Drannith Magistrate

Drannith Magistrate

Creature — Human Wizard

Your opponents can't cast spells from anywhere other than their hands.

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Drannith Magistrate Discussion

Megalomania on Best Rule 0 Commander

3 weeks ago

My playgroup tried using non-legendary commanders for a change. I went with Drannith Magistrate as my commander. Now we’re back to playing regular commander games lol

DemonDragonJ on Innistrad: Crimson Vow

3 weeks ago

Kessig flamebreaker provides quadruple redundancy with Guttersnipe, Firebrand Archer, and Electrostatic Field, so I would be very cautious of a deck that uses all four of those cards.

Optimistic initiate will be great in any decks that use +1/+1 counters, but I cannot fit it into my Atraxa deck, regrettably. Also, compared to Steelbane Hydra, it requires removing of two counters, rather than one, but those counters can be removed from any creature, so the increased versatility is nice.

Markov purifier is nice, but the fact that its ability triggers only on its controller’s end step is a severe drawback, so I would rather use Well of Lost Dreams. Why could the creature’s ability not trigger on each end step? Surely, that would not have made it too powerful?

I really like Avabruck caretaker, but it is too difficult to transform for it to replace Privileged Position in any of my decks. I am glad that WotC finally printed a creature with that ability, but why did it need to be on a creature that transforms, thus potentially depriving a player of the ability?

Wash away will be insane in EDH, but, if Drannith Magistrate is not banned in that format, this card is not likely to be banned, either.

I am glad to finally see Edgar’s card, but it is a severe disappointment compared to his original card. He is very resilient, but I still was expecting him to be more powerful, and the fact that he is not a mythic rare is ridiculous, in my mind.

It is so sad to see Odric turned into a vampire, as he now follows numerous other characters who have turned evil, such as Crovax, Mirri, Glissa, and Ezuri.

I also am very displeased that there has been neither a reprint of Exquisite Blood nor a creature version of it; why is WotC being so stubborn with that?

smilodex on Best Commanders in EDH [Tier List]

1 month ago

@Imposter: Zedruu the Greathearted is a very fun group hug commander, who can also generate card advantage, BUT you need a lot of protection for Zedru and you have to play bad cards in your deck to get the best out of Zedru. You need so many resources to get him to work and without him, your deck is filled with a lot of horrible cards. So If you want to get the most value out of him, you have to play them, and then you also have to use Zedrus ability to give away these bad permanents. If you play this deck against advanced players, they will always remove Zedru when your bad permanent is on the stack. In this scenario you'll find yourself stuck in a very bad position. Some of these permanents you try to play in Zedru straight up loose you the game if you don't get rid of them. Phelddagrif is also often played as a group hug deck, he's a political tool (gift blockers to somebody who's in trouble), he can protect himself and he's an infinite mana outlet in the commandzone and he's part of an infinite combo with Suture Priest.

@Sephyrias: Mardu is currently in a pretty strong state of the meta, because of meta defining cards like Dockside Extortionist, Underworld Breach, Silence, Ad Nauseam/Necropotence/Peer into the Abyss, all the black tutors and all the asymmetrical stax pieces like Drannith Magistrate/Dauthi Voidwalker/Esper Sentinel/Grand Abolisher etc. The main reason of Kaalia's power is the fact that she can consistently cheat one of the following demons on the field in the first few rounds of the game: Razaketh, the Foulblooded or Vilis, Broker of Blood (Rune-Scarred Demon, Burning-Rune Demon, Doom Whisperer) Anyone who has ever played against a completely tuned Kaalia deck knows that the game is usually over as soon as one of the demons is on the battlefield and you have no answer for it. You can read exactly how this works (like Eisenherz wrote) in the respective Kaalia cEDH primers, but the deck has several combo lines to finish the game.

@Commander_JAR: I think you don't really understand the difference between high powered EDH and cEDH. Have you ever even bothered to read the Kaalia (cEDH) primer, why they only play 3-5 demons? Because they need the other deckslots for protection, interaction, carddraw, ramp and for tutors to find Razaketh. Flooding the board with Dragons Angels and attacking is maybe fun for you but a completely different strategy and by far not as effective as comboing with the demons... Please do us all a favour and educate yourself on the subject of competitive EDH before you post your opinion about ranking commanders. Take atleast a look at a few cEDH matches, deck techs and in general the currently strongest decklists (https://cedh-decklist-database.com) in the format and WHY they are as strong as they are.

Please read the description of the Tier List here, because we explain the difference between a strong and a competitive commander. I can highly recommend the youtube channel and the podcast of Playing with Power MTG, there you'll find many interesting videos on the subject of Competetive EDH (https://youtu.be/FwJyb8vk--4).

Holmhollow on STONEQUILL // Solitary Scribbler

3 months ago

Hey zapyourtumor, thanks so much for the detailed look! The deck is definitely still in the first iterations, so all these comments are super useful.

Sejiri Shelter  Flip has been pretty good to me, but I did shave one off to the side because of that exact reason (ETB tapped land). The most useful thing about the MDFC's is that they can be pitched to the Incarnations, but Malakir Rebirth  Flip is clearly superior for this deck. Protecting a Germ from an Archmage's Charm or giving Kaldra pseudo-unblockable has definitely saved my bacon a few times, though.

I generally stick to 2 max of a legendary creature in any given deck, but being able to pitch extra copies of Mavinda, Students' Advocate to Solitude makes it not nearly as bad to draw multiples. She's definitely a card I want to see every game and I've found 2 to be a little to infrequent to draw them consistently. Her being a flyer also makes her wield a Sword extra well.

Damn is mostly good to clear the entire board sans Kaldra Compleat, them being indestructible of course. Having the option to cast it single-target is nice, but yeah, Push and Solitude tend to cover that field generally well. Definitely like adding a Kaya's Guile to the mainboard though, I might be able to make some space for that. I agree that 2 yard hate cards in the entire 75 is too little. I was also looking at Thoughtseize but the problem I kept running into is that in no time, both decks run out of hand and then we're just topdecking, and I'm drawing all these cute synergy pieces one by one and the opponent just presents threat after threat and I lose. I'm trying for the more sustained value of blinking things and having a bit of recursion and card advantage, focusing more on sticking Kaldra and protecting them/clearing the way for them, than on the turn 1 Grief Ephemerate rip hands now I have a 3/2 and we both have no cards strategy. Maybe some more discard in the sideboard would do?

As for the hate cards:

Chalice of the Void looks real sweet and I might spring for two of them if they ever drop in price a bit. Chalice on one would kill most of my decks :')

Void Mirror kind of shoots my Incarnations in the foot, and I feel like Tron just gets around it by fetching a single Forest. I've considered Drannith Magistrate against Cascade though, and if I go back up to 3 Kaya's Guile I might be hedging enough to have a chance against Living End...

Stony Silence looks sweet and I should really get a few.

Kaya, Orzhov Usurper seems super strong. I can't believe I missed her when RNA came out!

Engineered Explosives is a card I run in CHARON // Seldom Headed Upriver, and it is absolutely bonkers with Lurrus. I got them when they were cheap though... When that reprint hits, I'm definitely getting some more!

TheVectornaut on Should Drannith Magistrate be Banned …

4 months ago

In a world where few people were sympathetic to mono-colored players when Iona, Shield of Emeria was preventing them from playing almost EVERY card in their deck, I find it hard to imagine they'd be sympathetic enough to players that rely entirely on their commanders when Drannith Magistrate stops them from playing only 1 (or 2) card(s). If the card is pushing people towards building decks that aren't insane combo machines that can't function without a commander, I'd call that a win. Of course, even that is an exaggeration I think. I've literally never seen Magistrate played outside of standard.

FounderX on Should Drannith Magistrate be Banned …

4 months ago

I'd rather play against 10 types of Drannith Magistrate type cards, the one Avacyn, Angel of Hope . Drannith is dealt with easily.

Gidgetimer on Should Drannith Magistrate be Banned …

4 months ago

Omniscience_is_life I'm not coming down in favor of a banning. I was simply explaining why the "dies to removal" argument is not a good one. You asked shadow63 why dying to removal wasn't a valid argument and I was trying to explain why.

Your point about difficulty interacting with cards being one of their considerations is a better point, and one that could be part of a comprehensive argument on why Drannith Magistrate is not worthy of a ban. It is however still just a single criteria they use and far from a good argument on it's own.

For the most part cards banned in EDH either generate immense value immediately or warp the game around themselves. Difficulty of interaction is just a factor that may be able to push a card over the edge after it is already doing one of those things.

Personally I think that speculation on bannings is pointless. I do however like answering questions and helping people understand each other. If someone had instead asked "why do people even make the 'dies to removal' argument?" I would be in here explaining how they are taking it as common knowledge that what advances a card that produces undesirable play patterns but isn't oppressive by itself to the level of a banning is if it is difficult to interact with. And that while this is lazy argumentation, they aren't intending it as the red herring that it is.

Lanzo493 on Should Drannith Magistrate be Banned …

4 months ago

That's the funny thing about Drannith Magistrate , TriusMalarky. It doesn't even stop companion anymore. I never even realized that's what its original design was aimed towards. Now it's just a commander and red's version of card draw hatebear. Although the card is strong, I don't really see it getting banned. It is against the spirit of commander in the case that it hates out commander-centric decks, but it also isn't overpowered. It does nothing against commanders that have already hit play. Decks that don't rely on their commander also have no issue with this. Decks that do rely on their commander but still have other stuff to do can at least cope with it in the short term. It's a hatebear that does it's job well. That job is to stall the game. White already has so little going for it that they might not take away any of its strong cards.

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