Cyclonic Rift

Cyclonic Rift


Return target nonland permanent you don't control to its owner's hand.

Overload (You may cast this spell for its overload cost. If you do, change its text by replacing all instances of "target" with "each.")

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Format Legality
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Limited Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Pioneer Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Custom Legal

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Cyclonic Rift Discussion

Azeworai on Illuna, Apex of Blue Shenanigans and Stompy Boys

2 days ago

Alright. Allow me to break this down.

Due to my inexperience with Mutate shenanigans, I shall focus more upon the ards I find generally lacking.

Now, as often as I read the terms of service, a lot of text does not necessarily mean a lot of synergy. The commander format espouses synergistic decks as opposed to ones fraught with individual card power. I thusly advocate for this card's removal.

Unless you are initiating combos with Brash Taunter, 'tis not a very good card. In a regular circumstance, it is around five damage for eight mana, which it severally lacking. The indestructibility is nice, but the majority of the format's removal is in the form of exile or bounce. I would kill it.

Some of these cards were designed for Ikoria limited, but not for outside of that format. What I would recommend excluding are Everquill Phoenix, Glowstone Recluse, Pouncing Shoreshark, and Dreamtail Heron. They are okay but below average.

Lastly, Blackblade Reforged is a strong card, but I would focus more on the value part of your plan as averse to the big creature plan. Illuna's mutate trigger accelerates your board state, thus making a single large idiot makes the plan susceptible to a single kill spell.

I have tried Soothsaying myself, yet had found the card to be far too much mana to be effective. There is not much to say. It cannot put cards to the bottom, nor can it permit much filtering with little mana spent.

Everquill Phoenix is a fine card, but I would rather have an additional engine piece as averse to a 4/4 flyer.

That shall be all from me, but I may offer additional insights as other edits are made to this list.

Farewell, and may all of fortune have you.

Azeworai on The Afterlife

1 week ago

Ah, discard. A field I know well.

I come bearing suggestions.

There are many fantastic discard engines that many do not know exist. Anvil of Bogardan is a favourite of mi... Wait, you have that one.

Well, Delirium Skeins is... Darn that Maybeboard.

I see you to be one of those players who digs deep, which is lovely. From the most vast of options broods the most fruitful of strategies. I do have my own discard list, built under Chainer, Dementia Master, which was my very first deck.

Unfortunately, you have all of my discard recommendations accommodated somewhere in this list, thus I must proffer my mono-Black choices. These are a little expensive, but they are what I have to offer.

Given the fact that you are both stealing permanents and forcing discard, I believe this to mean that you do not mind rude cards. Hence, Contamination. You have probably heard of this, but here it is again.

Hellfire is one of my favourite cards of all time, acting as a Cyclonic Rift that hurts your both life total and your wallet. I have died multiple times whilst casting this spell, but the artwork is great.

I feel as if a Dark Ritual to power out Tergrid  Flip would be quite detrimental to your opponents. It enacts your engine early whilst being quite the powerful spell by itself.

Snuff Out surprises a fair number of people, for being without mana typically entails being without interaction.

A Lake of the Dead is one of the very best cards in my Chainer list, as it brings a metric ton of mana to the table. It may cost a swamp each activation, but it is well worth the toll.

The most obscure card I run in my discard deck is Cao Cao, Lord of Wei. He is terrible, slow, and certainly exists.

Care to double the price of your deck? Well, Chains of Mephistopholes has you covered. It denies card draw like a Hullbreacher and offers fuel for the commander  Flip. People do not typically mind proxies, if you would dare venture that route.

TLDR: I commend you for your card-digging adventures, for it takes patience to read all of the possible options for a commander deck, and I did my best in terms of suggestions.

Best of luck, and farewell.

Here is my own list, if you care: Let the Nightmare Go On..

brendo214 on All My Homies Hate Public Knowledge (Morph EDH)

1 week ago
  • Cyclonic Rift gets used way too much in my play group so I opt to not include it in any of my decks and I don't think its even necessary seeing as I have tools to make it unblockable.
  • The point of Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir and my other flash cards are to ensure I can get a free morph out on each of my opponents turns using Kadena, Slinking Sorcerer, so I want to ensure that the flash is recurrable. Considering that, Emergence Zone is not something I would want. I don't have any big one-turn flash plays that can win me the game so it wouldn't be good for that either
  • Ezuri, Claw of Progress is one of my infinite combo pieces so I absolutely am not getting rid of it
  • This is also a control combo deck so I'm not interested in using Forsaken Monument and Beastmaster Ascension to make my morph creatures big. Swinging with a lot of big creatures isn't my goal and I don't want it to become that
  • I don't think I need signets, I prefer mana fixing through lands rather than artifacts and I'm not in a rush to get my commander out on t2 (it's not the level the deck is intended to be playing at).
  • I intend to replace Temple of Mystery with Rejuvenating Springs at some points
  • Ancient Tomb is currently $40 and I don't want to spend that much on one single land

Thanks for the recommendations though! All the other ones you gave were pretty good, I'll consider adding them for sure

TheGiftedBard on Why is it banned

2 weeks ago

So I guess we should stop using Cyclonic Rift because victims of tropical storm might find it offensive?

Mcat1999 on Arch of Orazca

3 weeks ago

I can say from my own experience that I've had some games end on turn 7, some not end until like turn 13 - 15. One game went into the mid 20s. And yes by the game ending on turn 7 I do mean all three opponents have been taken out by then.

Sometimes your hand runs out of cards and you get into topdeck mode, and that's never fun. What's worse is when you have 8 or 10 cards that bolster your draw and somehow you've gotten none of them, or perhaps you've gotten one or two and they have been removed from play.

To me, having at least one utility land that draws is always a good idea, because it ensures some safety and padding later on. Sometimes you topdeck a land and you don't need more mana. There's no purpose in playing that land you drew, as the element of surprise and suspense can outweigh the value of the card on the battlefield. For example, perhaps I have 9 lands on the field already and zero cards in hand. I topdeck a Breeding Pool. Is there more value gained by me playing it and having 10 lands and 0 cards in hand, or holding onto it and leaving my 9 lands untapped and forcing my opponents to question if I just topdecked a Cyclonic Rift or a Counter spell or even a Fog?

That's where the game turns from chess into poker. That's something I've heard over the years is that Magic is like chess and poker combined. The poker aspect comes from knowing when to bluff, when to reveal, when to play, etc. I may not have a Cyclonic Rift in hand, but my opponents don't know that. They just see that I passed with a card in hand and have the mana open for it.

Now, come the end step of the opponent before my rotation, I can spend the mana and draw off a utility land. Now I enter my turn with 3 cards (after my draw step) which puts me in a far superior position.

I'd rather have that 3rd card in hand now, then a 10th land in play last turn and only 1 card in hand this time because I didn't draw off a utility land.

And suppose someone decides to call my bluff? Suppose they attack into me, wondering if I actually am holding up a Cyclonic Rift or a Fog. I do nothing and it goes through. Well, in response I can draw a card. Not using that mana for anything else, afterall. Might as well gain value.

The way I see it, SOME value is ALWAYS better than no value.

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