simply don't pack enough punch. (One interesting exception to the 'limit your one-for-ones' rule is the inclusion of counter magic. In general, I think of counterspells in EDH as more than one-for-ones, since A) they can save more than one of your cards if you counter something like By Force or Fire Covenant , and B) they can stop combos cold, making your opponent waste all the combo pieces s/he/they cast before the countered card.)

I have some non-combat related suggestions, too -- I hope I'm not being presumptuous in offering them:

I'm sure you've noticed how awesome your Treasure Cruise is: being eight on a Yuriko flip but often costing around two or three mana at most to cast is pretty busted. There're other delve cards to consider, though I do think it is likely more than one or two in a list will occasionally cause issues when delve gets in its own way. Dig Through Time is a primary candidate here, as it is also eight mana, but it also happens to be an instant (yay!). Temporal Trespass also comes to mind.

In magic, there're a bunch of alternate casting-cost cards that work well with your general, as their CMC is usually pretty high. Unfortunately, some of them are expensive -- I'll just mention them, in case you have more money to blow than I typically do: Force of Will and Commandeer . Spinning Darkness , Gush and Misdirection are all more affordable and alright cards in their own right, though they are significantly less powerful.

Nexus of Fate is a pet card of mine, and I think it'd be genuinely good here. It hits for seven, but doesn't 'really' make you tap out since if it resolves you get another untap step right away.

A creature to consider is Baleful Strix . Having deathtouch and flying make it really hard to block, and if you keep ninjutsu-ing it back to your hand you can keep casting it for the draw trigger.

Top-deck manipulation is a good way to make sure your general hits his hardest, and your Brainstorm is a good start. Mystical Tutor isn't too much money, though the black version, Vampiric Tutor , definitely is a lot of money nowadays. Scheming Symmetry is an alright replacement, though you'll want to be sure to kill the opponent who searches, or at least remove his top card. Though they're pricey, Sensei's Divining Top and Jace, the Mind Sculptor really are the best ways to mess with your top few cards in the game; Jace has the added bonus, like Brainstorm , of being able to top cards that you want to reveal with Yuriko's trigger again. Dream Cache and Telling Time are both OK top deck manipulation.

Cantrips are good. I suggest running Preordain in addition to your Ponder and Brainstorm . It's not as good as the two you have (in this deck), since it can only leave one card on top of your deck for Yuriko triggers, but I still think it's worth playing. As a turn one play, it's gonna be hard to beat. (Of course, Ponder does still beat it.)

Finally, mass card-draw is a good thing. Even if it doesn't trigger Yuriko, having spells to cast is always preferable to not having them (exception: Mindslaver ). Windfall is excellent, especially if you put in Narset, Parter of Veils (I think you should). Fact or Fiction and Chemister's Insight are both good instant-speed draw spells.

Only good things! Hope this helped.

DSquirrel on Yuirko, the Sadist

1 month ago

you need some cheap unblockable creatures, Changeling Outcast , Dimir Infiltrator , Gudul Lurker , Phantom Ninja , Slither Blade , Triton Shorestalker .

some people like cheap 1/1 flyers, Faerie Seer

There are some good changelings that count as ninjas, Graveshifter , Venomous Changeling

Spark Double can copy Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow as it won't be legendary, allowing for huge damage potential.

Cunning Evasion protects form blockers

Neurok Stealthsuit is great for protecting single targets

Tzaraak on Urza Power Scepter

2 months ago

jaymc1130 Cant edit my comment, but Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow woul have been a better example, tho Vial Smasher the Fierce is also very dependant on what you draw to your hand :)

And im not saying this is a bad deck in any form at all, nono, its is a very good deck to my eyes :)

Squirrel_of_War on Yarok's Twisted Nightmare

2 months ago

@deathchobo this deck is not a full on landfall build, but there are ways to trigger landfall additional times. Sylvan Safekeeper can sac all the lands and World Shaper can bring them back, Muldrotha can play lands from the GY, and Scapeshift can outright win games. Coiling Oracle , Risen Reef , Solemn Simulacrum , and Wood Elves can be ninjutsued back to my hand with Fallen Shinobi or Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow and played again, blinked with Deadeye Navigator , or copied with Bramble Sovereign . I have not tested the deck much but I will be playing it this weekend so I'll find out what areas need tuned up. My meta is pretty ruthless as well so I'll see how well I do. Thanks for the comments and feedback!

@Meta1911 I played a full on landfall build two weeks ago and it wasn't fun, it was too reliant on lands and it seemed like everything required an extra step to work since I needed Yarok, a card with landfall, and a land to trigger the ability. This build keeps the more fun landfall cards and a toolbox of other goodies. One of my favorite parts is the large suite of spells I can fetch with Spellseeker or Muddle the Mixture . Thanks for your comment and feedback!

SideBae on Yuriko V1

2 months ago

First things first: All EDH decks need ramp. Unfortunately for UB decks, most of the ramp in the game is in green or occasionally red (see Orcish Lumberjack ). That means artifacts are the way to go. I advise Dimir Signet , Talisman of Dominance and MindStone (maybe) as relatively affordable cards you can use for ramp; but since you're running Mox Diamond , I might as well mention Grim Monolith and Mox Opal . Your artifact count is a little low for the opal, though, but that may change as the deck evolves.

I see you've included Changeling Outcast . Consider running Mothdust Changeling as another evasive, one-drop ninja. Mist-Syndicate Naga and Silent-Blade Oni are excellent ninjas as well; you should at least consider Throatseeker . Baleful Strix is another creature to consider, as returning it to your hand with ninjutsu allows you to draw more than one card with it after you cast it additional times. It is also hard to block, and can make a formidable blocker on its own.

Cavern of Souls is an excellent include, if you have access to it. It's usually a lot more integral, but you'll likely be using the ninjutsu ability most of the time rather than casting your guys. Still, keep it in mind.

Preordain is good in conjunction with Ponder and Brainstorm . Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time are also high CMC card-draw spells that are relatively easy to cast.

Running Jace, the Mind Sculptor seems good here, though he is over $100 nowadays; I must admit I am having a hard time determining the deck's budget, mostly because of the Mox Diamond and Mana Crypt . Note also that, as you're already including Sensei's Divining Top , Scroll Rack and potentially Jace, the Mind Sculptor , you can consider running Counterbalance . Counterbalance is generally a high-variance card in EDH, but I've had some success with it in the past.

Depending on your meta, Ashiok, Dream Render can be an all star. In almost every meta, Narset, Parter of Veils is an all star, especially if paired with a well-timed Windfall .

In my Tasigur, the Golden Fang deck, I run a similar combo-kill of casting Nexus of Fate repeatedly with an otherwise empty library. I use Tainted Pact to get rid of my library, running a single basic and snow basic of each type. Crafting your mana base carefully might allow you to run Tainted Pact too -- give thought to lands like Ancient Tomb , Cephalid Coliseum or Cabal Pit . If that doesn't work, Demonic Consultation with Nexus of Fate in hand is also good.

If your meta is filled with combo decks (I know mine is), Arcane Laboratory is a good option, especially since ninjutsu isn't an alternate casting cost; Mana Maze is similar. Dispel is a counter-counter spell I've found tremendously useful, especially since it can stop an opposing ad nauseum right away.

Raven's Crime seems like a good way to use up excess lands you draw.

Not sure how much I like Aether Vial in an EDH deck. Yes, your creature-curve is low and very consistent, but drawing it later in the game, especially if you're behind, has all the feel-bad-ness in the world. Maybe Leyline of Anticipation is better? It allows all your spells to go in at instant speed, flips for an extra three damage off a Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow trigger, and can begin the game occasionally on the table for free. Yes, it is still dead if drawn late, but it isn't AS dead in that it immediately takes full effect; Aether Vial requires two or three turns to become powerful, and then only works with creatures.

Time Stretch is an extra-turn card to consider, though it may be too expensive to cast.

Invisible Stalker as another ninjutsu enabler? I'd run it over Hope of Ghirapur , though that may be a meta call.

Commandeer and Misdirection are two disruptive, high-cost instants with good alternate casting costs to consider.

Mystic Remora is good in most blue decks, especially if your opening hand is otherwise slow. Players have to either play around it, which slows the game enough for you to catch up, or play into it, which can easily make it an Ancestral Recall . I personally think it is a better card than Rhystic Study , if only because by T3 you probably want to be doing other things with your mana.

Thirst for Knowledge , Painful Truths , Chart a Course , Notion Thief and Night's Whisper are all worth considering as efficient draw-engines. Notion Thief feels especially brutal when cast as a response to an opposing Brainstorm .

Ok man -- that's all I got. Good luck with deck building!

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on A Song of Ice, Fire, and Uglies

3 months ago

I second Madcookie. Cutting lands for cards is a trap many players fall into. My opinion is you should only be considering less than 36 lands if you are playing in competitive metas or if you have a very specific deck strategy (e.g. Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow ). You are effectively only running 34 lands ( Temple of the False God shouldn't be counted as a land due to it's restrictions). My strategy is to start with 37 lands, then adjust that number up or down depending on my curve and deck focus. I always make sure to have around 10 additional sources of ramp as well (your 8 seems fine).

Yes, Jhoira subverts the mana curve issue, but she is a 'kill on sight' commander. Everyone at the table will do whatever they can to kill her quickly. It's important to make sure you can still cast your spells without her.

If you are looking to still make room for the Leyline or Orrery, I'd suggest cutting Thousand-Year Storm . I doesn't really fit in this deck as you aren't trying to storm off with it.

Also, I automatically recommend Reality Shift to any deck playing blue. It has a strong claim to "blue's best removal spell" at this point. Mana Geyser could be a good addition as well.

Good luck and happy deck building!

LVL_666 on The Queen's Egg

3 months ago

Hey all,

Glad to see that there are other players who also lament the rules committee's (poorly thought out - in my opinion) decision to ban Paradox Engine . If you agree, then why not sign the Change.org Petition to formally and respectfully voice your criticism?

  • Tecstasy: "I don't agree with the banning It sucks for slivers but practically neutered Karn. Well with paradox gone for now I went for the steal your stuff with Unnatural Selection" - Interesting...but which Karn are you referring to? Because if you're talking about Creator Karn , then I beg to differ. The Rules committee yet again missed another "ubiquitous" combo that in my opinion should fit within their new philosophy: Karn, the Great Creator + Mycosynth Lattice = None of your opponents can play magic anymore. This combo has circulated in multiple decks in my meta. The best part is that this combo really depends on who controls Creator Karn - so if an opponent drops a Lattice they could be unwittingly crippling the whole table and themselves. Again, I don't know which Karn you're speaking of, but at the very least one of them is still allowed to run around unchecked.

  • Doombeard1984: "Hi man. Just a wonder, with The First Sliver what about Congregation at Dawn could tutor up 3 creatures to cascade just an idea." - I like the idea of Congregation , unfortunately it has to be cast with First out on the battlefield already, and ideally a 5-drop on deck for casting in order to really take advantage of the 1-2-3 creature cascade drop.

  • Forkbeard: " For funsies I've decided to temporarily revert to my win-more sliver noob ways and am putting in Unnatural Selection for now." - I used to have Selection slotted in, but I found it to be useful in only maybe one scenario where Sliver Overlord isn't present, and that's against Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow . "Question for you regarding The First Sliver - In your experience have you cascaded into a fizzled removal/counterspell very often or do you find your topdeck manipulation suite to be sufficient in that regard?" Have I cascaded into a fizzled removal/counterspell? Well...yes. However there's a wonderful thing about Cascade - there's a may clause. That wording is: " You may cast that card without paying its mana cost. Then put all cards exiled this way that weren't cast on the bottom of your library in a random order." So while I have cascaded into fizzled spells, they haven't had any real negative impact outside of that spell being exiled. I'm satisfied with the amount of topdeck manipulation that's already in the deck. I took a quick look at your build, and I must recommend that you include some Fetchlands. They help when in a pinch if you find that your deck efforts aren't going to yield anything.

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Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%